We hear a lot about dimensions. People will say “we are in the 3rd dimension” etc. It has come to my understanding that using the term dimension is incorrect, we are not in the 3rd dimension we are 3rd density beings who are in a reality with 4 dimensions, 3 of space and one of time. The correct term to describe the level of consciousness is density. So I will be using the word density here to discuss states of consciousness.

Densities play a huge part in the understanding of creation and the nature of our reality. Think of them as the categories of the different levels of consciousness that are available in the Universe.

Everything in the Universe has consciousness. When you add up ALL the knowledge in all the densities, you have complete knowledge of the entire Universe and all there is to know and experience. Densities then is how creation limits the knowledge, and therefore the experiences, of the life that exists at a particular density.

In each density there is a specific focus and as you go higher in density you become more aware of all there is in existence.


Better versus different

One should be aware that no density is better that another, just different. The higher density would not even be possible without the existence of the lower density. Its like the rungs of a ladder, the top rung is not better than the first rung; all rungs are a part of the whole and provide an important part.Kind of like a student in a school system. The system contains everything the student will eventually know, but it doesn’t reveal everything at the kindergarten level does it? It does use the kindergarten level to explain some concepts and those experiences prepare the student for the next higher level of learning in the first grade. Try to see then how the first grade is not better than kindergarten in and of it itself and how kindergarten played an important role.


The First Density: Elementals

The first density is the Elemental kingdom which consists of the Earth and its stones, minerals, crystals, waters and fire. A common way we are familiar with of describing the elemental kingdom is Earth, Wind, Water and Fire.


Second Density: Plant & Animal Kingdoms

A carnivore plant called bladderwort

…the carnivores, or meat eaters, that use the sneakiest of tricks to trap their insect dinners. Take bladderworts, for example. They appear so small and delicate growing in a quiet pond. But these are the fastest-known killers of the plant kingdom, able to suck in unsuspecting mosquito larvae in 1/50 of a second using a trap door! ~National Geographics

On planet Earth, second density life starts with the simplest of plant life, maybe something like green algae, to the most complex form of maybe the Brazilian rain forest, or maybe among the many amazing carnivore plants that exist.

The second density also includes the animal kingdom from its simplest forms of life which is maybe bacteria, all the way up to the most intelligent mammals like dogs or chimpanzee.


Third Density: Humans

The third density gets a bit tricky, here is why: Man, although a mammal, experiences creation at a higher level where he is aware of more of creation than say a cow or chimp. Part of what man is aware of is: knowledge of himself, an ego. For much of its history man has existed on the third density, but believe it or not man has existed on the fourth and fifth density before in our ancient past. The Lemurians were forth density humans, and many Atlantians were of fifth density consciousness. When Atlantis was destroyed, about 12,500 years ago, the consciousness fell back to the third density. But that is a topic for another time. No pun intended. 🙂

The third density also is said to be in a box. Someone in the 3rd density does not believe in anything they can not experience with their five senses. If they can’t see, feel, touch, smell or hear it, it does not exist. Everything you see, can touch, hear or smell is said to be physical reality. A third density being will not believe in anything outside of that box, no matter what. But we know that is by design. That is what the density are for remember? It allows life to focus on a particular set of experiences. Like our student in school remember? Its not a bad thing that we only teach a freshman adding and subtraction and allow him to be ignorant of algebra and calculus. All in due time.

Finally, the third density is an advanced school where beings experience at the highest level of consciousness their complete separation from everything else in creation. Maybe why there is so much war at the beginning of the third density and less and less warring and more and more cooperation near the end of it.

Second density beings like animals are conscious of the group connection that they all share. This is why fish, pack animals, and birds travel together with such ease as if they all were connected consciously; they are. It is hard for us to understand how that is possible because we can not experience that ourselves. It is not part of our package remember. We are of another density consciousness entirely. In this case the higher third level lost something the second level had, instead of just gaining awareness. I told you the third density was a bit complex. But as you can see it is not complicated.

Why did we loose? Well what we lost is our conscious connection to the Universe, which is always there of course; but it was the plan of the creator gods (12th density beings who created the Universe) to create a plane of existence where the one being in existence, the Creator, could experience itself outside of itself. In other words, the third density is the Creators way of tricking itself that it doesn’t exist.


Fourth & Higher Density: Humans & Cetaceans

Many humans are now fourth density. In the fourth density man starts to believe what he can not see. He starts to see what is outside of the box. This starts with his belief, and in believing comes seeing. In fact, in the third density they say seeing is believing but in the fourth density of consciousness we know it is believing is seeing.

In the fourth density consciousness, one discovers, realizes (real eyes), that physical reality is only 5% of ultimate reality. Just look at an atom under an electron microscope, it’s mostly space. Lots and lots of space between those circling electrons, protons and neutrons.

As I mentioned before, beings who vibrate at a frequency of density higher than 3rd was once on Earth. We are entering a time once again where she will be inhabited by beings who vibrate at higher density. Many on our planet, of who I was proud to be one of, are of fourth density consciousness. The forth density is of thought. But what does this mean?

In the forth density, one thinks outside of the 5 senses and starts to believe in things that exist outside the box, and that these things are very real. There are many such things, but we will focus first on the 2 most basic and important. Love and God. But wait you cry. Many people on Earth believe in both love and God, so they should be 4th density. The answer to that is, people who vibrate at the 4th density level are aware that love is unconditional. Also when you vibrate at the 4th density and higher vibrations, you start to understand that you are always connected to the creator, that you and it are one.

Many humans apply condition to who or how they will love. They also choose to NOT love many of their fellow humans. They also do not believe that they all are Gods, why then would they treat each other with such disregard. They are not conscious that when they harm another that they are paradoxically harming themselves.

Beings at the early stages of fourth density consciousness heed the teachings of the Master Avatar (Yeshua) who was sent to prepare us for the rise to the fourth density by re-introducing higher consciousness teachings of unconditional love like turning the other cheek and loving your enemy.  And in their wisdom those teachings are still with us here at the end of the fourth density. The Christ consciousness is practiced by all members of the fourth who are ready to enter the fifth density. Which is where we are at. The Earth enters the fifth density on or about December 21st, 2012. You may or may not be familiar with this date. 🙂



As defined, Cetaceans like Dolphins  and Whales are considered fourth density because they are both conscious of their group connection with themselves and the Creator, vibrate unconditional love, and have the awareness of themselves like Humans. Cetaceans are also highly telempathic. Spirits, or souls, who incarnate into humans, can also incarnate as Dolphins; and many do.



They are 12 density in our Universe. Earth and its inhabitants are rapidly headed to the fifth density.

What will we be experiencing in the fifth density I hear you cry? Well thanks for asking. I’ll share.

Imaging the jump in consciousness from that of a dog to modern day man. Consider all that we are aware of. All we can experience, do and enjoy that a dog can not. A dog can not build a boat and sail it across the ocean for instance, nor fly to the moon. In the fifth density OUR consciousness will expand to where we can again see and experience how we are all connected via group consciousness. Having consciously reconnected to the higher realms we will have access to their higher knowledge and be able to do amazing things, and go amazing places. Some examples:

  • Explore the Universe with our new ET friends
  • Discover that our Extra Terrestrial friends exist and meet them
  • Think of things and they will appear. Instant manifestation. Like Yeshua said we would do more than he did. Remember what he did.
  • Do away with governments. They wont be needed.
  • Create free energy, and share it.
  • Become telempathic.
  • Time travel.
  • realize that reality takes it cue from our desire. As a whole we will choose how we want reality to be and it will bend to our desires.

Added facts:

There are many Universes. Uni=1 verse=way. Ours is just one way. There are up to 256 dimensions in all of creation, as per Metatron. Beyond the 12 in our Universe. There are an infinite amount of Universes. Metatron says the physical Universes like ours are but a grain of sand on the beach of all the infinite Universes that exist. Something like that.

Angels and Archangels assist beings as we play in creation throughout these Universes and density. Their job is to wake up third density beings who have fell asleep in the illusions for a while. Their teachings are what is guiding many of us who were in the fourth and now fifth density by ensuring that we always continue, when we are ready, back up the ladder and back home to the Creator. Now you know why I am writing this, and equally important, why you are reading it. 🙂

It is all very beautiful.


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  1. Thank you Renata for your clear and beautiful writing. It gives me visions of beauty. In appreciation and happiness!

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  5. Bird, you da (nor)Man! Thank you for a great explanation! – And for those disbelievers, for me it was Oct. 1st, 2013 – the day of my awakening – and it is like Renata says: A beautiful change of view and belief! Life is much different now. 😉

  6. Hello Renata. Thank you for sharing this wonderful work. I just wanted to let you know that the original page that you had misspelled my last name. LOVE to you. Thank u again for sharing this work. LOVE

    • Awwww, such a beautiful thing for you to say and for me to see today. I thank you from my heart. I get all this info from Bashar and Adronis, so please consider seeking out all their free info on youtube or their respective websites. Have an equally great day. Blessings

  7. Thank you, Renata, for sharing the details about 5th dimension. I once saw a few years ago – a definition for many dimensions. Do you know where I can read up on that?

    • Well there are 13 dimensions in this Universe, as said by the Pleiadians and many other higher dimensions beings, and Metatron has said that there are a total of 355 dimensions in the totality of Creation; or some number just shy of 360. I only know and write about the ones I have heard spoken about. I have not seen, that I can recall , a place which has a description of many dimensions. Maybe Adronis have spoken on it. That is why I write about what I have shared, to get the word out. let me know if you find somewhere.


  8. Hi Renata,
    I am a student of A Course In Miracles. I recently heard that Christ is a 5th density. Entity and that we are 3rd moving into 4th density entities.
    Are you aware of A Course In Miracles?

    Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge.
    I am David
    Thanks again

    • Yes dear one,
      I am quite familiar with All the works of Yeshua Ben Joseph(Jesus).
      In fact I would have voted for Marianne Williamson, if actually given the chance to. 🙂
      But she did shit things to the love vibration much. I love her.
      I know more about Yeshua than you may imagine 🙂
      I do life coaching and share my wisdom on, BUT if you are interested in a FREE hour of consultation, I would be glad to answer all your questions and share with you what I know
      Just sign up there for a session and you wont be charged. Just remind me you are David Galban

      I am in the process of changing from Norman Love to Norman Love. 🙂

      Bless Sings

      • Good morning Norman,
        This is David Galban,
        Thank you for your prompt response, and thank you for offering a free consultation. I really value and appreciate your offer. In fact, I want to make a consultation appointment. How do I do that?
        With this virus situation I am at home most of the time, so I am available at any time you are.
        thanks again Norman for sharing your light.
        It is highly appreciated.

          • How do I follow? I believe I was born knowing this and want to know other 4th density people. The veil of forgetting made me think I was alone.

          • You are definitely NOT alone. There are millions, soon to be billions. You can subscribe to notifications on the home page here at Bless Sings.

        • Wow what a truly amazing page. I am only 25 yrs old and stumbled upon this page in my quest to regain full health (reactive arthiritis) after reading “Humans are Frugivores – We’re Designed To Eat Mostly Fruit”. Thank you for sharing such love Renata. I have a different outlook on life now after reading most of your posts on this website. If you have any more info on your post about the frugivores etract regarding the galactic federation and humans being hybrids? Please let me know:)))))

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