Achieving Perfect Health

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Everything you need to know about obtaining perfect health or healing the body. These 6 alone will reduce or eliminate 99.999999999% of all health conditions on earth.

  1. Oxygen. Our air is highly toxic. Practice cyclic breathing. Have Plants.
  2. Hydration. Our water is highly toxic. 2 quarts of pure water a day minimum.
  3. Reduce Stress. Meditation & better life choices.
  4. Exercise. Helps strengthen and flush toxins.
  5. Detox. Remove Toxins from the body.
  6. Lighten the Diet. Raw & Organic as possible. Low meat.

Positive Meaning In, Positive Experience Out.

Life has no meaning. The only meaning thnigs have, is the meaning we give them.

This is a good opportunity to share that many human do this. Its called “suffering” :-). And it happens when we do not accept what IS. By not accepting we apply a negative label to something and therefore experience the NEGATIVE results.

But all occurrences are NEUTRAL, and have no built in meaning. Notice how the 2 girls have a POSITIVE experience? They did not resist what is, and therefore applied a POSITIVE meaning to the occurrence and you see they are having a very POSITIVE experience.

2 different experience from the same one occurrence. This is because reality was created for Humans to have CHOICE in all that we experience. And now you know the formula choosing your experience; positive label in positive experience out. Negative label in, negative experience out.

Life is actually meaningless. And the only meaning it has, is the meaning we give it. ~Bashar

And notice the boys responses are LEARNED, from his father. His father has been seeding these thoughts that has led the boy to believe another girl would be a negative thing. So we see that all behavior exhibited by humans are learned in our childhood from our parents, family, churches, friends and community.

All suffering is not accepting what is. Now you are aware that all suffering is a choice. We can not un-spill the milk, so it is wise to simply accept it. And if you apply a positive label to the spilling of the milk, you will get a positive experience. I have practiced this for years and the results are amazing. I am always happy now.

ArchAngel Metatron on The Death Experience & After-Life Realm

Here we have a beautiful channeling from ArchAngel Metatron, as channeled and copyrighted by James Tyberonn of

life after deathThe below audio is a reading of the channeling. In it AA Metatron explains what Humans can expect to experience, and what really occurs, in what we refer to as the death experience. AA Metatron goes on to describe in great detail, how death is in fact a beautiful experience. This description of the continuation of life after death had been repeated pretty much the same by many other higher dimentional beings. Then AA Metatron goes on and explains more of what is happening in the after life. It is highly recommended information for both the initiated and the uninitiated. In Joy!


Other books and persons who have described death as being pretty much as AA Metatron describes it are:

Journey of Souls, a book by Micheal P. Newton, Phd. A must read. Buy here.

Home With God, a book by Neale Donald Walsch. This is the final book in the Home with God book series. A series that some refer to as the New Revelations. Buy here.

And in many of the readings left by “The Sleeping Prophet” Edgar Cayce.



The U.S. Dollar and Bitcoin Visited

I found this Month’s update from Jim Self to be important enough to share with my readers. I also am posting a video about Bitcoins, which I feel will replace our current monetary system, which is slowly failing, and will be going away, due what Jim said is a serious imbalance. These message is not negative or positive, it is neutral and has no meaning. The only meaning it has is the meaning you give it. So choose ease and grace and know that all this is be organized by a higher divine hand, and it is clearing the way for freedom, equality, joy and unlimited happiness.

An now most of everything you need to know about Bitcoins. A crypto currency based on a set of mathematical rules for person to person transactions. I believe it is important as it is the front runner to replacing paper money. Enjoy.


And Jim’s October 2014 update is even more indepth on the state of the worlds financial union.

Sophia Stewart – Author of The Matrix

Sophia Stewart

Sophia StewartI discovered in my reality yesterday how the Movie The Matrix, as well as the Movie The Terminator, is blatantly based on the works or Author Sophia Stewart.

This article is really in-line with my metaphysical theme because the movie The Matrix played a significant role in my waking up process as well it is my all time favorite movie. I felt I had to share her story with the masses so that those who are ready to hear it can hear it.

She wrote the book The Third Eye and had the work copyrighted around 1981. She took Warner Brothers Studio to court and actually won. She will receive a portion of the  several billion dollars that both movies have made world wide.

Copyright infringement is a federal felony which was investigated by the FBI. Sophia states that the public have never heard how she won her plagiarized court case because Warner Brothers Studios is owned AOL Time Warner which owns much of what we read in the newspapers and see on the TV. Her evidence and documentation was strong, so she won.

Below are a few interviews where you can hear Sophia’s argument in her own words.