The Yahyel

Symbol of the Yahyel

Today September 23rd 2012, Brad Johnson released an anticipated message from The Yahyel. The Yahyel are our Vulcans. They will be the Extra Terrestrial race that we, Earth Humans, are first exposed to on a scale where everybody knows beyond the shadow of a doubt that Extra Terrestrial beings exist.

The Universe is in fact teething with life. How could it be otherwise?

Here are the Video of the audio of Brad Johnson’s channeling where he first brings through his higher self Adronis, then Adronis introduces a member of the Yahyel named Ka’Leena.

I love channelings because I love learning about creation.

Below is a symbol of the Yahyel where we are told that we can access the Yahyel through. By focusing or mediating on this symbol you are inviting, connecting with them. As they said, we now have access to them.

Symbol of the Yahyel

They chose this symbol because it represents the idea of a Triangle. A triangle is common use among beings in the Universe as the fabric of our creation is literally built on the platonic solid known as the tetrahedron.

They have show their triangle as unfinished, uncomplete. They say it symbolizes the idea that they will not be complete until they, The Yahyel, are reunited with their Earth family.


The Greys AKA Zeta Reticuli

We are in fact their family. The Yahyel is one of 5 hybrid races that were created by combining Human DNA with the DNA of the beings we often refer to as Greys.

Part of what the greys were doing here, and our governments allowed them to do it in exchange for information and technology, was to experiment with our human DNA so that a hybrid species could be created whereby their dying race could live on.

The Greys are also known as Zeta Reticuli. There is so much stuff on the Zetas on Youtube, I wont even post anything. You can google and attract info according to your own vibrational energy and beliefs.

The Zeta Reticuli are indeed of the human race. They originate from a parallel reality Earth where they were rendered unable to reproduce and were therefore dying off. This happened due to DNA mutations from their overexposure to radiation. They played with nukes. As I said there is much info out there on them.

So As I said there are 5 races of beings that were formed from our DNA. One is the Yahyel, the other is the Essasani. Bashar is from this race. Much of the information I know has come from Bashar, which is Arabic for messenger. The other 3 races have not been revealed yet. Maybe the Yahyel will let us know.



Many of the women of Earth have had their eggs used to create hybrid babies and are considered by the hybrid children to be their mothers. They often meet with their Earth mothers in dream space. Many of these mothers feel the connection with their children and it is as strong as any other mother child bond. So part of the Yahyel arriving and slowly integrating will be as a family reunion were the children will be reunited physically with their mothers. There will not be a dry eye in the house.


The Phoenix Lights

On March 13, 1997 there was a huge space craft , miles in length that flew over Phoenix, Az. This phenomenon is know as The Phoenix lights and can be Googled and there is even a full length documentation on YouTube about it. Fascinating and highly recommended viewing. The Phoenix Lights ship was of the Yahyel. The idea is that they will continue to show themselves more and more until we are comfortable with the idea of their existence, then they will make official first contact when we show we are ready to do so. It is totally up to us.

So have fun watching our co-creation with the Yahyel as it unfolds between now and say 2015, where all humans will know beyond the shadow of a doubt, that our future lies with our galactic friends and families. I love the Yahyel.
The Phoenix Lights