Ramblings of a Mad Alchemist

Ramblings of a Mad Alchemist

As I work towards my Lightbody, I have moments where I look at stuff and see the TRUTH. Below I share some of these epiphanies. As I have more, I will add them below, so check back  🙂 .

1. Fear is an Illusion

My car would not start and I was noticeably fearful of having the tow truck come and people would see me and I would be embarrassed. This is a good example of what Lisa Transcendence Brown states is false truths that we need to see when these fears come up. Because of my training and awareness work, I was able to notice that nothing was true about the way I felt. It was all a lie. All fear is a lie. Our EGO’s trying to protect us. As I worked through it, via the synchronicity that occurred that walked me through facing it immediately right then and there, I observed that it was all a facade, no an ILLUSION! And that the fear was not real. No one watching cared, if I didn’t care. They only cared if I cared, and I no longer did, so they did not. See?

Just a belief that was a lie. All fear is a lie. As Lisa says, it is us separating us from our true self, also as Bashar says.

As I walked the path of the actual feared event, knowing that I am an eternal being, it was like the fear melted like a fog as I entered the actual moments that I feared. Its like someone in a bar is talking shit about how you can not do something, and the moment you do it they just shut up as if they never said a word. The ego has no shame.

2. Tragic Illness

I was able to look at and see that when tragic illness befalls someone, it is that the being made a conscious choice to CLEAR a lot of current life or parallel life emotions and trauma from their field. A purging, if you will, of a ton of negative emotions from the cells of their physical body. Clearing it from their etheric emotional body. This of course would take a tremendous amount of work for the being to have to clear and work out these issues and ideas, internally, as an adept would. But still being unconscious in the physical, and not being anywhere near having the abilities of a conscious adept that is working on consciously clearing things as they come up, they choose to contract a life where they do this anyway, knowing that it would still shorten the overall amount of time, lives, they would have to be in a body, in order to Ascend out of the physical reality game, if you will. A conscious, out of body choice made by very brave souls, before incarnating. Think of all the people you know who had serious illness like, lung cancer, and breast cancer, and Alzheimer’s disease. See the courage of their choice, as all life occurrences are choices and there are no victims in Creation. Creation IS love.

All this came to me as I thought of my wonderful Aunt Gracie who had a tragic illness that she endured, and later would benefit from in her overall spiritual evolution here in the this physical reality Universe. I was able to look at her situation and the truth rushed in.

3. Mind of God

I then looked at my ability to do this, look at things and see the truth behind them, at times; and I saw that it was because of my vicinity to obtaining my lightbody. A path which cultimates in Unity consciousness. Where one obtains their lightbody which comes with unity consciousness, which comes with the gift, the ability to be one with all things in the Universe, and beyond. Some refer to this as seeing with the Eye of Horus.

4. Jim Carrey

I love Jim Carrey. And I adore what he has become. And I do not use the word adore lightly. It is my favorite word and I would not dishonor its use with disingenuous application. I adore the man. As I look at the idea of truth that he is becoming, this is what I saw:

Jim Carrey is this being that agreed to come into the body and get our attention, by all means necessary. He would be our clown, our jokester, our huckleberry, if you will, all in the name of fulfilling his secondary goal, of getting our attention and getting us to like him. Then when we are on board with that secondary idea, hook line and sinker, having set the trap, he emerges into his true self, his primary mission, which is to do what all the others who have come before him, with the EXACT same mission, has failed to do as of yet; he successfully is able to REMEMBER and embrace that his PRIMARY mission is to be an unapologetic beacon of truth and lead all of his “fans”, his people, the populous sleeping masses whose attention he now has, out of the purposeful purgatory that we have endured for ages. Simply by being his authentic self. And walking, talking and sharing his truth. That nothing is real. That this reality we have all built, however purposeful, is an illusion. I have seen no one say this as clearly, as unapologetically of late, as he has. Maybe just one person, Malcolm X. Other than Malcolm Jim is the King of this. Malcolm however did not have the equity of the people adoration, as Jim has. So yeah, I adore Jim Carey. His bravery and clarity of choice in remembering to accomplishing his mission.

And I just saw that he had contracts with people in his life, who agreed to assist his remembrance, by shocking him, via tragedy, into going to where he needed to go inside. It worked. All was successful. Creation is perfect. Creation is love.