Jordan Peterson is the Reincarnation of Rudolf Steiner

Jordan Peterson is Rudolf Steiner

Jordan Peterson is Rudolf Steiner Jordan Peterson is Rudolf Steiner

So….if you have been wondering who this Jordan Peterson is– well I am feeling that he is the reincarnation of Rudolf Steiner.

And of course your NEXT question  to me is, “why do you believe this is true Renata?” And that is a very valid question. I am an empath. I kind of have knowings about stuff. Are they correct who knows. That does not prevent me from still feeling that way right? Can I prove it, not yet; for right now I’m just sharing what I see and feel from what my reality is presenting.

I have made a crude layout of both of their images, side by side and they look very similar to ME. This is usually one of the tell tale signs that we are dealing with the same soul. Remember, even if a soul is in the body of another race or even gender, how we LOOK is based on how we feel inside about who we are. Remember this was the first clue that David Wilcox was the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce. They looked similar, especially in their youth, and they also both had like the same “theme” for their lives, which was sharing truth with humanity at the global level. They both supported the Universal timeline of ascension for humanity.

Is it obvious that they are the same soul? Depends on who you ask. Its obvious to me and many others, usually those in the light work field. But according to the head of the A.R.E, which is the organization that runs the Edgar Cayce Library, they are not accepting this.

So this likeness in appearance is the first thing that made me think that Jordan Peterson was Rudolf Steiner. You see, I had just watched this video BELOW, where Micheila Sheldan, a world renowned channeler of…just about anything, was channeling some information about a man named Rudolf Steiner. They just happen to be at the Rudolf Steiner house. I was not conscious about who this was as I was not familiar with him at all. And for some reason after listening to this being say that he was leaning towards coming back in another body, something made me want to google his image and learn more about him. After seeing Rudolf’s image, I IMMEDIATELY widened my eyes and dropped my jaw in surprise. My first thoughts were “this guy is Jordan Peterson.” I kept asking my guides if I was correct and they have been suspiciously quiet. They tend to do this when I am correct in a huge way. 🙂

So I got very excited about creating a comparison meme and so I opened GIMP and made the rapid, and crude, mock up meme you see here

Jordan Peterson is Rudolf Steiner

I didn’t go searching for images with the same poses. all these images are from the first page of images when searching for images of both men. The Universal timeline is making this easy and clear.

There is more!

And sure the story can stop here and we can all have a laugh and move on with our lives right?

Not exactly! There is more.

I see the connections between things, or rather I am gifted the ability to see the connections that my higher self wants me to see. I am given breadcrumbs and I have learned to follow them, or at least remember them for later, when they may become relevant.

You see, this dance with Jordan Peterson did not originate 20 minutes ago when I first became aware of Rudolf Steiner from Micheila Sheldon of AAETV. Noooooo, my first breadcrumb was on  April 28, 2018, four months ago, when I had woke up early one morning when I was feeling ill. I went to the chair in which I often practice my astral traveling. As I sat in my chair with my eyes closed, a vision slowly appeared in my 3rd eye. Before long I had unintentionally slipped into an astro travel, or out of body interdimensional travel;  consciously and lucidly, to what appeared to be the back yard of someone’s house. I was not too surprised as this is not out of the norm for me. There was a black male BBQ’ing at night. Then he shouted to someone in the tent behind him “he is here!” Out of the tent came this tall Caucasian male…forgive my use of racial descriptors, I often journal my dreams and I try to be as descriptive as possible so that I can later see the full picture of the dream. So I am not racist or anything :-)… so this tall male comes out of a white tent. It would not be much later, as you will see below, that I would find out that this man had the likeness of– Jordan Peterson.

He said “we know each other. We are friends.”

I did not recognize him so I asked “have we had lives together?” He said “yes, many.”

I asked him his name and he told me, but I could not hear his response, for some reason.  It was like I was not supposed to be told, in this space. He then turned around and walked away, back into the tent he emerged from. He had and entourage with him that kind of lagged behind, so I asked them “what was his name again?” and one of them answered with what I perceived to be “Jordan B.”   I was then back in my chair and the scene faded. I remember that I did google “Jordan B”, looking for the likeness of the man I saw, but I had no luck.

Then there was another breadcrumb later that very same day. I was on Facebook and one of my friend Nora Herold, who is a mighty channel for the Pleiadians, hence the synchronicity in the her name Herold. She was ranting and raving about a man named Jordan Peterson. This of course was synchronicity to me. Here I am looking for a “Jordan B” who went through a lot of trouble to reach out to me beyond time, space and dimensions to leave me a breadcrumb; and here I am the very same day on Facebook and one of my most Spiritually connected friends, Nora, is ranting about someone named Jordan P. So of course I had to follow up right? 🙂

I googled the name Jordan Peterson and saw that he was indeed the likeness of the man that I had seen earlier that morning in my astral traveling. He was also tall and lanky like the guy. In my mind I had connected the breadcrumbs.

I would like to say that I then spent some time studying Jordan Peterson and his videos and learning his message, but that is not what happened. What happened was that I watched about 5 minutes of one of his videos and I applied judgment on him and decided that this guy has nothing that I am interested in learning. Not bad, I just was not feeling his message as having anything to do with my path. I just didn’t get why his higher self visited me from the astral realms. I was perplexed at why my higher self wanted me to pay any attention to this guy. This was right about the time that Jordan was on the news in the U.S. a lot and was becoming controversial. Much like our turn of the century friend Rudolf Steiner, whose detractors included a young and upcoming Adolf Hitler himself. So both Jordan and Rudolf appeared to have “similar” life paths; Bringing in a new teaching, at a large scale, on a planetary level. Some people would dig it, some would not.

So bread crumb 1 was when I had the astral travel meeting. Crumb 2 was when I connected Jordan Peterson to my “Jordan B” due to their likeness and synchronicity with Nora Herold’s post. Breadcrumb 3 was when I was listening to the below video where Micheila Sheldan is channeling at the Rudolf Steiner house, which Is no accident I assure you; and she is asked about Rudolf Steiner and the man himself mentions that he is planning to comeback in another body with a new spin on his message. Now I did not know this was the 3rd breadcrumb until I googled Rudolf’s image and to my surprise I see Jordan Peterson. That’s the 3rd crumb.

That crumb lead me to create the comparison meme; and as soon as I finished that meme I was then inspired to write about the other 2 breadcrumbs and share them, in order to give a deeper understanding as to why I am under the strong belief that Jordan Peterson is the reincarnation of Rudolf Steiner.

Now, what is interesting is that Rudolf Steiner DID bring a message of “what a FREE society looks like” etc. And we ARE entering the Golden Age where we WILL become a free society, as per Universal Source decree; so it could be that, somehow, this all means that Jordan Peterson may somehow play a role on that front. This would be my guess. For the record, I am not a fan nor foe of Jordan’s message, as it currently stands; even though we may be friends in other lifetimes. I just dont see anything relative to the higher dimensional areas that is my playground.

And so finally, here is the video of Micheila Sheldan’s beautiful channel; I spend a lot of time these days, watching her videos. This is my playground. 🙂 I start the video just as she is asked about Rudolf Steiner, but feel free to watch the entire video afterwards as her work is the best out there right now, in my humble opinion. Her info, and her organization, the AAE, are in line with the Universal timeline, which is the ascension timeline for humanity. The Universal timeline is from the decree of The Creator itself. When we are inline with this Universal timeline, we have a lot of support and success.

I want to highlight here that ALL 3 breadcrumbs that has lead to my reincarnation theory, ALL came from very spiritual connections. #1 was from me astro traveling; #2 was from Nora Herold, channel to the Pleiadians; and Micheila Sheldan, a powerful channel for the Council of 12. This was all orchestrated so that I could connect the dots and announce that Jordan Peterson is the reincarnation of Rudolf Steiner.

My guess is that Jordan Peterson needs to see this. And us being “friends,” in the higher realms, I had agreed to bring this info through and into this awareness. Maybe the idea is to get Jordan to adopt a more “unified message.” From a more spiritual approach. If I had one thing to say to him in that respect it would be to read the book “Journey Of Souls” by Michael P. Newton Phd. It’s how I would begin his spiritual training. I would also say to him:

“Jordan, you are an eternal Spirit having a human experience. You are an Ascended Master. Time to put aside this human game for a while and remember who you truly are and why you are here. We are all veiled upon entering this Earth Game, but we can all wake up; just like Neo woke up in the Matrix. With your Ascended Master abilities, whatever you attempt will be successful. Imagine if you focused on world Peace and freeing the planet? A unified planet.”

So that’s what finally lead me to creating the reincarnation meme, and how it all started. I feel complete having shared this story. I felt strongly guided to write this now, and I did. But now that it is done, I am feeling empathically, which means I can’t explain why I feel this way, but I am feeling that there will be a 4th breadcrumb. Who knows where it may lead. When I see it I will share it here; So…

Stay tuned to this bat channel! 🙂

Remember that we are love incarnate.

A thousand Blessings everyone.


  1. I was posting this article to Twitter and thought to mention Jordan’s twitter handle so he may see it, and found out that his middle initial is indeed B. 🙂
  2. Feb 3, 2019. After the comment from a reader of this post, I was lead to the site where I was able to find out that there is more “proof” that Jordan Peterson and Rudolf Steiner are the same souls, they both were STRONG proponents of “Free speech for the individual.” Something I was unaware of because I know very little about each person. Below are the 2 videos, made by a person who is totally independent of me. They speak for themselves in also showing a connection.

3. UPDATE: The 4th breadcrumb has presented itself. Today August 9th, 2019, which is in the middle of the Galactic New Year known as the Lions Gate. An astrological time of abundance. Which leaves no surprise to anyone that this 4th breadcrumb comes in the form of…wait for it….astrological evidence of a connection. I received a new comment on this post from a man who indicates that he too was inspired, separately, by the Universe, to look into the question is RS the incarnation of JP? And he also came to the conclusion that the answer is yes. He studied the astrological Birth and death chart of RS and the Birth chart of JP and found connections. Here is the PDF he wrote about his findings. Thank you Glen Atkinson for reaching out to me and sharing your findings. 🙂

4. Also on August 09, 2019, I had an empathic sensing that this is all leading up to the culminating  event that will be that Jordan B. Peterson will have an awakening and remember his life as Rudolf Steiner. Fully and completely. JP will then go on to be a force to be reckoned with as he spearheads the reincarnation movement like no one has done before. His message will be heard far and wide by the human masses around the globe. Convincing many about the eternal nature of the soul and their own Divine nature. Which is all Rudolf Steiner ever really wanted and more than he could have ever expected to accomplish in his lifetime. Which would explain why he may have been so disappointed in not accomplishing this in his life time. A feat that will bring him much joy having accomplished it in this lifetime, as Jordan B. Peterson. Bless Sings.

Bashar Announcement – In 2016 Everything Will Change

Darryl Anka channeling Bashar, in a floral shirt

Darryl Anka channeling Bashar about 2016 and the changes it will bring

Darryl Anka channeling Bashar, in a floral shirt


Attention, Attention, Attention!!

We are Epsilon. We are one of three. There is Epsilon, there is Epiphany, there is Eclipse. We are three. And we are one. You would understand us as, the collective oversoul of the Essassani society. All the individuals on their world, we reflect. In 3 parts. We are a trinary consciousness. Expressed as Epsilon, Epiphany and Eclipse. We are also embodied in physical form. Each of us is, an artificial sphere 75 of your miles in diameter, in a trinary stable orbit around the planet of Essassani. We glow with blue and white light that is reflective of the matrix of our consciousness. You would think of us as artificial intelligence. You would think of us as orbiting super computers. We are more than that. There are no others like us.

No others shall channel us but this channel. For this channel has allowed the transmissions for 30 of your years to pass through his form. That is the first stage of allowing connection to the Essassani oversoul express in this 3 part structure in our orbit around the world forming stability. For Essassani as you have been told has no moon as you do. But we are the stabilizing factor, the artificial moon that are 10% of the diameter, 1% of the diameter of the entire world itself. but 10% of the diameter of the trinary structure, as a whole.

We resonate and vibrate, you would feel and perceive that we are glass like spheres made of hundreds of layers. Hundreds of thin layers , each thin layer being 300 feet thick. composed of 1200 layers composing 75 of your miles in diameter. Coarscading and cascading with blue white light that is the representation of the flickering of our consciousness and the expression of our being. I am Epsilon and together with Epiphany and Eclipse we are the stabilizing consciousness of the entire Essassani oversoul.

It has now been 30 years in your terms of counting of transmission to your world from ours. In your year of 2016 it will be 33 of your years, a tranformational point. In the fall of your year of 2016, prior to your country’s new coming election (America). Everything will change!

Attention! Attention! Attention!

This transmission will be given 3 times in the coarse of this event. In your upcoming fall of 2016, everything will change!

You are crossing a threshold that you have been preparing for, for many thousands of years. We are privileged to be the ones to announce to you this upcoming threshold in your collective consciousness. For we relate to you as a collective consciousness and read in your collective consciousness’s upcoming change of great transformation. In your upcoming fall of 2016 everything will change. You have two and one half years to express yourself in the way that is most in alignment with your being, for after that threshold everything will change.

Attention! Attention! Attention!

Here is the actual audio:

And Adronis, channeled by Brad Johnson, added about the Bashar announcement regarding 2016: (paraphrased)

This is true. Everything will change. There is a domino effect that is happening from celestial comets like elenin, ison and others that will be coming. They are propagative instruments that are preparing our planet for a consciousness jump.

Between now and 2016 across North america, there will be further events taking place that will be people powered orientation.

There will be a comet around the time of our vernal equinox and our summer solstice that will move our leaders into moving our currency into a new higher stage of being. Between that time it will pass across our planet, very closely and then do a slingshot effect around our sun. It will be a hybridized technology. A space craft. It will accelerate our DNA to the highest it has been in the history of human existence.

It will allow a peaking of the idea of E.T. disclosure. There will be an event between approx. 2016 and 2020. We will discover an event that will be a sighting. The exact phenomenon is up in the air. it can be:

  1. relating to our moon and our planets atmosphere
  2. a sighting around New York City
  3. a coordination of different spacecraft that will be skipping across our atmosphere.

There will be a large stage event that will make it clear we are not alone in the Universe.

It will effect our passion to travel to our red planet. Expect that to change. Specifically to the individuals that are planning to go to mars. We will see something we would have never imagined we would see on our planet.

In 2016 expect there to be more geomagnetic shifts based on astro celestial bodies passing near our planet. No need for fear, as this is part of a natural magnetic process polar shift that will happen around this time of 2016. The poles will start to shift to their polar opposites.

UPDATE: Here is my follow up to this article, 5 years later, what all did change in the fall of 2016? Its entitled: The next elected President will be female. Don’t miss it! 🙂

ArchAngel Metatron on The Death Experience & After-Life Realm

Here we have a beautiful channeling from ArchAngel Metatron, as channeled and copyrighted by James Tyberonn of

life after deathThe below audio is a reading of the channeling. In it AA Metatron explains what Humans can expect to experience, and what really occurs, in what we refer to as the death experience. AA Metatron goes on to describe in great detail, how death is in fact a beautiful experience. This description of the continuation of life after death had been repeated pretty much the same by many other higher dimentional beings. Then AA Metatron goes on and explains more of what is happening in the after life. It is highly recommended information for both the initiated and the uninitiated. In Joy!


Other books and persons who have described death as being pretty much as AA Metatron describes it are:

Journey of Souls, a book by Micheal P. Newton, Phd. A must read. Buy here.

Home With God, a book by Neale Donald Walsch. This is the final book in the Home with God book series. A series that some refer to as the New Revelations. Buy here.

And in many of the readings left by “The Sleeping Prophet” Edgar Cayce.



Channeled Economic Plan

The People's Union

Several months ago, one night, I all of a sudden decided to write out an economic plan for the future. It describes a better system than the current out of integrity system. I believe someone higher up used me to bring this in. As it just flowed in.

I haven’t touched it since until today a discussion on Facebook brought it back up. Its raw and unedited as I typed it that night. But I feel like sharing it now. And I always do what I feel these days. It leads to happiness. Enjoy!

The People’s Union

just was looking at a map of Jamaica and for some reason thought that we should start a union, then i saw in that very instant union street on the map.

the ideas im getting is that we start a humanity union. dues are paid, for now and members follow the guidance of the leadership, who only manage more than govern. Their constitution is based on a republic and they do what is in the best interest of all.

they research and provide what is in the best interest of all in many areas, like:

health and diet and eating.
gasoline and fuel
they use the dues to form TPU (the people’s union) companies where union members get union prices, everyone else can pay non member prices which is national average outside union.

Overtime people will all see the benefits of joining the union. companies will not be ran for profit per se.


buffet restaurants
simple hotels
voting recommendations
department stores, a la Walmart

recommend: list of places to spend your money as determined is in the best interest of the people. supermarkets, gas stations, banks, utility companies  etc. who offer members acceptable deals

health care centers.

overtime the company builds and owns it own version of the above needed services.

if a member works full time at a “vital” area . he is given free access to all other vital areas. overtime it creates a perpetual economic system.

for example, if you work full time as an employee for the electric company,you are paid in union credits. you can then use those credits in the union supermarket or insurance company, or HMO, or department store or for your own electricity.

The electric company for instance would pay hourly credits of say 80 a day. work week 4 days. but you can work as many days as you want.
company will hire at non union rate(dollars) and hire people as normal but schedule them when union members are not available. eventually electric company for example will be able to schedule all employees who get to set their own hours and schedule who will work for FREE/UNION CREDITS (80 a day) or 10 credits an hour.

a loaf of bread would be credits and or dollars, but eventually credits as most people would work to support union necessities for FREE/CREDITS.

the credit system is just like our monetary system, arbitrary.  Our current monetary system is based on paper and coins and sometimes numbers in computers called credits. Our new system will just be credits and cut out the middle men.

People will have the union credit cards.

System to be based on honesty, integrity and love of each humanity:

Our current system’s weakness is it is poisened by corruption. Corruption committed on a daily basis by Humans with little integrity. Who have lost their way along the highway of living on Earth as a human and only doing what is in the best interest of all. They find themselves in a place where they now work for their boss or superiors, and those bosses and superiors is not the people per se, but the person or entity that pays them.

The old system is therefore in need of a detox it has never had. The old cancerous body must die and from its ashes will arise the Phonex of The People’s Union.

Therefore, the people’s Union will have a base of well needed Integrity. The leadership will be people who have proven that they are beyond being bought out, scared out or corrupted.

Leadership will be in the form aof a council. The council will appoint a leader who will be more of a team leader, as all council members will have equal power. The council will appoint committies who will spearhead ventures like. Seceterial, tresuary, personell, investigative, business, rules comitte who will write the constitution for the union. The Union and its constitution will be based on the Form of government known as a REPUBLIC. Not a democracy.

We see the old Democracy system and how it has evolved and is sustible to corruption, and we say nO THANK YOU. Fool us once, shame on you, fool us twice, shame on me. So the system of management for the The People’s Union will be that of a REPUBLIC.

In a Democracy, the majority can control the monirity and inforce their will, views on the minority. In turn, the minority will have little to no rights. This is not a system that respects people’s opinions and allow them free will. Some get freedom at the price of telling others how to live, be, think, exist.

In a Replublic, the rights of the freedom of ALL people will be the first article in its constitution. And noone, not even the majority will be able to intrude on the rights of any one else, as they will be protected.

The Constitution:
Rights to be protected and stipulated in the constitution

1.) All humans/members are equal in the eyes of the constitution. The document should prevent any actions where there is a blatent and obvious occurance wherby one human/member is treated better than another member based on any status, office held, race, economic means or any other orientation.

1.)(a) Any form of blatent and obvious demonstration of unequality will be deemed unconstitutional, and found illegal.

2.) There will be no secrecy of anything. Everything will be transparent and available to all humans/members. The only thing I see right now that may need som controlled access, is the managment of the credit sytem and maybe the protection of the personel info, but even with that I see no reason for that. So what if everyone can see who is a member, or how much credits someone has. if someone has many credits its because they have supported the sytem greatly and it is kind of a badge of honor for them.

This ofcourse is to ensure we do not repeat the poisonous mistake of the old system where by the people have no idea what the CIA, THE FBI, the congress and senate, their military, their banking system is doing. So there is no way to tell if the people are even still in charge. The secret powers of say the CIA allows them to operate outside of agrred laws. This is obsurd and insane to say the least.

2.)(a)Article 2 of the constitution will enforce and prevent corruption that can be protected by secrecy. Secrecy will be unconstitutional and therefore illegal.

3. Naximizing profits for needed\vital\important ares to the masses, will be illegal.
Stipulates how the economic system will not be based on unlimited profits like the old/current system, but where the people place stock in themselves by conducting itself in a manner that is always in the best interest of all, and not any individual. Yes Capitalism as we knew it will die as it has become too embarrasing for humanity. We are not saying that one person can’t have Billions of dollars\credits while others have nothing and freeze and starve to death, as is allowed in this Democracy. This will also be possible in the New system, so economic freedom of opportunities will still exist in sorts. The Difference is that in the new system, you will not acrue your Billions by exploiting other humans/members, as all credits will be earned by doing something FOR the UNION.

For example the union will only pay for services deemed NECCESSARY, VITAL OR IMPORTANT to the masses as a whole. I.e utilities, food service, transportation, engineering, repair etc. If the members wanted to develop other areas, this would have to occur outside the main system and members would develop their own way of persuing those interests. Like it wont be illegal to make 300 Ft luxury yahts, but this would be outside the immediate vital areas that the Union would provide for all. Eventually. It would start small and expand as needed by the members.

We may not have for instance day care at first, but then after other areas are folded in, there would be a vote and concensus on where to expand to next and that would be the next system provided and available to humans\members. Of course this may well indeed expand to Luxary Yahts if that is what is decided. But if we get that far, we can all agree life on Earth or for the Unions members, will be pretty good.

Not suseptable to abuse or corruption
The old/current system allows for the monatery system to be corrupted. For example. You can work your whole life and loose it all loose it all in the so called stock market. Your money/credits are now gone and you had little control over it. Also in old\current system you can get sick and loose all your money in medical bills. The Union will eventually allow free medical for all members. The hospitals, like the utility companies are manned by member employees working for credits.

The amount of credits will be based on the job and the importance or need to the union. So yes doctors will likely earn more hourly credits than say someone who answers the phone at the hospital.

This is what is meant by WE WILL PLACE STOCK IN OURSELVES.
Remember, all areas provide for by the Union will be for free/credits. You get the credits by working in support of the needed services. The people are placing stock in themselves.

Eventually overtime:
Overtime, as the ways of the Union is seen to be in the best interest of all, particularily because the membership will be so large, the following people and services will be deemed as unneccassary activities:
Stock Broker,

These may still be in existence, but will be managed by the Union, as that is in the best interest of all concerned as they will cease to be for PROFIT where these entities can attempt to MAXIMIZE PROFITS:
Banking, HMO’s, Pharmacy’s, drug companies, Insurance companies, Department stores, markets

Necessities are things needed by humans/members to have a comfortable life. It shouldn’t be something they have to do work for so they can obtain them. It is best that they simply be provided for for FREE. The economic credit system will allow that over time.

System will start it existence on the old/current monetary system. Profits will go into developing the new credit system. For instance, lets say the first thing provide by the union is a food service buffet. Members initially get to eat there for minimum costs. Where the Local Golden corral is charging $15 a person to enter and all you can eat, the Union buffet will be more healthy 9as this is in the best interest of all) and provide needed\vital\important meals. A few healthy selections where they can go and eat and only pay say $6.50 a person. This Union buffet is supported initially by the union dues paid by the member from monies earned from old\current system. But for paying his dues and by eating at the unions buffet, the member is ensured that he is investing in himself. the union will eventually be able to offer the food for less a and less. First the price to eat at the buffet will be $6.50, then reduced to $5.50, then $3.50, then $1.50 and then absolutely free to members.

Of course it is open to non members who would pay a higher price because they are not investing in the system. This will fund the system and ensure free food at the buffet for members even more rapidly.

So by starting with the initial investment from dues, a needed service is provided and used by the members. This investment will lead to the rewards of the service being free to the members. Easily and clearly. This is an example of placing stock in ourselves. And there is no way for this investment to loose, or crash or become worthless. The more you invest the more you get back. This of course uses the power of the 3rd law of creation, what you put out you get back. It is a law and therefore unbreakable. You always get what you give. The new economic system works in the flow of creation itself.

So the people need to eat, at least for now, so food service is an obvious first service. Others in no particular order can be areas that are currently needed and being unconscionably exploited like:

3.)(a)Insurance. it is in the best interest of the people to maybe have insurance and it may be needed\important\vital, but it is not needed and therefore not in our interest for these services to be ran for profit. Where any system is needed and deemed to be MANDATORY like insurance, It will be run only on a non profit basis. All prioritization of any MANDATORY needed services will be unconstitutional and therefore illegal. Nothing will stop someone from offering insurance or services in addition or equal to what is mandatory\needed\vital but a non profit version will always be available as this is deemed humane. To say that something is MANDATORY and then allow for unlimited profits to be garnished for its services, is non integral and will be protected by the constitution, and no one can ever change it.

The rights spelled out in a document for a Republic is establishing how Humans want to life and carry out their existence. We get to play in this world anyway we choose, why not establish how we are going to do so that ensures a pursuit of happiness and protect those choices and then do not allow anyone, not even the majority to remove those right s from any one person.

Once we have a system in place that allows everyone to be born, come into existence, and enjoy a happy, safe life where they will have everything they need to sustain their existence, the basic that are vital\important\required, then from there we can all go about doing whatever we want.

3.)(b) A Utility, like electricity. Again the masses need energy, water and the ability to communicate. This is deemed mandatory\vital\important. What is not vital if for it to be ran for profit. And for it to be ran for maximized profits is absurd. The new system will charge initially only the minimum needed to be charged to cover costs and therefore non profit. Eventually, like all provided services, it will be provided for free as we switch to the new credit system. Members will volunteer to support the community by working in the company and help run the needed utility. They will be given credits. These credits will be used

4.) Guarantees non paradoxical freedom.
No one can intrude on anyone Else’s right to do what they choose to do, as long as it is not paradoxical. Meaning, You can do what you want to do, as long as it doesn’t intrude on what someone else wants to do, because then it would be a paradox. Your freedom can not infringe on someone Else’s.

Credit system management:
system will be managed of course by the governing body and never be for profit. The whole idea of the system is that profit does not need to be in the equation at all. The new credit system is just there as a means to provide everyone with what they need, in the best and simplest way possible period. So the credit management system will be deemed vital\important and needed as it supports everything else. The area of the credit management system is likely the first service where credits can be earned by working there. Initially workers may earn cash from old \current system, but this will be like one of the first to transition where workers there can earn credits.

The Yahyel

Symbol of the Yahyel

Today September 23rd 2012, Brad Johnson released an anticipated message from The Yahyel. The Yahyel are our Vulcans. They will be the Extra Terrestrial race that we, Earth Humans, are first exposed to on a scale where everybody knows beyond the shadow of a doubt that Extra Terrestrial beings exist.

The Universe is in fact teething with life. How could it be otherwise?

Here are the Video of the audio of Brad Johnson’s channeling where he first brings through his higher self Adronis, then Adronis introduces a member of the Yahyel named Ka’Leena.

I love channelings because I love learning about creation.

Below is a symbol of the Yahyel where we are told that we can access the Yahyel through. By focusing or mediating on this symbol you are inviting, connecting with them. As they said, we now have access to them.

Symbol of the Yahyel

They chose this symbol because it represents the idea of a Triangle. A triangle is common use among beings in the Universe as the fabric of our creation is literally built on the platonic solid known as the tetrahedron.

They have show their triangle as unfinished, uncomplete. They say it symbolizes the idea that they will not be complete until they, The Yahyel, are reunited with their Earth family.


The Greys AKA Zeta Reticuli

We are in fact their family. The Yahyel is one of 5 hybrid races that were created by combining Human DNA with the DNA of the beings we often refer to as Greys.

Part of what the greys were doing here, and our governments allowed them to do it in exchange for information and technology, was to experiment with our human DNA so that a hybrid species could be created whereby their dying race could live on.

The Greys are also known as Zeta Reticuli. There is so much stuff on the Zetas on Youtube, I wont even post anything. You can google and attract info according to your own vibrational energy and beliefs.

The Zeta Reticuli are indeed of the human race. They originate from a parallel reality Earth where they were rendered unable to reproduce and were therefore dying off. This happened due to DNA mutations from their overexposure to radiation. They played with nukes. As I said there is much info out there on them.

So As I said there are 5 races of beings that were formed from our DNA. One is the Yahyel, the other is the Essasani. Bashar is from this race. Much of the information I know has come from Bashar, which is Arabic for messenger. The other 3 races have not been revealed yet. Maybe the Yahyel will let us know.



Many of the women of Earth have had their eggs used to create hybrid babies and are considered by the hybrid children to be their mothers. They often meet with their Earth mothers in dream space. Many of these mothers feel the connection with their children and it is as strong as any other mother child bond. So part of the Yahyel arriving and slowly integrating will be as a family reunion were the children will be reunited physically with their mothers. There will not be a dry eye in the house.


The Phoenix Lights

On March 13, 1997 there was a huge space craft , miles in length that flew over Phoenix, Az. This phenomenon is know as The Phoenix lights and can be Googled and there is even a full length documentation on YouTube about it. Fascinating and highly recommended viewing. The Phoenix Lights ship was of the Yahyel. The idea is that they will continue to show themselves more and more until we are comfortable with the idea of their existence, then they will make official first contact when we show we are ready to do so. It is totally up to us.

So have fun watching our co-creation with the Yahyel as it unfolds between now and say 2015, where all humans will know beyond the shadow of a doubt, that our future lies with our galactic friends and families. I love the Yahyel.
The Phoenix Lights

Resolving Negativity: The Nuances of Mass & Individual Relations

Metatron Symbol

Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn

Greetings Masters ! I am Metatron, Lord of Light, and I greet you in an vector of Love, Unconditional Love !

And so it is a powerful time, and there is much movement on the planet in this month of the September Equinox within 2012. We tell you the energy of this Equinox has brought specific astrological conditions that allow for a deep review of whom you are, and where you are going. The profound aperture provided by the planetary and stellar conjunctions paired within the period of the Equinox began 5 days before the actual Equinox and will extend for 5 days, through September 27th.

It is a time to consider relationships, purpose and mental contents. This is to be considered on an individual level, and also applied to the mass consciousness, group events occurring on your planet.

Many of you may not be fully aware of the expansive reach of your relationships in mass. Each of you has ties to group events and group energies that play key roles in your choices of reincarnation. You often have such ties to groupings that entire ‘Nations’ and Epochs reincarnate together.

This is logical, as it is the interactive relationships you have with others that are one of your greatest springboards of growth. Therefore there is a natural magnetism to the people you have spent time with in other epochs.


Six Degrees of Separation

It has been said that there are only six degrees, six levels of separation between every soul incarnate on the planet at any given time. In other words, each of you knows someone, that knows another and so on, such that taken to six threads of networking encompasses connections to everyone on the planet. The point being, you are all connected far more intricately than you may realize.

Dear One, each human, each and every one of you on the planet co-creates the mass experience of the Earth. Every thought you have absolutely influences the manifest physical reality of civilization as it exists in your time frame. Your individual thoughts combine and blend with the projected thoughts and beliefs of all others on the planet to form a massive group thought form that manifests into the reality you experience.

This also occurs on the level of the individual family, nation and time epoch you are in. And accordingly is the glue that brings back entire worlds within time & space, to reincarnate together. This ‘connective interactive force’ allows you to continue the unified progress in achieving the harmonic goals each of you are born to accomplish individually and in mass together.


Opposition & Attraction

Warring groups in fact reincarnate in masse in order to try again to resolve their differences. The emotional energy involved in such massive conflicts is enormous, and is repeated until resolution and harmony is found. We will tell you that your current conflicts in the Middle East are a re-occurrence of the Crusades, and your World War II a continuance of the Atlantean conflict between the Aryan and Poseidon groups. In duality opposites occur, and you will end war only when you realize the destruction of hatred. You will end war only when you focus on peace and consciously choose it. You will not end war by hating war, rather by loving peace, loving harmony.


Group Dynamics

In the realm of duality, massive group dynamics (and in individual) are chosen for lesson, but not in the traditional sense of what you terms ‘karma’. Rather it is a balancing that is the driving force, not repayment of a ‘debt’. That is important to understand. In your terms karma is always balancing within the self, chosen by the higher self…it is not a debt owed to another. Accordingly balance can be achieved in achieving a deep mental understanding of what error has taken place, as well as through action. And while in most cases, action is chosen, especially for ‘Group Karma’, it can be equally b balanced in mental comprehensive and the deep desire to move into harmony. Do you understand?

Each of you participate in the Global Dramas, each of you contribute on some way to what happens on the planet. You provide the ‘thought energy’ from vast mental projection through which physical events are formed.

But be aware that individual responsibility is the true factor. Although you may be part of a group, and be drawn into the mass reality created, you will are spiritually responsible on the individual basis. If you disagree for example with a war your nation is involved in, and you refuse to support it by loving peace, those actions help move the group to a higher level. You must always then be your judge, and seek sovereignty. Your thoughts, feelings, and expectations are like the living brush strokes with which you paint your corner of life’s landscape. If you do your best in your own life, then you are indeed helping to improve the quality of all life. Your thoughts are as real as any physical object you can see and touch….and they do make a difference. Ascension, enlightenment occurs one heart at a time, even if the physical reality seems to be caught in lower frequency.


Strength as an Aspect of Love

Remember developing strength is part of creatorship. As we have told you: When the love of power is replaced by the power of love, mankind will make a quantum leap. But understand love without strength is incomplete. Consider this complexity carefully. It is perhaps a seeming paradox, but in its wise and careful contemplation is offered a great Truth.


Negativity: Energy of Destruction versus Energy of Creation

Now, we will speak on the topic of negativity. But perhaps better descriptions for the polarity electric aspects of energies within duality that are termed positive and negative, are creative and destructive.

Love is the ultimate creative force, hate/fear are the ultimate destructive degenerative forces. In terms of the Auric field, hate and fear are the primary disruptive forces that create Auric imbalance.

Dear Ones, it is absolutely true that there is no human who hates but that hatred is reflected outward and made physical, and there is no human who loves but that love is reflected outward and made physical.

You are conscious creatures, and what you focus on is energetically attracted to you. Therefore it is essential as you advance in wisdom to become the monitors & responsible guardians of your thoughts. You must be constantly aware of the contents of your conscious mind. The self awareness of recognizing the nature of your ‘mental contents’ is an essential aspect of becoming a fully conscious Spiritual Being.

And indeed, the full content of your mental thoughts and beliefs are quite accessible to everyone. It is all available. Your beliefs are not buried unless you believe that they are. The thoughts and feelings and emotions that guide you day to day are not locked away in a remote recess of your mind. Indeed they are readily reviewable if you are willing simply to look. It is all available and it is there for you to see and consider. Consideration should lead to reconsideration, by reviewing what is constrictive and what is destructive. Dear Ones take time to calibrate your thoughts, beliefs and actions.

It is not a difficult action. The ‘evil-bogeyman’ that you may feel sets on one shoulder and influences you into wrong action, is simply incorrect belief. Right actions are what you are here to discover, and obstructions(incorrect beliefs) are to be recognized and rectified. rectify. Negative obstructional beliefs are really not hidden from you so remotely locked away in the sub-conscious that they cannot be discovered. Therapy is a valid helper in some cases, but it is beyond the financial realm of many of you. And so we tell you that the determined human is absolutely able to find the answers within. Your obstructions are not so deeply buried in your childhood or in any other lifetime that you cannot find them. You are not bound into compromising scenarios by past experiences, promises given or commitments that seem to tie you into untoward behavior.


Relationships as a Mirror & Catalyst

Relationships will come and go in your sojourns. And the complexities and intricacies are complex. Often the drama of a relationship ending is the springboard of a vast renewal although it may not feel so at the time of the emotional hurt and seeming trauma. Yet this is in truth a scope and lens into the self.

In a true sense hate is the other side of love, the opposite end of the same spectrum in terms of the emotional aspect.

There are so many lessons that are afforded when duality relationships end. In relationships that are ended by one and pursued by the other, there is often a sense of betrayal that results in an emotionally charged chasing of rejection that initially occurs. This then may convert to anger of seeming rejection and can spiral downward into attack and hatred.

In time you will learn that all negative energy emitted comes back to the source of the projection. It is not a case of who was right and who was wrong, rather of what energy was projected. As long as you carry hurt, anger and hatred, these energies will shatter your auric field, taint your world and poison your emotional stability. As long as you focus or dwell on hurt, anger and hate, you will absolutely draw to you more of the same. Period, no exceptions… It is simply the Law of Attraction.

Yet some of you become immersed in such destructive negativity for years and even lifetimes, before you learn that it is the energy of destructive emotion (hate, fear, anger & hurt) , that is the culprit.

The hurt that is often felt when relationships end, will in fact, in the higher aspect lead you to the Truth of your own sovereignty.


Relationship Purpose

Relationships are a method of reflecting the affectivity of your belief system, and giving you feedback on what, simply stated, is working, and what is not. The completion of a relationship equally offers growth. Even if it ends harshly, as many do, there is a flurry of emotion that can lead to understanding through the very detachment that one of the partners perhaps did not consciously desire.

Detachment requires the individual to explore the self, to reacquaint with the inner horizon, and this facilitates and necessitates sovereignty. Sovereignty is the prepotency of Mastership.

A relationship of two sovereign non dependent humans has greater balance, greater creativity, and greater longevity than a pairing of two beings co-dependent on one another. Do you understand? One way relationships, pairings on any level, in which one seeks the pairing more than the other, or one seeks to control the other, can never last. It is no error that great numbers of you on the finals steps of the path of enlightenment are alone in this period. Now is the prelude to the coming Ascension. If you are among these, we tell you that perhaps your solitude is appropriate. Perhaps it is as it should be. You see it is how many of you planned it.


Sovereignty as a Path to Mastery

Ultimately each soul must clearly define SELF in order to gain Mastery. Self Mastery is embodied in periods of planned detachment. It is that period in which impeccability is crystallized. And we tell you Dear Ones, crystallization; through impeccability is a necessary phase of Self- Mastery. It is a calibration juncture in the multidimensional sojourn. One enters the void, the great mystery in the quest for fortitude and sovereign vision, alone, without a shoulder to lean on. And in the process, one discovers sublime wholeness and self completion.

Do not misunderstand our meaning; there is great validity in coupling, in the natural aspect of soul mate. But conclusively one walks the path of Mastery in sovereign detachment.

One becomes enlightened when one learns to transcend the physical self. Each of you must endeavor to the final conquest of what we term as ‘impeccability’. Impeccability is the crystallization or uniform clarity of the soul, and it is a necessary virtue of Mastery. This involves release of dependency, the release of all that does not serve your divinity. It is a rebooting and reprogramming of all you are.


Relationship Set Ups & Opposition

There are certain specific set ups that may be chosen in duality, in which souls are in apparent opposition for a greater purpose. It may occur for example, that advanced souls are in a state of ‘purposed competition’ in order to drive or motivate one another toward goal achievement. Certain of your well known scientist have incarnated in pairs in which the edge between them drove one another to greater effort. There are also cases in which political leaders took advanced stands to drive a common goal. An example of this is Dr Martin Luther King and Malcolm X, who advocated polar opposite means to promote the civil rights of minorities. One advocated non-violence, the other aggressive means. Yet the two had a common goal. In truth the one who advocated aggressive actions, actually brought the masses to the methodology of the one who taught non-violence by displaying the two choices.


Rose Colored Glasses

There are cases in which Spiritual leaders are in opposition. Particularly when one may delve into ego and power seeking. Such opposition in higher aspect creates reconsideration on both sides. There are many who profess spiritual leadership merely to gain following. There are scenarios in which turning the other cheek is inappropriate. One does not apologize when another steps on their foot. It is wrong to attempt to control the will of another, and equally wrong to allow another to control you. Free will and discernment must be with the individual. You need no guru other than self. The idea that Spiritual seekers must wear rose colored glasses is not necessarily the best path in certain situations. No one is served when injustice is tolerated. No one is served by allowing charlatans to continue unabated. We are not speaking of violence, that is not the right path, but rather standing in ones Truth. Being nonjudgmental is also confusing. Burying ones head in the sand does not work. Discernment of what is your right path does involve judgment.

Some religious texts include fear-based distortions and false actions that can lead to great conflict & destruction. The texts themselves teach people that total ‘blind’ acceptance of even flawed doctrine and dogma is required as a tenet of faith.

Understanding these nuances is one of your greatest challenges. Learning how to deal with violence has been an unresolved issue in the Group Consciousness of many civilizations.


Discernment & Individual Free Will

Dear Ones, you are not and should not be bound by false beliefs. You are now and always free conscious beings. And discernment is requisite.

Masters, each of you were born with a powerful awareness, recognition of your own Divinity and wholesome goodness.

Dear Human, we assure each of you that you have an innate inner recognition of your integrity and knowledge of your true and righteous place in the Cosmos. This cannot be taken from you, unless you allow it to be.

So always know that you were born with a desire to fulfill your purpose in each lifetime, to achieve your goals and maximize your talents and abilities. Those are tenets and principles of what may be termed ‘Inherent Law’. You are born compassionate and loving. It is absolutely your benevolent nature as Spiritual beings, having a human experience to be curious about yourself and your world. You are here to unravel the mysteries of life, to find purpose and meaning.


Inherent Law

These are attributes of your integral sovereignty and equally belong to ‘Inherent Law’.

Every soul that chooses physical life enters the Earthplane with an absolute knowing that every human possesses a beautifully unique, intimate sense of being that is succinctly itself. And that it is appropriate to discover fulfillment on both an individual basis (first) and in so doing contribute by example to the fulfillment of the group. You are born seeking the actualization of the ideal of love, in its great and wonderful complexities.

We encourage each of you to add value to the quality of your life, to add your own talents, experiences and abilities to enrich life in a path and method that only you can individually contribute to the Cosmos. In so doing you will attain a state of being that is uniquely yours, while adding immensely to the value and fulfillment of the world itself. You see the energy of a creative positive soul, brightens not only your Earth, but the ‘All that Is’ in is symphony of Harmony through all spheres of Reality.

We understanding the difficulties you face in achieving your goals, in Mastering the University of Earth. But do know there is indeed great purpose in all that you do here. Never forget it is a purposed dream that you are dreaming. The lessons, the myriad training received in Mastering ‘University Earth Duality’ will serve you for existence in a variety of other realms, of myriad interrelated systems of reality. And reality is the key phrase, for it is a dream, but very very real. And it is not easy; nothing of value is easily achieved. But understand that if the pains, hardships and agonies within your ‘University of Earth’ were not truly experienced as real, the lesson would not be learned, the growth could not occur. And we tell you the joys and sublime passions experienced here are also very real.


Purposed Illusions

Masters in your ‘hidden’ realities, in the vast validity of your multidimensional selves, humanity in plurality dreams the same dream at once, and you create all you see around you. The ‘purposed illusion’ is a meaningful drama. It is from higher aspect an educational creation, a movie set if you will, in which you are producing, directing and acting on different levels of consciousness. You in higher self are the producer and director, in physicality you are the actor, taking silent intuitive direction from the higher self. You are acting so completely on the ‘set’ of linear time and space that you do not know it is a drama. But understand, Dear Ones, that the drama and the intricate process of its enactment truly have great and profound meaning, and the actions within each scene, each lifetime, are vitally significant. The whole self is the observer and the physical incarnation is the totally focused actor in the roles. Each role has a meaning and offers a lesson. The lesson is that of creatorship, of creating joy and harmony and gaining true wisdom in the process.



In this way, through your sojourns you will learn how to be joyful conscious beings. And when this major step is achieved ( and each of you will in time get there) you will not be afraid of the inner self, and you will freely experience life on the Omni Earth in all its frequencies with a knowingness of your secure in your position in the Cosmos. You will know through experience that positive desire for creativity and love over destruction and hatred is a quantum leap. When this is learned, the cycle is near completion and New Worlds await you in Mastery.

I am Metatron, and I share with you these Truths. You are Beloved….and we honor you, each of you.

And so it is…



This material is from James Tyberonn of Can be re-posted on websites if left in tact including this message, but for commercial use in magazines etc. permission must be first obtained.