Synchronicity And The Movie “The Matrix.”

Synchronicity in the movie the Matrix

Synchronicity in the movie the Matrix

‪#‎synchronicity‬, is when 2 things that could not possibly be connected, are connected, by the divine perfection of the Universe, to show us that all is one and all is connected.

For instance, in the Movie, The Matrix, we see the passport of Neo, a character that discovers that humans are living in a fantasy world that is not what it seems. That there is a power behind their reality that is controlling it and making it seem one way, when it is really not that way. They have been duped, hoodwinked. Neo wakes up and sees the TRUE reality that they have been hiding and as he wakes up, he fights to wake up his fellow humans.

The movie, The Matrix, came out in 1999. In the movie there is a scene where we see Neo’s U.S. passport; the expiration date of this passport, is September 11, 2001. This movie, again, came out in 1999.

From a Metaphysical level, I am aware that on 9-11-2001 Humanity jumped to a timeline that was designed to AWAKEN us, ultimately. We needed to be shaken awake. To look at our reality and what was going on. A lot of lies were told on that day and many are still not aware or believe that, just like the movie The Matrix, Humanity is being lied to…big time. There has been a lot of discussion about what is true and what is a lie etc. I for one researched it and I walked away 100% sure that 9-11 was an inside job. Believe it or not. Again, that was MY conclusion after thorough research. The smoking gun for me was PHYSICS. The laws of physics would have to break for the official story to be true.

The official story says that the UL2000 steel was melted by jet fuel. Jet fuel can only burn up to 1000 degrees. That is HALF of what the steel is certified at. UL tested steel is no joke. It will not melt at temperature below 2000 degrees. Yet somehow we are told it did. This is not possible.

Also, the buildings fell at what is called “free fall” speed. Free fall speed for buildings the height of the World Trade is 9 seconds. Meaning, if you dropped a metal ball off the towers, it would take 9 seconds to fall to the ground. The buildings went down in 9 seconds!! That is free fall speed. That is also controlled demolition speed. A TRUE building collapse of a building that height, collapsing one floor onto another, on to another, would actually take 90 seconds! This is information that over 200 architects and engineers have reported after they heard the official story, they said, the official story is not possible. It is against the law of physics.

I know some of you are stressed and uncomfortable right about now. The rest of this piece is not for you. It is OK, you can stop reading now. It is for those that are ready to look at this.

So here we have the Universe, in this time of “awakening” NOT telling us what to do, but simply hinting, using #synchronicity in popular movies and tv shows and giving those who are ready to look at what is going on, a clue to what is going on, so that we can stop participating in it.

We have been playing the CONTROL game and the CONTROLLED game for over 5000 years and the grand cycle in which we played this game can come to an end, for those who are ready to choose it. You end the game by simply choosing not to play it anymore.

We knew 2016 would be a tremendous year of change and we have seen some changes have we not? Popes resigning, presidents of Ukraine, Iceland resigning, DNC chairman, whats her name, resigning. Wikileaks after leaks showing us the corruption and the lies. If we choose to believe and see em or not. Whistle blowers after whistle blowers revealing what is being hidden. The drone strikes and endless killing seemingly authorized by no one. U.s Is bombing in Syria even though Congress voted not to bomb in Syria. Obama multiple times signing for the close of Guantanamo bay and his Generals refusing to close the base as ordered. Election scandals and corruption. We are starting to see behind the curtain more and more.

Well the good news is, this is all leading to the idea that the game is ending and all the secrets HAVE to come out and will come out. So between now and the election in November there HAS to be more leaks, more resignations and more peaks behind that curtain. So just prepare for it and as Morpheus says in the The Matrix. “I am only about to show you the truth. Nothing else.” 🙂

I am assuming that the Universe will be addressing our “Secret” agencies and services soon. The 3 lettered agencies, some 4. We will be taking a peak behind their Wizard of Oz curtains that we are not supposed to look at. And the role they play in our political, financial, and media concerns. I assure you, they are not just twiddling their thumbs, and their lack of integrity has to end.

Character is what you say you want to do. Integrity is if you are doing it or not.

Archangel Michael once said: “humanity has to start paying more attention to what their government officials are actually doing and less into what they are saying.”

I have studied and seen a lot of evil. Evil is not what I thought it was. It is not red devils and fire and brimstone or lizard aliens from another world. That is not how evil is. Evil simply lies. Tricks. Gets good people to do evil things without them even being aware of it. Men in uniform, men in secret government services are being lied to and are asked to do evil things that are not only out of integrity and corrupted, but just plain evil, in the name of following orders and being patriotic. There are people in the highest levels of governments who are simply “actors” or “assets” for puppet masters who control their strings and tell them what to say in front of the cameras. These assets are starting to suspect that they are out of integrity but, but they continue to drink the cool-ade saying to them selves “I’m an official asset just doing my patriotic duty, following orders, and I’m getting millions of dollars and taking care of my family. I’m just following orders. I’m just following orders.” These assets are waking up and some are no longer following the orders of corrupt, out of integrity and evil men. Edward Snowden said enough. Chelsea Manning said enough. Thomas Drake said enough. Many are waking up as we enter these last 4 months before the last election of the old United States of America. Because after this one everything will change!

Do not be the last Nazi to say “I was just doing my job.” If its illegal, stop doing it. If its out of integrity, stop doing it. If you are keeping secrets from the American people, stop doing it. All will be revealed anyway.

In the end it will all be OK and very beautiful. If it is not OK and beautiful, then it is simply not the end yet. Look for and share the ‪#‎synchronicities‬. Blessings.


I also just noted the #synchronicity in the name on the passport. Anderson, Thomas A. A.T.A.  A Terrorist attack. If you included the P above the name you can have planned a terrorist attack. If you include the US. of America above that you have “The United States of America Planned a terrorist attack. 🙂 Blessings

There Is Synchronicity in the World Population And Ascension

I just found some Ascension synchronicity.

We are approaching 8 Billion people on the Earth. Not sure if we are there yet or not, no way to tell exactly, but this is close to where we are at for total population. This Universe is based on 12, which is why all our time is divisible by 12. 24, 60 min and seconds etc. Well assuming the 12 zodiac signs are distributed evenly, if you divide 8 billion by 12 you get 666666666.666666667. Which is the END TIMES.

Note that thee are 9 digits before the decimal and after. 9 symbolizes COMPLETION which may allude to the completion of the grand cycle which is why Earth is ascending at this time.

Also note that the end cycle is transformative which is highlighted by the last 2 digits 6 and 7 adding up to 13 which is the number of TRANSFORMATION.

So maybe this is revealing that when Earths population hits 8 Billion, and may have done so already, maybe on 12-12-2012 who knows, then this triggers our total change and Earth will Ascend.

Just something I just discovered. Not saying it means anything other than mathematical synchronicity.