Time is an illusion

And so we have shared the beliefs on how Physical Reality is an illusion. Wasn’t that exciting and cool? I’m sure it was. Now lets look at how our modern day scientist have to say about illusions in our reality.

Keep in mind that they are scientist, which means they have to see proof and run tests, and the information is based on the 5 senses only. Where as my information simply came from Angel and or 5th dimensional beings who simply gave humanity the information and I simply heard it and believed it. I consider things outside the 5 senses whereas scientists do not. This is the difference in our density of consciousness. Mine is more 4th density, and theirs is more 4th density. As The overall consciousness of humanity increases, these scientist, and all of humanity, will also consider things outside of the 5 senses. Earth humans are going from 3rd to 4th density consciousness.

The video’s below all show how science is catching up to the truths about reality being an illusion.

The Illusion of Time (A PBS Special)


Our 3D Universe is an Illusion

 A Thin Sheet Of Reality: The Universe as a Hologram



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