Our Sun Is No Longer Yellow!

Our Sun Is no longer Yellow!

Humanity is undergoing an ascension of consciousness, as outlined by the Mayans.

Who said, basically, “the old world would come to an end.” And many assumed it meant the end of the planet. Just like some see the word Apocalypse as having a negative cogitation, when in fact it does not. In actuality we are now seeing that what the Mighty Mayans actually were referring to was that there would be an ascension of consciousness for humanity as a whole. Yes there were a lot of predetermined expectations of death and destruction etc. surrounding the the date December 21st, 2012, but none of that really happened. What DID happen was this:

Instructions from the Sun

Our star, Sol, started to heat up and burn hotter. It transformed from a yellow dwarf star to a radiant white star. If you Google and research images of our Sun you will see a lot of yellow and orange depictions. This is because our star was actually yellow in appearance at one time. It was and is still formally and informally classified as a yellow dwarf star in may text books, publications and we can see so here on wikipedia.

I can remember seeing our yellow sun with my own eyes when I was a youth back in the 70’s and 80’s. It has been a yellow dwarf star for many thousand of years. It was not until about 10 years ago when I started personally becoming aware that the sun was no longer yellow. That NOW, during the New Age of Aquarius, in this time of ascension, it has heated up. It is burning much hotter, and is now radiant white in appearance.

Not Newsworthy

I myself think that this is a fairly important occurrence and maybe, just maybe, we should be talking about it. But apparently CNN does not consider this news and have never done a story on this. The so called best journalists around the world who work for the BBC, CNN, Washington Post and Daily news etc. Have not seen that there is a story here yet. How lucky for me then, I get to be the one to have the exclusive. 😉

News flash!  Our sun has heated up and has changed color!

How do we know that it has heated up? Well, the color has changed which fire does do as it temperature increases. Everything in our solar system has heated up has it not? The temperature on Earth is heating up isn’t it? Yes, man and its immature use of fossil fuel and its emissions have surely sped up the process a bit, but we are assured by higher dimension being like Bashar and Adronis that even without humanity’s industrial and transportational recklessness, the solar system would still be heating up. Because our star has.

What other signs that our solar system has gotten hotter have we seen? Pluto! Remember Pluto the ICE planet. It became so small that we were having discussions of whether it is a planet or not. Those discussions were calculated, and designed to avoid the topic of WHY Pluto was getting smaller. Someone did not want Humanity to become aware of how Sol, or star, was heating up. Maybe the same people who seem to control our expert media. 🙂

That would give credence to the New Age Spirituality movement, which would lead to questions and answers about who The Creator really is and who we truly are, and it was decided that this topic would dis-empower those who feel Earth is their planet. We are talking about humans who we have given our power over to in the form of “governments,” and who are out of integrity. They would rather we argue endlessly over “climate change” than know the truth behind where the heat is actually coming from.

Our Star Was a Yellow Dwarf, not anymore

Here is a link to a Google Images search for the word SUN:

You will notice that you see a lot of Yellow depictions of the star of our solar system. Our Sun. Why is that? For thousand of years man has depicted our sun as being Yellowish in color…because that is what they saw. Look at the illustrations and art that is in our museums. Yellow or yellowish suns. Much like these shown below.

Our Sun Is no longer Yellow!

Remember What Gave Superman His Strength?

Our YELLOW sun! In the story, Superman’s home planet of Krypton has a red sun whose intensity is of a lower frequency that our Yellow sun of Earth. So since Superman was born under the weaker star, here under our stronger yellow sun, he is much stronger. The story is told this way because at the time the story was written by DC comics, our sun WAS yellow. It was a Yellow Dwarf Star, as outlined in all our textbooks.

So if a yellow star is stronger frequentially than a red star, then imagine how much stronger a white star is in frequency. Imagine what it means to humanity, that our star is now increasing in frequency and turning white. Will that turn us into Supermen with increased abilities? 🙂

What Color Do You See Now?

Now go outside, on a sunny clear day and feast upon the star of our solar system with your very own eyes. Now ask your self “what color is this star?” You will most likely agree with me that it is a radiant white star. Absolutely no yellow at all. And we know that a WHITE flame burns much hotter that a yellow flame right?

So our solar system is heating up. Because our Star, Sol, is burning much hotter.

Now For Some Science

As plant life and foliage seem to take their instruction from the sun, so too does everything in our star system take instructions from our star, Sol. And Sol has been coordinating, manifesting an increase in consciousness for our entire solar system. It has been doing so by burning brighter and transmitting its radiance at a much higher frequency. This has had some phenomenal results like:

Raising the Schumann Resonance frequency of the planet Earth. It used to be around 7.8 Hz (think yellow sun), but now it now ever increasing and went through the range of 12-15 Hz, and as of this writing it is way above 30 Hz.

Here is a definition of Schumann Resonance that I like and took from the site themindunleashed.com:

The Schumann resonances are oscillating magnetic frequencies that happen in the Earth’s electromagnetic spectrum. They are said to be generated by electromagnetic changes that happen within the earth’s core, that then affect the earth’s surface, and ionosphere, including the sentient beings living upon it.

What that means is that our star, Sol, an intelligent conscious being, has decided that it is time for humanity to ascend in consciousness to the next higher level. So it raises its own vibration and emits this much higher frequency to all its planets and their inhabitants, causing the core of the planets to spin faster, producing more heat and therefore heating up the planets. At the same time this changes the oscillating frequency that the planet’s electronics vibrate to. Its frequency, its heartbeat raises. And as planetary frequential resonance increases, humanity’s consciousness, somehow also increases; since our consciousness is also simply just a frequential resonance itself. Everything in our Universe breaks down to resonance.

Its all sound. “In the beginning there was the Word…” a sound.

All matter vibrates. Everything is resonating at a frequency. Even a steel table at the atomic level is resonating, vibrating. The solidity of matter is a pure illusion.

And the mighty Mayans knew all this. Saw all this coming. The world as we knew it would end. Because the world as we know it, meaning the world of politics, money, classes, sects, governments and secrets, was created with this “lower” level of consciousness. And as they knew that we would be increasing in consciousness, thanks to our sun, the Mayans also knew that this NEW consciousness would cause us to change everything.


All Will Be Revealed In The End

We are told and we can see, that this new higher frequential consciousness will make humanity a more loving, more compassionate race of beings. It is said that in the New Age of Aquarius all the secrets will be revealed. Are we not seeing ALL the secrets slowly being revealed? Isn’t there a light now being shed on the most secretive and destructive agencies on the planet? Do you think that humanity will allow things to be “business as usual?” Of course not. Everything will change. The Mayans were right.

What is the final book in the bible? Revelations right? Here is the definition of the word Revelation according to dictionary.com. I have changed nothing:


  1. The act of revealing or disclosing; disclosure.
  2. Something revealed or disclosed, especially a striking disclosure, as of something not before realized.
  3. In theology. God’s disclosure of Himself and His will to His creatures.
    an instance of such communication or disclosure.
    something thus communicated or disclosed.
    something that contains such disclosure, as the Bible.
  4. 4.(initial capital letter). Also called Revelations, The Revelation of St. John the Divine. the last book in the New Testament; the Apocalypse.
    Abbreviation: Rev.

So we see that the word revelations mean that there will be disclosing or disclosure. Something not before realized. And maybe Gods will for his creatures(that’s humanity). And we also see that the book of revelations is also know as the Apocalypse.


What a dreadfully scary word huh? Or so we have been led to believe. Mind controlled to believe. When a child or an adult for that matter watches even the trailer to one of these  films, they are left with the belief that the word Apocalypse is a very unwanted scenario. If you believe that the word Apocalypse has a negative connotation, congratulations, you have been a victim of mind control. Weaponized mind control, courtesy of your local secret intelligence branch. And tax payer funded.


Lets observe the true meaning of the word Apocalypse. The original meaning of the word goes back to the Ancient Greek which actually means…The lifting of the veil.

Here again is exactly what dictionary.com’s says:

  1. (initial capital letter) revelation (def 4).
  2. Any of a class of Jewish or Christian writings that appeared from about 200 b.c. to a.d. 350 and were assumed to make revelations of the ultimate divine purpose.
  3. prophetic revelation, especially concerning a cataclysm in which the forces of good permanently triumph over the forces of evil.
Wow! It says that the word Apocalypse is firstly synonymous with the word revelation. Or disclosure. It also refers to a group of ancient writings that are assumed to reveal the ultimate divine purpose. Sounds like something good about our nature is going to be revealed. And finally it says that Apocalypse means a “cataclysm” in which GOOD PERMANENTLY TRIUMPS over evil. I am Ok with that, are you?
So there will be a lot of unknowns revealed to humanity, at the “end.” And we know from the Mayans that the old word did end on December 21st 2012, and since then we HAVE been seeing much revealed haven’t we?

We are seeing whistle blowers after whistle blowers now who are not only telling us all the secrets that were kept hidden from us, These whistle blowers all seem to be under some kind of magical protection from harm. Thank the Creator for that right? Its almost like this ascension process is somehow ordained by some higher divine plan. It appears that the Apocalypse is upon is now. We just have to realize (real eyes) that its a good thing. Sure its a bad thing if you are evil, it means you are “about to be triumphed.”


There can sometime be miunderstandings, through mind control etc. So lets look at the definition of a whistleblower shall we?

person who informs on another or makes public disclosure of corruption or wrongdoing.

All our whistle blowers, of late, appear to be more and more being protected and are fine; compared to years ago. One would be too afraid to go up against the powers of a world government like the United States. You would be silenced quick fast and in a hurry. But now there is a new pattern where we see that there is a divine protection around those who bring to the light what our out of integrity human government is doing in the dark. Almost like something has awakened something in the heart of humanity.

Julienne Assad of wikileaks. He is safe and allowed to continue his “divine” revelations and bring forth the information that is of service to the whole via his organization wikileaks.org. We, humanity that has already been awoken, love his work and thank him and will continue to support him, as he supports us. He is receiving and will continue to receive protection from Ecuador, whose indigenous people go back over 11,000 years to when the mighty Mayans themselves walked the Earth.

Julienne against seemingly incredible odds continue to reveal the truth to humanity, as a TRUE journalist is allowed to do. Even though he has been threatened with the wrath of the most dangerous government on planet Earth, he remains alive and well and unstopped. He is protected as he is an agent of the divine forces overseeing the ascension process. He is now even dating Pamela Anderson. 🙂

Edward Snowden, who has worked for the NSA and CIA and knew the inner workings and these secret orginizations, saw the injustice and did his duty as he was guided by his inner voice. He revealed much truth about the lies and illegal actions of this same United States of America.

Revealed, via the State Dept. Cables, how the USA would shake hands with their “allies” with one hand and at the same time stab their allies in the back.This revelation caused a lot of USA “allies” to see the true picture and make wiser decisions. This revelation led to the strengthening of the BRICS union, an alliance which will eventually replace the powerful union which was that of the USA and the European union. It also lead to many geo political moves like Brexit. A lot has changed due to the Snowden revelations, and much of it may have not been easily seen by the average person, due to a lack of reporting from the “main media” who do not appear to consider this news. 🙂

Edward Snowden remains safe and happy with his girlfriend and living under asylum in Russia.

Corey Goode

Now Corey Goode is my favorite whistle blower of them all. I would guess that even Edward Snowden is not yet aware of him. No one who cares about legitimacy in the “public eye” seems to be uttering Corey’s name, at least in public.

You see, Corey is revealing COSMIC DISCLOSURE and was a member of the Secret Space Program. He has a lot of information out there where is speaking about things like how humans have colonized Mars since the 60’s and how they are slave like colonies on Mars ran and controlled by the same contractors that are used by the CIA here on Earth. This is one of the huge things humanity has to see and incorporate and process, and many are simply not ready yet.

Corey, like the other 2 major whistle blowers, is also not in jail and heavily protected by divine will. If you are not familiar with Corey Goode and his information that he is revealing about our secret space program, you can be brought up to speed real fast by watching the show he has with David Wilcox, called Cosmic Disclosure, which is on Gaia.com. This link uses Corey’s affiliate code so he gets credit when you go to Gaia.com 🙂

You can watch the first 3 episodes of season 1 there for free without signing up for anything. I would also recommend episode 7 of season one as that was a jaw dropper for me as it introduced into my consciousness the idea of the “German Breakaway Society” that later took over the United States of America. It explains a lot. Why American politicians can give a shit about Americans etc.

Corey’s information is for mature individuals that are ready to take the red pill, like in the movie The Matrix. You need to have your big boy pants on to accept his stuff. It is OK if you are not ready. 🙂

Corey Goode is also alive and well and lives with his family, safely in Houston, TX. These whistle blowers can not be harmed and are here to facilitate the ascension of planet Earth, through their revelations, and by divine dispensation.

Even if you check out Corey’s info and you do not believe it, you have to ask yourself, why is it that no one in the “main media” is covering this stuff. Think about it, don’t you see them covering all the athletes who claim that the Earth is flat? You will not see one word mentioning Corey Goode’s information in any Major publication, but he has been on most alternative media and all over Youtube though, go figure.

Here is a list of a lot of whistle blowers helping with the divine revelations that still continues. It started a long long time ago and will continue until ALL is revealed and known by the masses. So please support your local whistle blower and thank THEM for their service.

As you can see it is all connected. The Mayans, our star heating up, prophesied revelations, and our whistle blowers being protected and even allowed to continue revealing, and working unharmed. All seem to be part of a divine undertaking, as predicted by the Mayans. Everything is changing. And we can see from where all the changes originated. All we have to do is look up on a clear day and see that our sun is no longer a yellow dwarf star. It is a now a brilliant white star.


This info is released to the public domain and can be shared, copied and distributed freely. 



Positive Meaning In, Positive Experience Out.

Life has no meaning. The only meaning thnigs have, is the meaning we give them.

This is a good opportunity to share that many human do this. Its called “suffering” :-). And it happens when we do not accept what IS. By not accepting we apply a negative label to something and therefore experience the NEGATIVE results.


But all occurrences are NEUTRAL, and have no built in meaning. Notice how the 2 girls have a POSITIVE experience? They did not resist what is, and therefore applied a POSITIVE meaning to the occurrence and you see they are having a very POSITIVE experience.

2 different experience from the same one occurrence. This is because reality was created for Humans to have CHOICE in all that we experience. And now you know the formula choosing your experience; positive label in positive experience out. Negative label in, negative experience out.

Life is actually meaningless. And the only meaning it has, is the meaning we give it. ~Bashar

And notice the boys responses are LEARNED, from his father. His father has been seeding these thoughts that has led the boy to believe another girl would be a negative thing. So we see that all behavior exhibited by humans are learned in our childhood from our parents, family, churches, friends and community.

All suffering is not accepting what is. Now you are aware that all suffering is a choice. We can not un-spill the milk, so it is wise to simply accept it. And if you apply a positive label to the spilling of the milk, you will get a positive experience. I have practiced this for years and the results are amazing. I am always happy now.

My Truth On The Whole Chemtrails Thing.

My truth about chemtrails

My truth about chemtrailsThe guidance I AM receiving tells me that all that is happening is that we are in a cycle of change. Things are changing. Physics of reality are changing.

The Sun is getting hotter as it raises its vibration. And so other things change; Pluto starts to melt due to the heat and we now say it is not a planet. We also say its “global warming”. And now or planes exhaust that used to cause the familiar water vapors that would go away quickly, are now creating more of a weird mist that sticks around a bit longer and create this misty cloud.This “look” is new to us and so we try to make sense of it, instead of just accepting it.

Something HAS to be wrong right? Just like, if there are ET’s they HAVE to be negative right? Wrong. What if all is well? What if its just that the Sun and therefor Earth is going through a part of space that we go through in our long cycle, every 25, 900 years and in this part of space PHYSICS change. The speed of light is NO LONGER a constant. It has sped up. Scientist are not talking about this very much (some are, and here), but its a fact. Very few even know this because most learn from 10 year old text books. This is just a cycle. An end of a grand cycle. We are in a place in the Galaxy where things speed up vibrationally. So the entire solar system is changing vibrationally. System getting hotter, speed of light is increasing. This is the basis of our physical science in many ways. So you can expect to observe changes in the visual appearance of things.

So what we are seeing here is some people simply applying a negative label to something they do not know, or the unknown. Other beings may even be using this to their advantage in order to increase and spread fear, which they need in order to feel more comfortable. I assure you, in this Age of Aquarius, if there was a worldwide conspiracy to house all planes with devices that spew toxic fumes, the beings doing so would be exposed already. Just look at that billionaire NBA owner who was a racist. We all are now aware. So relax and trust. Ask yourself, and see the answer, what is the truth, that The planet is being poisoned and the culprits are not exposed? Or is the Physics of the Galaxy just changing a bit due to our physical locality along The Suns 25,900 year circular cycle through the Milky Way Galaxy?

As for those images on Facebook showing planes with tanks etc. Well this has also been debunked here.

This is my truth, I AM sharing today. All is well, all is positive. All is beautiful. All truths are true and wisdom is when your choices bring you joy. Blessings.

Time is an illusion

Time Is an Illusion

And so we have shared the beliefs on how Physical Reality is an illusion. Wasn’t that exciting and cool? I’m sure it was. Now lets look at how our modern day scientist have to say about illusions in our reality.

Keep in mind that they are scientist, which means they have to see proof and run tests, and the information is based on the 5 senses only. Where as my information simply came from Angel and or 5th dimensional beings who simply gave humanity the information and I simply heard it and believed it. I consider things outside the 5 senses whereas scientists do not. This is the difference in our density of consciousness. Mine is more 4th density, and theirs is more 4th density. As The overall consciousness of humanity increases, these scientist, and all of humanity, will also consider things outside of the 5 senses. Earth humans are going from 3rd to 4th density consciousness.

The video’s below all show how science is catching up to the truths about reality being an illusion.

The Illusion of Time (A PBS Special)


Our 3D Universe is an Illusion

 A Thin Sheet Of Reality: The Universe as a Hologram



Physical Reality Is An Illusion

A film reel


As a prerequisite to understanding this material I am about to present, you should have a good understanding of how the Creator/Source/God is actually simply pretending to be everything in creation. It literally, literally IS everything, so everything is literally literally ONE thing. If you don’t have a solid understanding of this concept, no worries just read The Story Of The Prime Radiant.  This explains how Creator/Source/God IS “all there is”, so therefore we are all one. Now we will add to the idea of an infinite creator, by adding the concept that all things already exist.

You hear a lot about manifestation and how we manifest our reality. But what does this actually mean? How does it work? What is the physics behind this?

The idea is that we do not create anything. Everything already exist. In this reality everyone calls me Renata. In another reality everyone may call me Richard. In this reality I am 6 foot 4 inches tall. In another reality I am 4 foot 6 inches. In yet another reality am yet another name and another height. These are parallel realities. There are an infinite amount of parallel realities. We learned about “infinite” in The Story Of The Prime Radiant, so we have an understanding of infinity and how it is possible. So creating an infinite amount of anything is child’s play. Understand that if you can imagine it, it can and does exist somewhere, then all that needs to be done is to simply manifest it through the laws of attraction, vibration and reflection. Everything already exists. How is this possible?


Physically Reality is an illusion

Physical reality is an illusion. Our reality is setup, created, designed to give the appearance that it is real. In actuality, it works more like a 35mm film camera than we may think. Our reality is much like a dynamic hologram that is designed to be an environment where we Spirits could have experiences of who we truly are. Think of it as another way that we could exist. We are creators and we create universes, worlds, realities to play in. It is actually as simple as that, but lets fill in some blanks.

From our current level of consciousness, this reality appears to be linear. In actuality, there is no linearity to anything, even the concept of motion is an illusion. Everything happens one moment at a time. This is why we always hear about “staying in the moment, the now moment.” Our reality is made up of interconnected now moments like the frames on film.stop motion of man jumping


There is no true linear movement, as all appearance of motion is an illusion. There is only one now moment. There is no past occurrences or future occurrences. Just infinite now.

Remember there is only truly one thing that truly exist, and it can’t do anything, much less move, without creating the illusion of said movement, by changing, imagining, switching to this new perspective, internally via its thought and imagination. Remember it moves at infinite speeds, and the definition of infinite speed is as fast as is needed to obtain the desired result. This concept of infinite speed is simple yet critical.


There is only One Moment, NOW


We experience reality from moment to moment. One moment to the next moment. This next moment is literally the first moment. Because that is all there is, one moment. What happens is that there are slight differences from the One moment to the next. This continuity of slight changes occur at the aforementioned infinite speeds. This gives the ultimate appearance of motion and movement and that things are animated in our reality, but it is just an illusion, albeit a very cool one.


Time is an illusion

Time is a concept that life, things, moments to moments happens linearly. This is an Infinite Spiral Clockillusion. While it may appear that way, it does not truly happen that way. Everything happens in the NOW.

The concept of NOW is evidence that there is only one moment. What time is it? It is NOW. In fact no matter when you check the time, the time is always now. When does now end? It does not. Every concept outside of now is an illusionary concept that is created and only exists in the consciousness of man. Creation gave us infinite now, but we created time.

We can say this is 5 o’clock and this is 6 o’clock and we use this in our reality as an organizational tool, but it is just a concept that we created. It is not empirically real.

A concept is something that can not be experienced or observed. Since time can not be experienced or observed, time is only a concept. Since time is only conceptual and we only BELIEVE it is a real thing, time therefore is an illusion.


No Past or Future

Since time is an illusion. Everything built around time is also an illusion, like the concept of there being a past and a future.

Prove to me there is such a thing as the past. You can’t do it. If you show me a photograph, when are you showing it to me? Now. You definitely can’t prove there is a future. ~ Bashar

Remember anything you can’t experience or observe is only conceptual, and by definition, anything conceptual is not real. If a thing is not real and believed by people to be real, this is the definition of an illusion.

Now there is nothing wrong with illusions. They are fun, they serve a purpose, and make fun tools. The only concern with illusions is when we are not AWARE that something is an illusion; we are not conscious of it.

Now we know one thing about who we are. We are creators of some very cool things. Be consciously aware that the level of consciousness that we created this reality with, is not the same level of consciousness that we are using as we read this, or in our day to day lives. We are in the 3rd, 4th and 5th levels of consciousness or density, and the creator of our reality is of the 12th density level of consciousness or much higher.

Do not confuse the complexity of this reality with being complicated. It is complex, not complicated. One must admit that even in its complexity, the logic is simple; ” time is an illusion there is only infinite now.” Simple. Maybe too simple for some at the moment.


The movies

Our reality is much like the 35mm film we experience at the movies. On the screen it appear that there is continuous movement and we enjoy the experience and it looks very real. We totally forget for a while that we know what we are experiencing in the theater is not real. But no one wants to think of what is actually happening or it will ruin the experience. What is really happening is that we are viewing a film that contains many individual moments, or frames, of about 35mm wide. These individual frames or moments are then shown to us at a high rate of speed ( infinite speed ). This gives the appearance of motion and being real. But the motion we see on the screen is just an illusion. It serves a purpose. It provides a desired experience of being real, even though it is not.

A film reel

As above so below. As we employ illusions to make individual moments appear continuous on the movie screen, on our TV screens, on our computers,  so did the creator Gods who created this reality, this very world we find ourselves in at this very moment. They are creators. We are creators, They are us and we are they, we are all one. They/we created a way for consciousness to shift the now moment at infinite speeds. Shifting the perspective ever so slightly between now moments creates the effect of change from one moment to the next. We know this as motion. Forget sliced bread, motion is one of the greatest things achieved in creation.


Our belief system is key

The Earth game is also being played on a group level. These changes from one moment to the next take their cue directly from all our agreed upon beliefs. The main reasoning behind this is that when you believe, you are choosing, and the main idea of why this particular Universe was created is that it would be a place to experience free will through choice. This is why our Universe has aspects that are of duality, polarity and paradoxes.

If you jump into the air you will experience that you start to rise off the ground slightly and then you will start to fall back to the ground. The ONLY reason this happens is due to the fact that this is what we believe will happen. The engine that runs this game allows us to experience what we believe. Guess what would happen if we believed we had no limits and that the engine would allow us to do anything we wanted? Yes, we would literally fly, if that was our belief system. Ant it will be one day. That is where we are going.

Humans will indeed fly one day, if we choose as a group consciousness to do so and believe it. Kind of like Michael Jordan. I have seen Michael Jordan with my own eyes defy the limits of what was thought possible. He pushed our beliefs in what is possible and after we saw it our consciousness was changed and then others started to hang in mid air.  Now it is common in our reality. Try and see the profoundness in this.

The engine that governs our magical illusionary reality allowed Michael Jordan to defy gravity. Just watch the films of him. There were games when everything Michale put in the air went in the hoop. He would sometimes astonish himself and look at the crowd as if to say “I am amazed myself.” His belief system was so sure he could do these things that he was allowed to do what he believed. Are we not always told from the moment of birth that we could do anything we wanted to do?

Humans with extraordinary (extra ordinary)  will have always been allowed to do what they believed. We called them superstars or larger than life figures. People like Michael Jackson, Pele, Martin Luther King, Gandhi, Reggie Jackson, Oprah, Richard Pryor, Charlie Chaplin, Kanye West, Bruce Jenner, Tiger woods, General Patton, Abraham, Moses, and the greatest of them all Yeshua(Jesus). They all stretched our beliefs of what we thought was possible.

What do they all have uncommon? Determination, unbreakable will and a believe that they could do what they set their minds to do, and they did. Where no other human had ever before did the things they did, they manifested the now moments that created the reality they experienced. The most important thing here is that they were allowed to do it. Reality will bend to our wills. It does it all the time. Maybe that is what is meant when it is said that God gave man dominion over all things.

This is how our reality is created to be used. We are allowed to experience anything we want to experience. But if we do not believe we can do amazing magical things, that wish too will be granted.

Our physical reality is illusionary and therefore is designed to allow us to experience what be believe and will into being. Once we all know this beyond the shadow of a doubt, the sky will be the limit. We will do magical things, from walking on water, to flying, and even teleportation.



Yeshua (Jesus) said ” all these things I do, so too will you do and more.” And what did he do? He healed the sick, rose the dead, turn water to wine, fed the masses with a few loaves of bread, walked on water, and returned from the grave. And he said you will do more. Yeshua is an amazing Spirit. Like we are. Sent as the Avatar for the Age of Pisces. Every Age, Earth is sent a special being to assist in our awakening process. Abraham, Moses, Buddha were all Avatars. The bible reveals a small portion of Yeshua’s (Jesus) story. Read the book Anna Grandmother of Jesus for a more complete story.

Yeshua’s job was to show what was possible. To incorporate some of the higher vibrations into our conscious awareness.  Help to wake us up from our voluntary slumber. We were only meant to sleep for a short while so we may experience things that could not be experienced in any other way other than to forget who we truly are.

So the plan was made to have someone incarnate as a human who actually remembered who he truly was. No veil of forgetfulness. No belief in limitations of any kind. Not even death. He told us amazing things and some chose to believe and some did not. Either way, our human consciousness benefited from a huge rise in vibration by his being here.  Much like Michael Jordan, in fact maybe a little more. His job was to show us more of what was possible. And he did it in a way that allowed free will. We could believe or not believe. Free choice is the most important rule of this Universe.

Things are getting easier and easier. We can travel the globe faster and faster. People are coming together more and more with the manifesting of tools like Twitter and Facebook. Everyone knows about Twitter and Facebook now. But 20 years ago they did not exist. More and more we are getting what we want. With Google, all answers are obtainable. Our magical era of peace and joy is happening now. It is guaranteed.


Vibrational alignment

The Universe loves us unconditionally. There is an element to reality I call “the Holy Spirit”. It’s that 95% of reality that you do not see, but its there. It is a very intelligent consciousness. Its main purpose is to make us happy by giving us more of what we are or what we focus on. This “Holy Spirit” decides what that next moment is for us.

For example, if we are happy and in joy, and feeling grateful in the moment, the holy spirit will guide us into the parallel reality, which already exists, that is most inline with our last moment of being in joy, happy and grateful. And in the ensuing moment to come, you will continue to get the appropriate amount of same. So in that sense, the Holy Spirit acts very much like a mirror.


Law of reflection

Think about that for a minute because it is very profound. If this is true, it never really serves us to focus on negativity, spilt milk, sadness, or anything for that matter that we do not want to experience; because the Holy Spirit reflects back to us, gives us more, of what we focus on. Whatever that may be.

Remember, everything  already exists. So anything possible. We simply arrive to the moment we tell the Holy Spirit we want to go. and it takes us there. Shifts us there in the next moment.

Right due to our level of consciousness, or our vibrational level, we may not see what we attract instantly, like say when Yeshua would turn water to wine etc. But they can and will one day be instantaneous again.

I myself have personally experienced some things I manifested in a couple of days, some in a couple of weeks, some in years, and even a few instantly. We all have. Haven’t you thought of someone and at the exact same time the phone rings and its them? Or something similar? We all have. We just were never conscious of how reality works. Now you will notice them more as they happen because the seed has been planted.


Bashar – narrative


What we focus on is who we are.

So it does make sense to think positive and just be happy, because what we focus on, we will get more of. Be happy, look away from negativity, look at things positively. Always see the silver lining. Always know that we are connected and loved by creation. Everything we experience is a reflection of what we focus on. All negativity on the planet will go away, once we allow it to.


My experience

Since I have remembered how creation really works, I have changed all the my old beliefs  and I have replaced them with new ones. I did this because the old ones no longer served me and the new ones do. I no longer lie, cheat, steal, judge worry, blame or have enemies, and my reality now reflects none of those things. If I see some, I am aware that it is only a reflection that is showing me what I am choosing.

Think about it, isn’t that the message Yeshua(Jesus) came to give us. Turn away from the negative thoughts, and focus on love and the positive thoughts? That this was the way.


What I have found is that when I have given everything, and I mean everything, a positive meaning, I have received a positive experience from it. I have found that there is a Holy Spirit that is reading my vibrational resonance and using that to create my next moment, create the reality around me. My life has totally changed and my experiences are much happier and more inline with what I truly want. Which is to be happy. There is no negativity in my life. It has all gone away. Its simple physics, the mirror allows us to experience what we are. We can not experience otherwise.


All those ancient sayings are correct.

You sow what you reap. And eye for an eye. As above so below. What you do to your brother, you do to yourself. What you put out is what you get back. What goes around comes around. Do onto others… etc. etc.

When you think about it, this is a very loving and fair system. One that loves you unconditionally and allows you free will to choose what you experience. God has really taken itself out of the equation, paradoxically. We all decide or choose what we experience and the Universe supports us unconditionally. Now we know why God is nowhere to be found, as is said. It is not needed. We are supposed to simply choose what we want to experience and we can not experience what we did not choose to experience.

Well what about all the poor people in the ghetto, they don’t have a choice. What about them?

The ones who remain believe that they are stuck there, and remember believing is choosing because the Holy Spirit gives us what we believe in. And those that believe they can leave and actually try, find that it is not that difficult to do so.

My mother is a prime example of this. We were raised in some serious ghetto conditions. First in Jamaica, then in Brooklyn New York. Time after time she believed we could and would get out and we did. She would miraculously get loans to do what she wanted to do.  It was like the Universe was helping us, and it was.There are no accidents. Just unconditional love from the Universe.


Vail of forgetfulness

We were all aware of this when we first came to play on Earth, but over the years (eons) and due to the fall of man, we have forgotten how this all worked. But we knew that would happen. It was part of the game. Now we are in the moment again where we are awakening to these truths. This is why you are reading these words.

We dived deep off the bridge of who we are, deep into the dark unknowns of forgetfulness. We experienced some new and interesting stuff, and now we are going to bounce back with an elastic like momentum, back into remembrance, back to our true self.


Anything is possible

Now as we awaken, and after reading this article, you should know that you can choose to experience anything you want. All you have to do is be of that vibration or focus on it and it will be given to you to experience 100% unconditionally. And there is nothing no one can do to stop you.

But they can harm or kill me can’t they?

If we have to ask then we do not believe 100%. How is the Holy Spirit going to give us everlasting life if we do not believe it? It is only a mirror. It can’t reflect what is not there.

We have been experiencing what we believed, that we are mortal. That life ends. That life is finite. But this will change. Because the answer to the question is no. No one can harm us or even kill us if we believe we will always be fine. It is divine law. If we can truly believe it, we can experience it due to the law of attraction and reflection. Not many rules to this game. The law of reflection is one of them. And unlike mans laws, the laws of creation can not be broken.

Don’t believe anything is possible? How about a people who were totally enslaved and controlled in a world where they were mostly hated and considered the least? It took them only a few hundred years to where one of their descendants were basically in charge of that world. I speak of President Obama of course. This was simply because they more and more decide to choose and believe that they would overcome, and they were supported 100%, unconditionally, by creation. And they did it, ironically enough, by tapping into the God based faith system of those that enslaved them.

Black slaves actually took to heart the teachings of Yeshua from the New Testament. Wow he is the way. They believed Yeshua and followed his way, and their belief and will manifested their reality in this illusionary hologram that is designed to give us anything we willed for. They willed to be free and was given it. This should be enough proof for most people.

The Universe sent the black slaves Avatars after Avatars. Like Harriet Tubman, Rosa Parks, The Black Panthers, The Nation of Islam, Hip Hop music, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, Hank Aaron, Jesse Owens, just to name a few. And that was just the black ones. There also were many white and Jewish people who supported equal rights among races. The point is they desire was supported.



What is prayer if not humans knowing that if they asked for something and had the faith of a mustard seed, they would get it?



Remember there are an infinite amount of realities, possibilities for us to choose from. This now moment is just one. And the illusionary linear line we are on seems to be getting better and better doesn’t it? Keep choosing what makes you the happiest and is in the best interest of all concerned, and watch where the next moments takes us.

If we can choose anything and be supported, why don’t we simply choose world peace? Abundant free energy for all? Free everything for all? Happiness and joy for all? After all, it is possible. Everything is possible..if you believe. Cue the Mariah Carey music.