The Atlantian Origin of Halloween

The origins of Halloween originates from the eve before the 2nd destruction of Atlantis. Atlantis, as portrayed in many of our TV shows, is a reflection of the truth, was once a very advanced civilization, where they were some 5th dimensional beings. These 5th dimensional beings were called the Atla-Ra. They were like priests and possessed advanced knowledge of what is possible through the Nature of our Reality. They were similar to the idea of Jedi’s, as portrayed in movies, again as a reflection of the truth.

atlantis-originsJust as the Jedi’s are portrayed to have advised leadership, so did the Atla-Ra advise the leadership of the different factions in Atlantis. Well a story needs a so called bad guy. Along came the Arayan, who may sound familiar. They wanted to accumulate power etc. etc. we all know how the story goes with these bad guys. Atlantis had a 2nd moon that orbited the Earth. It was made of crystal quartz. It regulated the weather on Atlantis, provided the power on Atlantis and could produce a laser beam that the Arayans wanted to use against their worker class states, to keep them in check during revolts. Atlantis was once very peaceful but became like this because certain negative ET’s led the Arayans astray and took over. Pretty much as the dark side beings took over the federation by simply tricking them to hand over power, as depicted in the latest Star Wars movies. All our fiction hold some truth!

Well the Aryans tricked the federation that was formed into using the powerful laser, against the advice and wishes of the Atla-Ra. The 2nd moon became unstable and became clear that its orbit would deteriorate and crash into the Earth, Causing the destruction of Atlantis. Because the actual time and date of this destruction¬† was known. Celebrations were planned on the eve of the destruction. This is where they dressed up as the spirits they would soon be and coined the phrase “dine and be merry because tomorrow we die”.

Atlantis was destroyed on November 1st, 11/1 or 111 is known in numerology for meaning change. Atlantis was located mostly between the land masses of USA and Europe. It sunk beneath the seas. This is reflected in many of our so called fiction, as a reflection of the truth. All our fiction hold truths. If not, then we named the Atlantic ocean, a space shuttle, and the capital of Georgia, after a fairy tale. This is unlikely.

Having lost their government, the survivors of Atlantis who escaped had to hold new elections. this is why elections tend to be held on November 2nd. The day after the destruction of Atlantis.

In America we celebrate the remembrance of the destruction of Atlantis on the eve because America is where the story of Atlantis’ destruction¬† is being replayed. Just like the bits and parts of the Arayan conflicts were replayed in WW II. The world against the Arayans. This time the world won. Unlike last time. Karma is being balanced on higher levels. Souls must experience what they put out. This is the 3rd law of creation at work. In America we are playing out the story of how Atlantis/America survives and chooses not to destroy itself by being tricked by evil men. If you look at this election, which takes place in within the first week of November, America clearly has a choice. One leads them forward into a more peaceful era. And the other more and more clearly into that era of the past where man lies to man. man tricks man. In one choice man works with man, and the other man works against man. This election is about choosing not to destroy Atlantis again. Believe it or not. And since we are balancing karma, we see clearly that this time it will not be destroyed, so we souls can have that balancing karmic experience. And it will be balanced. So guess who wins!

Everywhere else around the globe however, November 1st is a day of remembrance. In Mexico and many cultures, it is The Day Of The Dead. In  people to this day celebrate November 1st as a day of remembrance. Others call it All Saints Day or all souls day etc. etc.

Parts of Atlantis land mass that did not sink exist. We call them Hawaii and Jamaica. Notice the beautiful energy and animals and plants they have. Yes, Atlantis will rise. It is rising.


I conclude with this Q&A that Bashar gave:

Our mentor Bashar was once asked about Halloween. The question and answer is below.

Question: You said something about Halloween being connected to the destruction of Atlantis?

Bashar: Yes, from your ancient times, All Hallows Eve, or Halloween, represents the day before the destruction of Atlantis. November 1 is the day of destruction, and November 2 is the day after. In some of your religious vernacular these days translate into All Hallows Eve, All Souls Day and All Saints Day, and are the idea of the destruction of your Atlantean land mass approximately 11 to 12 thousand years ago.

The issue you are dealing with on your Earth at this time is connected strongly to both the planet Maldek destroying itself long ago and a repetition of the cycle of Atlantis, although on a smaller scale than Maldek.

In your current time frame the United States represents the idea of the replay of Atlantis, for you have much of the same technology and the same position in relation to politics around the world. Also you have many of the same individuals from Atlantis who have now re-instructed themselves to the point of deciding whether or not they will destroy the world again.

You all chose to be here in this transformational age to see that you do NOT replay Atlantis and destroy yourselves and your Earth this time around.


The above Q&A is copyright of Daryl Anka