The Next Elected President of the United States Will Be Female

The Next President of the United States
The Next President of the United States

It’s been 5 years since this proclamation by Bashar and his people, that in the Fall of 2016, Everything Will Change. So what did happen in 2016, that we would eventually look back and say was responsible for all the positive changes to our world. Well from MY personal point of view, this is what happened: 

In the fall of 2016 there was a Presidential election in the United States. The United States is a very powerful nation, that at the time controlled much influence around the entire planet, to put it mildly. 

The winner of this election was a shock to many the morning after the election. I assure you I was shocked after I woke up and checked who won. It said Donald J. Trump is the new President. 🙂 Well how is this going to change everything, according to Bashar? Well again, with my eyes, which see much, here is what I put together; hold on to your hats.

The United States for a very long time was under the control of some very dark forces, call them what you want, they have many names like Illuminati, The Cabal etc. They controlled our politicians who were mainly puppets. They maintained their control over the entire planet using the Babylonian money system, where they were allowed to control the currency and print as much as they desire, money being mostly electronic now. And guess who audits the Federal Reserve? Nobody. So they had unlimited funds. 

They would have our military do all their dirty work and what happened is that, as the planet was awakening after The Earth entered the photon zone of space, these military commanders also started awakening, well they realized they were working for psychopathic individuals. And so they in secret formed an ALLIANCE, yes just like in Star Wars. And they grew in numbers and started working together to take down the dark forces. This matriculated into their biggest coup to date which was to commandeer the pawn candidate Donald J. Trump, who was working as a pawn for the dark forces, playing the bad cop to Hilary’s good cop. They made Donald THEIR candidate. They, the Alliance Military then went on to FIX the 2016 Presidential election of The United States so that they would have their man in power and can now make the necessary changes to “clean up the swamp,” as Donald Trump put it in his inaugural speech. 

Please note that most elections in the U.S. prior to this were also fixed. We did not vote in the Bush family 3 times into office. George Bush Senior was a former Director of the CIA, which was the highest office in the land prior to the coup; believe it or not. The Intelligentsia of the U.S. is above the law and did what ever they wanted. Fixing elections is like child’s play to them.

But all this has changed, The Alliance, are doing a great job so far. They initiated, in secret, many secret grand juries for thousands and thousands of key people who are pawns for the dark forces. They have made many arrests, some via military tribunals also. As of recent there were the arrest of a Mr. Jeffery Epstein who ran the Lolita island frequented by billionaires and politicians like Bill Clinton.

So what changed in the fall of 2016 is that the military of the United States took back the United States by a kind of silent coup, temporarily, so that they could initiate the necessary house cleaning, which continues 5 years later. This is why the mainstream media is doing everything it can to undermine Donald Trump and get him impeached, although all he has done is say some insensitive things publicly. 

The majority of Americans know absolutely nothing about this silent coup as they are conditioned ONLY to believe what comes from the mainstream media like CNN, CBS, ABC etc. FOX news is working with the alliance at this time it appears. In their not knowing all this, most of the world hates Donald Trump, even though he is technically, and literally, the symbol of their liberation and freedom. Again believe it or not.

This being said, Bashar and his people have also said in another event of theirs that the next elected president of the United States will be a woman. Notice they said elected, which we have not had in a long long while mind you. Of course they were not speaking of Hilary as she lost, this, in my opinion, was a reference to who the next ELECTED president of the U.S. will be in 2020. And we have many fine female candidates like Tulsi Gabbard, and my personal favorite Marianne Williamson.

Why do I favor Marianne? Because us having entered the photon belt, which is triggering our awakening, means we are entering the Golden Age of Aquarius. Meaning thousands of years of peace and love. Marianne Williamson is the only candidate who is a student and teacher of A Course In Miracles, which I am aware, but most are not, is the new teachings of Yeshua Ben Joseph, who most humans call Jesus Christ, but his real name is Yeshua Ben Joseph. Things like this are simple not reported on CNN, CBS ABC etc. Who else is fitted to sit in the white house during this time of the return of the Christed Consciousness, than a teacher of Christed Consciousness.

Remember this is just my opinion, what I see and feel. Bashar people were right about the fall of 2016 and I see no reason for them to be wrong about their new proclamation that The next elected President of the United States will be female. To me this is all very clear. But I am not a normal human, I am something else. 🙂

~Norman Love

Jordan Peterson is the Reincarnation of Rudolf Steiner

Jordan Peterson is Rudolf Steiner

Jordan Peterson is Rudolf Steiner Jordan Peterson is Rudolf Steiner

So….if you have been wondering who this Jordan Peterson is– well I am feeling that he is the reincarnation of Rudolf Steiner.

And of course your NEXT question  to me is, “why do you believe this is true Renata?” And that is a very valid question. I am an empath. I kind of have knowings about stuff. Are they correct who knows. That does not prevent me from still feeling that way right? Can I prove it, not yet; for right now I’m just sharing what I see and feel from what my reality is presenting.

I have made a crude layout of both of their images, side by side and they look very similar to ME. This is usually one of the tell tale signs that we are dealing with the same soul. Remember, even if a soul is in the body of another race or even gender, how we LOOK is based on how we feel inside about who we are. Remember this was the first clue that David Wilcox was the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce. They looked similar, especially in their youth, and they also both had like the same “theme” for their lives, which was sharing truth with humanity at the global level. They both supported the Universal timeline of ascension for humanity.

Is it obvious that they are the same soul? Depends on who you ask. Its obvious to me and many others, usually those in the light work field. But according to the head of the A.R.E, which is the organization that runs the Edgar Cayce Library, they are not accepting this.

So this likeness in appearance is the first thing that made me think that Jordan Peterson was Rudolf Steiner. You see, I had just watched this video BELOW, where Micheila Sheldan, a world renowned channeler of…just about anything, was channeling some information about a man named Rudolf Steiner. They just happen to be at the Rudolf Steiner house. I was not conscious about who this was as I was not familiar with him at all. And for some reason after listening to this being say that he was leaning towards coming back in another body, something made me want to google his image and learn more about him. After seeing Rudolf’s image, I IMMEDIATELY widened my eyes and dropped my jaw in surprise. My first thoughts were “this guy is Jordan Peterson.” I kept asking my guides if I was correct and they have been suspiciously quiet. They tend to do this when I am correct in a huge way. 🙂

So I got very excited about creating a comparison meme and so I opened GIMP and made the rapid, and crude, mock up meme you see here

Jordan Peterson is Rudolf Steiner

I didn’t go searching for images with the same poses. all these images are from the first page of images when searching for images of both men. The Universal timeline is making this easy and clear.

There is more!

And sure the story can stop here and we can all have a laugh and move on with our lives right?

Not exactly! There is more.

I see the connections between things, or rather I am gifted the ability to see the connections that my higher self wants me to see. I am given breadcrumbs and I have learned to follow them, or at least remember them for later, when they may become relevant.

You see, this dance with Jordan Peterson did not originate 20 minutes ago when I first became aware of Rudolf Steiner from Micheila Sheldon of AAETV. Noooooo, my first breadcrumb was on  April 28, 2018, four months ago, when I had woke up early one morning when I was feeling ill. I went to the chair in which I often practice my astral traveling. As I sat in my chair with my eyes closed, a vision slowly appeared in my 3rd eye. Before long I had unintentionally slipped into an astro travel, or out of body interdimensional travel;  consciously and lucidly, to what appeared to be the back yard of someone’s house. I was not too surprised as this is not out of the norm for me. There was a black male BBQ’ing at night. Then he shouted to someone in the tent behind him “he is here!” Out of the tent came this tall Caucasian male…forgive my use of racial descriptors, I often journal my dreams and I try to be as descriptive as possible so that I can later see the full picture of the dream. So I am not racist or anything :-)… so this tall male comes out of a white tent. It would not be much later, as you will see below, that I would find out that this man had the likeness of– Jordan Peterson.

He said “we know each other. We are friends.”

I did not recognize him so I asked “have we had lives together?” He said “yes, many.”

I asked him his name and he told me, but I could not hear his response, for some reason.  It was like I was not supposed to be told, in this space. He then turned around and walked away, back into the tent he emerged from. He had and entourage with him that kind of lagged behind, so I asked them “what was his name again?” and one of them answered with what I perceived to be “Jordan B.”   I was then back in my chair and the scene faded. I remember that I did google “Jordan B”, looking for the likeness of the man I saw, but I had no luck.

Then there was another breadcrumb later that very same day. I was on Facebook and one of my friend Nora Herold, who is a mighty channel for the Pleiadians, hence the synchronicity in the her name Herold. She was ranting and raving about a man named Jordan Peterson. This of course was synchronicity to me. Here I am looking for a “Jordan B” who went through a lot of trouble to reach out to me beyond time, space and dimensions to leave me a breadcrumb; and here I am the very same day on Facebook and one of my most Spiritually connected friends, Nora, is ranting about someone named Jordan P. So of course I had to follow up right? 🙂

I googled the name Jordan Peterson and saw that he was indeed the likeness of the man that I had seen earlier that morning in my astral traveling. He was also tall and lanky like the guy. In my mind I had connected the breadcrumbs.

I would like to say that I then spent some time studying Jordan Peterson and his videos and learning his message, but that is not what happened. What happened was that I watched about 5 minutes of one of his videos and I applied judgment on him and decided that this guy has nothing that I am interested in learning. Not bad, I just was not feeling his message as having anything to do with my path. I just didn’t get why his higher self visited me from the astral realms. I was perplexed at why my higher self wanted me to pay any attention to this guy. This was right about the time that Jordan was on the news in the U.S. a lot and was becoming controversial. Much like our turn of the century friend Rudolf Steiner, whose detractors included a young and upcoming Adolf Hitler himself. So both Jordan and Rudolf appeared to have “similar” life paths; Bringing in a new teaching, at a large scale, on a planetary level. Some people would dig it, some would not.

So bread crumb 1 was when I had the astral travel meeting. Crumb 2 was when I connected Jordan Peterson to my “Jordan B” due to their likeness and synchronicity with Nora Herold’s post. Breadcrumb 3 was when I was listening to the below video where Micheila Sheldan is channeling at the Rudolf Steiner house, which Is no accident I assure you; and she is asked about Rudolf Steiner and the man himself mentions that he is planning to comeback in another body with a new spin on his message. Now I did not know this was the 3rd breadcrumb until I googled Rudolf’s image and to my surprise I see Jordan Peterson. That’s the 3rd crumb.

That crumb lead me to create the comparison meme; and as soon as I finished that meme I was then inspired to write about the other 2 breadcrumbs and share them, in order to give a deeper understanding as to why I am under the strong belief that Jordan Peterson is the reincarnation of Rudolf Steiner.

Now, what is interesting is that Rudolf Steiner DID bring a message of “what a FREE society looks like” etc. And we ARE entering the Golden Age where we WILL become a free society, as per Universal Source decree; so it could be that, somehow, this all means that Jordan Peterson may somehow play a role on that front. This would be my guess. For the record, I am not a fan nor foe of Jordan’s message, as it currently stands; even though we may be friends in other lifetimes. I just dont see anything relative to the higher dimensional areas that is my playground.

And so finally, here is the video of Micheila Sheldan’s beautiful channel; I spend a lot of time these days, watching her videos. This is my playground. 🙂 I start the video just as she is asked about Rudolf Steiner, but feel free to watch the entire video afterwards as her work is the best out there right now, in my humble opinion. Her info, and her organization, the AAE, are in line with the Universal timeline, which is the ascension timeline for humanity. The Universal timeline is from the decree of The Creator itself. When we are inline with this Universal timeline, we have a lot of support and success.

I want to highlight here that ALL 3 breadcrumbs that has lead to my reincarnation theory, ALL came from very spiritual connections. #1 was from me astro traveling; #2 was from Nora Herold, channel to the Pleiadians; and Micheila Sheldan, a powerful channel for the Council of 12. This was all orchestrated so that I could connect the dots and announce that Jordan Peterson is the reincarnation of Rudolf Steiner.

My guess is that Jordan Peterson needs to see this. And us being “friends,” in the higher realms, I had agreed to bring this info through and into this awareness. Maybe the idea is to get Jordan to adopt a more “unified message.” From a more spiritual approach. If I had one thing to say to him in that respect it would be to read the book “Journey Of Souls” by Michael P. Newton Phd. It’s how I would begin his spiritual training. I would also say to him:

“Jordan, you are an eternal Spirit having a human experience. You are an Ascended Master. Time to put aside this human game for a while and remember who you truly are and why you are here. We are all veiled upon entering this Earth Game, but we can all wake up; just like Neo woke up in the Matrix. With your Ascended Master abilities, whatever you attempt will be successful. Imagine if you focused on world Peace and freeing the planet? A unified planet.”

So that’s what finally lead me to creating the reincarnation meme, and how it all started. I feel complete having shared this story. I felt strongly guided to write this now, and I did. But now that it is done, I am feeling empathically, which means I can’t explain why I feel this way, but I am feeling that there will be a 4th breadcrumb. Who knows where it may lead. When I see it I will share it here; So…

Stay tuned to this bat channel! 🙂

Remember that we are love incarnate.

A thousand Blessings everyone.


  1. I was posting this article to Twitter and thought to mention Jordan’s twitter handle so he may see it, and found out that his middle initial is indeed B. 🙂
  2. Feb 3, 2019. After the comment from a reader of this post, I was lead to the site where I was able to find out that there is more “proof” that Jordan Peterson and Rudolf Steiner are the same souls, they both were STRONG proponents of “Free speech for the individual.” Something I was unaware of because I know very little about each person. Below are the 2 videos, made by a person who is totally independent of me. They speak for themselves in also showing a connection.

3. UPDATE: The 4th breadcrumb has presented itself. Today August 9th, 2019, which is in the middle of the Galactic New Year known as the Lions Gate. An astrological time of abundance. Which leaves no surprise to anyone that this 4th breadcrumb comes in the form of…wait for it….astrological evidence of a connection. I received a new comment on this post from a man who indicates that he too was inspired, separately, by the Universe, to look into the question is RS the incarnation of JP? And he also came to the conclusion that the answer is yes. He studied the astrological Birth and death chart of RS and the Birth chart of JP and found connections. Here is the PDF he wrote about his findings. Thank you Glen Atkinson for reaching out to me and sharing your findings. 🙂

4. Also on August 09, 2019, I had an empathic sensing that this is all leading up to the culminating  event that will be that Jordan B. Peterson will have an awakening and remember his life as Rudolf Steiner. Fully and completely. JP will then go on to be a force to be reckoned with as he spearheads the reincarnation movement like no one has done before. His message will be heard far and wide by the human masses around the globe. Convincing many about the eternal nature of the soul and their own Divine nature. Which is all Rudolf Steiner ever really wanted and more than he could have ever expected to accomplish in his lifetime. Which would explain why he may have been so disappointed in not accomplishing this in his life time. A feat that will bring him much joy having accomplished it in this lifetime, as Jordan B. Peterson. Bless Sings.

Our Sun Is No Longer Yellow!

Our Sun Is no longer Yellow!

Humanity is undergoing an ascension of consciousness, as outlined by the Mayans.

Who said, basically, “the old world would come to an end.” And many assumed it meant the end of the planet. Just like some see the word Apocalypse as having a negative cogitation, when in fact it does not. In actuality we are now seeing that what the Mighty Mayans actually were referring to was that there would be an ascension of consciousness for humanity as a whole. Yes there were a lot of predetermined expectations of death and destruction etc. surrounding the the date December 21st, 2012, but none of that really happened. What DID happen was this:

Instructions from the Sun

Our star, Sol, started to heat up and burn hotter. It transformed from a yellow dwarf star to a radiant white star. If you Google and research images of our Sun you will see a lot of yellow and orange depictions. This is because our star was actually yellow in appearance at one time. It was and is still formally and informally classified as a yellow dwarf star in may text books, publications and we can see so here on wikipedia.

I can remember seeing our yellow sun with my own eyes when I was a youth back in the 70’s and 80’s. It has been a yellow dwarf star for many thousand of years. It was not until about 10 years ago when I started personally becoming aware that the sun was no longer yellow. That NOW, during the New Age of Aquarius, in this time of ascension, it has heated up. It is burning much hotter, and is now radiant white in appearance.

Not Newsworthy

I myself think that this is a fairly important occurrence and maybe, just maybe, we should be talking about it. But apparently CNN does not consider this news and have never done a story on this. The so called best journalists around the world who work for the BBC, CNN, Washington Post and Daily news etc. Have not seen that there is a story here yet. How lucky for me then, I get to be the one to have the exclusive. 😉

News flash!  Our sun has heated up and has changed color!

How do we know that it has heated up? Well, the color has changed which fire does do as it temperature increases. Everything in our solar system has heated up has it not? The temperature on Earth is heating up isn’t it? Yes, man and its immature use of fossil fuel and its emissions have surely sped up the process a bit, but we are assured by higher dimension being like Bashar and Adronis that even without humanity’s industrial and transportational recklessness, the solar system would still be heating up. Because our star has.

What other signs that our solar system has gotten hotter have we seen? Pluto! Remember Pluto the ICE planet. It became so small that we were having discussions of whether it is a planet or not. Those discussions were calculated, and designed to avoid the topic of WHY Pluto was getting smaller. Someone did not want Humanity to become aware of how Sol, or star, was heating up. Maybe the same people who seem to control our expert media. 🙂

That would give credence to the New Age Spirituality movement, which would lead to questions and answers about who The Creator really is and who we truly are, and it was decided that this topic would dis-empower those who feel Earth is their planet. We are talking about humans who we have given our power over to in the form of “governments,” and who are out of integrity. They would rather we argue endlessly over “climate change” than know the truth behind where the heat is actually coming from.

Our Star Was a Yellow Dwarf, not anymore

Here is a link to a Google Images search for the word SUN:

You will notice that you see a lot of Yellow depictions of the star of our solar system. Our Sun. Why is that? For thousand of years man has depicted our sun as being Yellowish in color…because that is what they saw. Look at the illustrations and art that is in our museums. Yellow or yellowish suns. Much like these shown below.

Our Sun Is no longer Yellow!

Remember What Gave Superman His Strength?

Our YELLOW sun! In the story, Superman’s home planet of Krypton has a red sun whose intensity is of a lower frequency that our Yellow sun of Earth. So since Superman was born under the weaker star, here under our stronger yellow sun, he is much stronger. The story is told this way because at the time the story was written by DC comics, our sun WAS yellow. It was a Yellow Dwarf Star, as outlined in all our textbooks.

So if a yellow star is stronger frequentially than a red star, then imagine how much stronger a white star is in frequency. Imagine what it means to humanity, that our star is now increasing in frequency and turning white. Will that turn us into Supermen with increased abilities? 🙂

What Color Do You See Now?

Now go outside, on a sunny clear day and feast upon the star of our solar system with your very own eyes. Now ask your self “what color is this star?” You will most likely agree with me that it is a radiant white star. Absolutely no yellow at all. And we know that a WHITE flame burns much hotter that a yellow flame right?

So our solar system is heating up. Because our Star, Sol, is burning much hotter.

Now For Some Science

As plant life and foliage seem to take their instruction from the sun, so too does everything in our star system take instructions from our star, Sol. And Sol has been coordinating, manifesting an increase in consciousness for our entire solar system. It has been doing so by burning brighter and transmitting its radiance at a much higher frequency. This has had some phenomenal results like:

Raising the Schumann Resonance frequency of the planet Earth. It used to be around 7.8 Hz (think yellow sun), but now it now ever increasing and went through the range of 12-15 Hz, and as of this writing it is way above 30 Hz.

Here is a definition of Schumann Resonance that I like and took from the site

The Schumann resonances are oscillating magnetic frequencies that happen in the Earth’s electromagnetic spectrum. They are said to be generated by electromagnetic changes that happen within the earth’s core, that then affect the earth’s surface, and ionosphere, including the sentient beings living upon it.

What that means is that our star, Sol, an intelligent conscious being, has decided that it is time for humanity to ascend in consciousness to the next higher level. So it raises its own vibration and emits this much higher frequency to all its planets and their inhabitants, causing the core of the planets to spin faster, producing more heat and therefore heating up the planets. At the same time this changes the oscillating frequency that the planet’s electronics vibrate to. Its frequency, its heartbeat raises. And as planetary frequential resonance increases, humanity’s consciousness, somehow also increases; since our consciousness is also simply just a frequential resonance itself. Everything in our Universe breaks down to resonance.

Its all sound. “In the beginning there was the Word…” a sound.

All matter vibrates. Everything is resonating at a frequency. Even a steel table at the atomic level is resonating, vibrating. The solidity of matter is a pure illusion.

And the mighty Mayans knew all this. Saw all this coming. The world as we knew it would end. Because the world as we know it, meaning the world of politics, money, classes, sects, governments and secrets, was created with this “lower” level of consciousness. And as they knew that we would be increasing in consciousness, thanks to our sun, the Mayans also knew that this NEW consciousness would cause us to change everything.


All Will Be Revealed In The End

We are told and we can see, that this new higher frequential consciousness will make humanity a more loving, more compassionate race of beings. It is said that in the New Age of Aquarius all the secrets will be revealed. Are we not seeing ALL the secrets slowly being revealed? Isn’t there a light now being shed on the most secretive and destructive agencies on the planet? Do you think that humanity will allow things to be “business as usual?” Of course not. Everything will change. The Mayans were right.

What is the final book in the bible? Revelations right? Here is the definition of the word Revelation according to I have changed nothing:


  1. The act of revealing or disclosing; disclosure.
  2. Something revealed or disclosed, especially a striking disclosure, as of something not before realized.
  3. In theology. God’s disclosure of Himself and His will to His creatures.
    an instance of such communication or disclosure.
    something thus communicated or disclosed.
    something that contains such disclosure, as the Bible.
  4. 4.(initial capital letter). Also called Revelations, The Revelation of St. John the Divine. the last book in the New Testament; the Apocalypse.
    Abbreviation: Rev.

So we see that the word revelations mean that there will be disclosing or disclosure. Something not before realized. And maybe Gods will for his creatures(that’s humanity). And we also see that the book of revelations is also know as the Apocalypse.


What a dreadfully scary word huh? Or so we have been led to believe. Mind controlled to believe. When a child or an adult for that matter watches even the trailer to one of these  films, they are left with the belief that the word Apocalypse is a very unwanted scenario. If you believe that the word Apocalypse has a negative connotation, congratulations, you have been a victim of mind control. Weaponized mind control, courtesy of your local secret intelligence branch. And tax payer funded.


Lets observe the true meaning of the word Apocalypse. The original meaning of the word goes back to the Ancient Greek which actually means…The lifting of the veil.

Here again is exactly what’s says:

  1. (initial capital letter) revelation (def 4).
  2. Any of a class of Jewish or Christian writings that appeared from about 200 b.c. to a.d. 350 and were assumed to make revelations of the ultimate divine purpose.
  3. prophetic revelation, especially concerning a cataclysm in which the forces of good permanently triumph over the forces of evil.
Wow! It says that the word Apocalypse is firstly synonymous with the word revelation. Or disclosure. It also refers to a group of ancient writings that are assumed to reveal the ultimate divine purpose. Sounds like something good about our nature is going to be revealed. And finally it says that Apocalypse means a “cataclysm” in which GOOD PERMANENTLY TRIUMPS over evil. I am Ok with that, are you?
So there will be a lot of unknowns revealed to humanity, at the “end.” And we know from the Mayans that the old word did end on December 21st 2012, and since then we HAVE been seeing much revealed haven’t we?

We are seeing whistle blowers after whistle blowers now who are not only telling us all the secrets that were kept hidden from us, These whistle blowers all seem to be under some kind of magical protection from harm. Thank the Creator for that right? Its almost like this ascension process is somehow ordained by some higher divine plan. It appears that the Apocalypse is upon is now. We just have to realize (real eyes) that its a good thing. Sure its a bad thing if you are evil, it means you are “about to be triumphed.”


There can sometime be miunderstandings, through mind control etc. So lets look at the definition of a whistleblower shall we?

person who informs on another or makes public disclosure of corruption or wrongdoing.

All our whistle blowers, of late, appear to be more and more being protected and are fine; compared to years ago. One would be too afraid to go up against the powers of a world government like the United States. You would be silenced quick fast and in a hurry. But now there is a new pattern where we see that there is a divine protection around those who bring to the light what our out of integrity human government is doing in the dark. Almost like something has awakened something in the heart of humanity.

Julienne Assad of wikileaks. He is safe and allowed to continue his “divine” revelations and bring forth the information that is of service to the whole via his organization We, humanity that has already been awoken, love his work and thank him and will continue to support him, as he supports us. He is receiving and will continue to receive protection from Ecuador, whose indigenous people go back over 11,000 years to when the mighty Mayans themselves walked the Earth.

Julienne against seemingly incredible odds continue to reveal the truth to humanity, as a TRUE journalist is allowed to do. Even though he has been threatened with the wrath of the most dangerous government on planet Earth, he remains alive and well and unstopped. He is protected as he is an agent of the divine forces overseeing the ascension process. He is now even dating Pamela Anderson. 🙂

Edward Snowden, who has worked for the NSA and CIA and knew the inner workings and these secret orginizations, saw the injustice and did his duty as he was guided by his inner voice. He revealed much truth about the lies and illegal actions of this same United States of America.

Revealed, via the State Dept. Cables, how the USA would shake hands with their “allies” with one hand and at the same time stab their allies in the back.This revelation caused a lot of USA “allies” to see the true picture and make wiser decisions. This revelation led to the strengthening of the BRICS union, an alliance which will eventually replace the powerful union which was that of the USA and the European union. It also lead to many geo political moves like Brexit. A lot has changed due to the Snowden revelations, and much of it may have not been easily seen by the average person, due to a lack of reporting from the “main media” who do not appear to consider this news. 🙂

Edward Snowden remains safe and happy with his girlfriend and living under asylum in Russia.

Corey Goode

Now Corey Goode is my favorite whistle blower of them all. I would guess that even Edward Snowden is not yet aware of him. No one who cares about legitimacy in the “public eye” seems to be uttering Corey’s name, at least in public.

You see, Corey is revealing COSMIC DISCLOSURE and was a member of the Secret Space Program. He has a lot of information out there where is speaking about things like how humans have colonized Mars since the 60’s and how they are slave like colonies on Mars ran and controlled by the same contractors that are used by the CIA here on Earth. This is one of the huge things humanity has to see and incorporate and process, and many are simply not ready yet.

Corey, like the other 2 major whistle blowers, is also not in jail and heavily protected by divine will. If you are not familiar with Corey Goode and his information that he is revealing about our secret space program, you can be brought up to speed real fast by watching the show he has with David Wilcox, called Cosmic Disclosure, which is on This link uses Corey’s affiliate code so he gets credit when you go to 🙂

You can watch the first 3 episodes of season 1 there for free without signing up for anything. I would also recommend episode 7 of season one as that was a jaw dropper for me as it introduced into my consciousness the idea of the “German Breakaway Society” that later took over the United States of America. It explains a lot. Why American politicians can give a shit about Americans etc.

Corey’s information is for mature individuals that are ready to take the red pill, like in the movie The Matrix. You need to have your big boy pants on to accept his stuff. It is OK if you are not ready. 🙂

Corey Goode is also alive and well and lives with his family, safely in Houston, TX. These whistle blowers can not be harmed and are here to facilitate the ascension of planet Earth, through their revelations, and by divine dispensation.

Even if you check out Corey’s info and you do not believe it, you have to ask yourself, why is it that no one in the “main media” is covering this stuff. Think about it, don’t you see them covering all the athletes who claim that the Earth is flat? You will not see one word mentioning Corey Goode’s information in any Major publication, but he has been on most alternative media and all over Youtube though, go figure.

Here is a list of a lot of whistle blowers helping with the divine revelations that still continues. It started a long long time ago and will continue until ALL is revealed and known by the masses. So please support your local whistle blower and thank THEM for their service.

As you can see it is all connected. The Mayans, our star heating up, prophesied revelations, and our whistle blowers being protected and even allowed to continue revealing, and working unharmed. All seem to be part of a divine undertaking, as predicted by the Mayans. Everything is changing. And we can see from where all the changes originated. All we have to do is look up on a clear day and see that our sun is no longer a yellow dwarf star. It is a now a brilliant white star.


This info is released to the public domain and can be shared, copied and distributed freely. 



Chris Rock & Robert E. Lee Connection?

Chris Rock is General Robert E. Lee?

Knowing that I have the ability to recall my astral travels, my guides will often answer my questions in the Astral world or dream space at night.

Well unless I am mistaken, the things I saw in the Astral world last night, AKA “dreams,” wound indicate that Chris Rock comes from an Oversoul who also has a life-stream, AKA past life” as General Robert E. Lee.

Chris Rock is General Robert E. Lee?What I saw was myself standing with Chris Rock on a court, maybe a tennis court, and there was a bunch of us and we were all black, as Chris and I both are this lifetime. And we were playing a game, maybe baseball. People were running around the bases ET AL, and I was a catcher maybe and I was worrying that the ball may come my way and I would have to catch it.

Then someone fired or shot something into the air and I saw it land about 500 yards or so ahead in the woods. It landed with a fiery blast. I saw flames as it hit, kind of like a mortar would do as it hit the ground and explodes. Then a bunch of us had to run and retrieve or find the ball so we could continue playing maybe. I was with Chris Rock as we went to retrieve it. On the way, we saw someone on our side who was returning and saying that he could not find the ball.

So we went back or retreated. And when we were back on the court there was some of us who were still talking about it and we were not happy with leaving the ball out there, so we decided to go look for it. We went and searched in an area where I felt it landed. I found the hole and it was slightly larger than normal. Maybe 3 or four times the size of one of those light green tennis balls. It was still warm from the warm Earth from where it landed. I told everyone and we ran back to the court.

In a later scene I saw that me and Chris Rock went to a fence and he was talking to me about something and soon afterwards there was what seemed like a civil war reenactment scene. Or that is what I thought it was. I was just observing now. I saw Chris Rock in a uniform, maybe grey, and he was like a judge that watches the battle and does not take part but makes sure the rules were followed and reports his finding. I saw men in darker uniforms with rifles with bayonets pretending to stab the enemy guys with their bayonets. Chris Rock was running around observing and being kind of animated and comedic as he watched the action. That’s all I can remember.

As I woke, I remembered that a few days earlier I had observed that Chris Rock had a very interesting demeanor, and I wondered who he was in a past life to make him like he is. I pondered that to have a life where you are bringing so much joy to the masses and having such a fun and easy life, has to be in order to balance a life that was as equally hard and on a similar national level where everyone on the planet at the time knew your name. So it seems, as often is the case, that my question was being answered in my astral sojourns. AKA my dreams.

Also before the dream, I did notice that Chris Rock, although a person born in a very Afrocentric environment in New York, like myself, is very well spoken and has Caucasian mannerism, again as do I. Meaning, we crossover well. Something that would be natural for a soul in a black body who was also drawing from experiences, and therefore balancing, another life-stream that was in a Caucasian body.

I believe it is a natural technique for creation to balance itself this way. I am aware of a lifetime that I have had as a colonel in the Confederate Army during the civil war and so I would have had experiences with General Robert E. Lee as I would have served under him during that life-stream.