Life Coaching Sessions


Life Coaching

Norman Love

I am a self described Spiritual Monk. I have experienced and transcended all the things I am here to assist others with. I can help you because I have already helped myself with these things. And I am happy. 🙂

I am available for face to face coaching sessions. These are conducted via modern online video conferencing software like This affords for the ability of a face to face conversation, from the comforts of your own living space.

Your session will be treated confidential and private. A recording can be made of the session if you so choose.

The Session goal is to help you become more of your beautiful true self. Someone who is happy, confident, inspired, empowered, and aligned with ease and grace. This is your true self. We identify all the beliefs that you may hold which are out of alignment with your true self. Your true self is there, and we will find it.

The goal is to provide you the tools, the reminders, the new concepts, where you will be able to realize(real eyes) the answers for yourself. We will unfold the blue print to your own joy and happiness.

Rate & Scheduling
$77.77 Per 1.5 hour Session
Via Video Conference. Recording available.

Once you have paid for the session below, I will promptly contact you and we will schedule your session. You can always contact  me via eMail here or using

A Thousand Blessings