Norman Love is a modern day Alchemist, freelance author, speaker and Life Coach. He is knowledgeable on the subjects of The Nature of Reality, Spirituality, Metaphysics and Creation. He works with anyone looking for an expert in these fields who has an audience that is desiring to learn more about these topics, from a knowledgeable source.

He also offers online sessions where he assists individuals who can use more clarity in regards to their happiness, who they are, what they are here to do.

He has authored the eBook that provides an overview of humanity’s Extraterrestrial connections. Get the eBook(PDF) here via instant download. It’s also available here to read for FREE if you have Amazon Kindle Unlimited.

Speaking Topics include:

  • Extra Terrestrials: Over 17 ET races have visited Earth and Earth’s Government.
  • Ascension: Humans are capable of Ascending to higher consciousness and Dimensions, As Yeshua(Jesus) did.
  • Angels: Overseers of life and Universes.
  • The Creator: All there is, God. Everything is made up of it. Nothing exists outside of it.
  • Earth History: Over 12,000 years ago Atlantis fell. The 5th dimensional survivors rebuilt society in Egypt, Mesopotamia and other places where you find ancient pyramids.
  • Galactic History: The Pleiadians oversee our sector of the Galaxy. They serve as guides to humanity.
  • Meditation: Learn how to quiet the mind and hear the thoughts of your higher self.
  • Physical Reality is an illusion: Non-physical reality rules physical reality. So says the law of cause and effect.
  • Time is an illusion: We create time. Any validation of time continues time.
  • Suffering: What it is and how to end it.
  • Bitcoin: The future of money.

Sample of his topics can be found at Anyone interested in having Norman Love speak at an event is welcome to use his booking form and initiate such request.

Anyone interested in a transformative online session designed to help you find clarity in transforming the illusion of unhappiness into the happiness of your true self, is invited to book a session here.

A Thousand Blessings