Sophia Stewart – Author of The Matrix

Sophia Stewart

Sophia StewartI discovered in my reality yesterday how the Movie The Matrix, as well as the Movie The Terminator, is blatantly based on the works or Author Sophia Stewart.

This article is really in-line with my metaphysical theme because the movie The Matrix played a significant role in my waking up process as well it is my all time favorite movie. I felt I had to share her story with the masses so that those who are ready to hear it can hear it.

She wrote the book The Third Eye and had the work copyrighted around 1981. She took Warner Brothers Studio to court and actually won. She will receive a portion of theĀ  several billion dollars that both movies have made world wide.

Copyright infringement is a federal felony which was investigated by the FBI. Sophia states that the public have never heard how she won her plagiarized court case because Warner Brothers Studios is owned AOL Time Warner which owns much of what we read in the newspapers and see on the TV. Her evidence and documentation was strong, so she won.

Below are a few interviews where you can hear Sophia’s argument in her own words.