The Story of The Prime Radiant

The Prime Radiant Story

The Prime Radiant is a phrase coined by Bashar and meant to explain how life, creation and all consciousness came about. In short it explains existence from the very beginning, up to the physical reality we know it to be today in our present dimension. Not surprisingly, one can not tell the story of Ultimate reality without talking about God, Angels, and man.

The first interesting part is that everything in creation are all one and the same in many aspects. Also, at the same time, there is only one thing in creation. This is the first paradox, and the reason for the duality, polarity and paradox effects in creation. How the one IS the many and the many IS the one. The rest of the article is all about explaining exactly how this is accomplished. So if you leave with an understanding of this alone, I have done my job. The creator, source, prime radiant, Angels, stars and you are made of exactly the same thing, because there is only ultimately ONE thing in creation. We are just different perspectives of the different dimensions that was created so the Prime Radiant can simply know itself.


The Prime Radiant Story

Imagine if you will that in the beginning there was a particle. This particle had no mass. Then imagine on top of that, that the particle was conscious of itself. Of course this is not exactly how the Prime Radiant was, it was not really a particle but it serves as an adequate enough examples for the purpose of the picture I am trying to paint. It was just consciousness.The Prime Radiant Story


This particle was all there is. There was nothing else in existence. No physical reality, no stars, moons or planets or so called life. There was no such concepts of time or space, not even a spirit realm, because these had not yet been created or conceived. There was no afterlife, because there was no life to precede it.

The very first thing that happened in existence was for our source particle, our Prime Radiant,  to have knowledge of itself. For it to think “I AM”. It could not move or do anything because there was nowhere to move to or anything to do yet. It needed to somehow create something else. But how? So it did the only thing it could do, it went within itself. It used its imagination and created the only thing it was aware of, a copy of itself. It was now able to experience itself via its imagination, that it was now two things. By simply pretending. Pretending, you know, the things we sometimes our children not to do. 🙂

It would pretend that one of itself was over here and its other self was over there. It was ecstatic with itself because it had created this joyful new thing it could experience. The Prime Radiant had created time and space.

There was now a here and there, a this and a that. It could move about by projecting itself waaaaay over “there”. How far? as far as it needed to go because distance is relative and there was no other thing (nothing) else to compare it to. It would then return back to where it started really really fast; how fast? Well as fast as it needed to because speed is relative and there was no other thing in existence but itself, so there was nothing to compare it to. Using its imagination it could also divide itself or copy itself into as many divisions of itself as it needed to because the ability to imagine is relative and it was the only thing, so its imagination was as real as it needed to be.

Everything is contained within it and it is the only thing, so its size is also as big as it needs to be. It just expands itself to fit what is needed. So by simply using its imagination and playing with itself, The Prime Radiant has created that it can be as big, as many, and as fast as it needs to be. We know this as infinite in size, infinite in number and infinite in speed. The Prime Radiant is simply infinite by nature.

It now knew itself to be a creator being. It created other creator beings. The creator beings create other creator beings and new concepts and things to experience, and this goes on infinitely without limitation. This will never end because there is nothing to end it. All the experiences of what is being created is fed back through the line of beings who created it, and back to the Prime Radiant, the source of everything.

Each creator being would create whatever it wished,  but eventually there would be non agreement on what, when or how to create next or even if something should be created . So something had to be done about this and the Prime Radiant had to be the one to decide what to do. The decision was to organize.

This decision to organize created the first dimensional level of split from the Prime Radiant. Dimensional because only an illusionary separation is possible. The first of the 355 dimensions in Reality. The first dimension that was other than the source. We know this as the Angelic realm.

The Angelic Realm

The Angels would organize and oversee the creator beings and all that was created. The things that were created and the process of creating things is called creation. No longer would the prime radiant have to manage an infinite number of its creator beings, they would confer with the Angelic realm. More on Angels to come soon in another article.

The Prime Radiant always was and always will be. It is eternal. Everything in existence is just a copy of this source from another perspective. Everything that exists is happening in the consciousness of the one being in existence We as part of existence then are a copy of source and are therefore also infinite and eternal. It now makes perfect sense that it is said that we are made in the image of the creator. It also becomes perfectly clear what is truly meant by the writings on the Great Pyramid which states “Man Know Thyself”.

All concepts, emotions, materials and life derive from The Prime Radiant playing with all the possibilities and perspectives of itself. So yes dear ones, we are all one. You and I are part of an illusionary dimension, created by source so that it can experience itself from this particular perspective. It is a never ending process as it makes everything it can imagine possible.

That is why it has been said I-MAGI-NATION; we are a nation of magicians.



Now it makes sense when you hear:

  • God is all, we are all one
  • There is only one God
  • The creator, God is infinite
  • Infinity and zero are the same, everything and nothing is the same
  • Existence is all there is, there is no room in existence for non existence
  • God can read your thoughts
  • We are all telempathic
  • God is not male or female. The concept of gender is a creation, a work of art. I am told that in some worlds, they are more than 2 genders and in others only 1.

Gender, time or space, directions, elements, particles, and light, these are mere tools, works of art created along the way. And no, you can never really die. The Creator has deemed that no soul should ever perish. The lives we are now living is just a dimensional illusion that we chose to partake in so that we can experience being finite.

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