The U.S. Dollar and Bitcoin Visited

I found this Month’s update from Jim Self to be important enough to share with my readers. I also am posting a video about Bitcoins, which I feel will replace our current monetary system, which is slowly failing, and will be going away, due what Jim said is a serious imbalance. These message is not negative or positive, it is neutral and has no meaning. The only meaning it has is the meaning you give it. So choose ease and grace and know that all this is be organized by a higher divine hand, and it is clearing the way for freedom, equality, joy and unlimited happiness.

An now most of everything you need to know about Bitcoins. A crypto currency based on a set of mathematical rules for person to person transactions. I believe it is important as it is the front runner to replacing paper money. Enjoy.


And Jim’s October 2014 update is even more indepth on the state of the worlds financial union.