Web Work

So I also do occasional work building websites and Stuff


If you are in need of web assistance, and you are lucky enough that my schedule allows me to take on a new project, then you can have me as your Web Developer. A good and reliable Web Developer is like an albino Unicorn; very rare find. 

All my clients tend to be very happy to have me working on their various projects. Here are a few Websites I have personally provided. Don’t even bother asking them how I did, trust me, they love me 🙂 

Here are the totality of the Web Services I can provide for the right client

  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Site Updates / Hourly Rate
  • WordPress Site Transfers
  • WordPress Monthly Maintenance


  • Web Hosting
  • Domain Names
  • Auto Tweeting
  • Online Stores
  • Content Writing

To Hire me for any of the above Web Services work, just Contact Me. I will then show you what outstanding service look like. 🙂