Lunar Ingress

When the beloved Luna (Moon) enters YOUR sign

Moon and zodiac signs

Luna is currently in the sign of: Aquarius

It entered on: 2024-05-27 at: 13:44:00 PDT

All times are in Pacific-Time/California, USA., Since we all live in different time zones around the planet. You can use this site here to convert the below times to your local time.

The moon takes 28 days to cycle the zodiac. Luna spends approx. 2.5 days in each of the 12 Zodic signs. During the time when the moon is in your birth Sun sign, there is an alchemical reaction, process, and opportunity, which can occur in the body, when we fast, cleanse and purify the body and consciousness during this period. The PANGALA of the brain produces this golden oil which will produce a few drops each month. These oils will eventually pool in the area of the solar plexus and then move on to other parts of the body. Overtime these oils act as the catalyst for the complete Ascension processes of the body.

The above teaching is from the teachings of SanandaJi & Shekinah Ma, 2 Ascended Masters who are here to teach the art of Ascension. I have studied under them since October of 2017. Their "base" course is called Golden Age Energetics and covers much on the Ascension process and how to thrive in this new Age of Aquarius, which we officially entered on December 21, 2020. I have already taken it, and I highly recommend it for anyone who is interested in Ascending THIS lifetime. Get more info by clicking here. They are sponsors for this site, and I do benefit if you purchase their teachings; so you should of course check it out and decide for yourself if its for you.

Bless Sings

~Norman Love

Upcoming Lunar Transits

Date Moon Enters Sign Time(GMT)
2024-05-29Pisces17:32:00 PDT
2024-05-31Aries20:28:00 PDT
2024-06-02Taurus22:55:00 PDT
2024-06-05Gemini01:36:00 PDT
2024-06-07Cancer05:41:00 PDT
2024-06-09Leo12:29:00 PDT
2024-06-11Virgo22:38:00 PDT
2024-06-14Libra11:12:00 PDT
2024-06-16Scorpio23:38:00 PDT
2024-06-19Saggitarius09:31:00 PDT
2024-06-21Capricorn16:08:00 PDT
2024-06-23Aquarius20:14:00 PDT
2024-06-25Pisces23:07:00 PDT
2024-06-28Aries01:52:00 PDT
2024-06-30Taurus05:00:00 PDT
2024-07-02Gemini08:50:00 PDT
2024-07-04Cancer13:51:00 PDT
2024-07-06Leo20:56:00 PDT
2024-07-09Virgo06:47:00 PDT
2024-07-11Libra19:06:00 PDT
2024-07-14Scorpio07:52:00 PDT
2024-07-16Saggitarius18:25:00 PDT
2024-07-19Capricorn01:13:00 PDT
2024-07-21Aquarius04:43:00 PDT
2024-07-23Pisces06:23:00 PDT
2024-07-25Aries07:52:00 PDT
2024-07-27Taurus10:22:00 PDT
2024-07-29Gemini14:27:00 PDT
2024-07-31Cancer20:19:00 PDT
2024-08-03Leo04:09:00 PDT
2024-08-05Virgo14:16:00 PDT
2024-08-08Libra02:31:00 PDT
2024-08-10Scorpio15:33:00 PDT
2024-08-13Saggitarius03:00:00 PDT
2024-08-15Capricorn10:51:00 PDT
2024-08-17Aquarius14:44:00 PDT
2024-08-19Pisces15:51:00 PDT
2024-08-21Aries16:01:00 PDT
2024-08-23Taurus17:00:00 PDT
2024-08-25Gemini20:04:00 PDT
2024-08-28Cancer01:47:00 PDT
2024-08-30Leo10:09:00 PDT
2024-09-01Virgo20:48:00 PDT
2024-09-04Libra09:11:00 PDT
2024-09-06Scorpio22:18:00 PDT
2024-09-09Saggitarius10:25:00 PDT
2024-09-11Capricorn19:37:00 PDT
2024-09-14Aquarius00:53:00 PDT
2024-09-16Pisces02:39:00 PDT
2024-09-18Aries02:24:00 PDT
2024-09-20Taurus02:02:00 PDT
2024-09-22Gemini03:24:00 PDT
2024-09-24Cancer07:50:00 PDT
2024-09-26Leo15:47:00 PDT
2024-09-29Virgo02:41:00 PDT
2024-10-01Libra15:19:00 PDT
2024-10-04Scorpio04:22:00 PDT
2024-10-06Saggitarius16:34:00 PDT
2024-10-09Capricorn02:38:00 PDT
2024-10-11Aquarius09:31:00 PDT