My Truth On The Whole Chemtrails Thing.

My truth about chemtrails

My truth about chemtrailsThe guidance I AM receiving tells me that all that is happening is that we are in a cycle of change. Things are changing. Physics of reality are changing.

The Sun is getting hotter as it raises its vibration. And so other things change; Pluto starts to melt due to the heat and we now say it is not a planet. We also say its “global warming”. And now or planes exhaust that used to cause the familiar water vapors that would go away quickly, are now creating more of a weird mist that sticks around a bit longer and create this misty cloud.This “look” is new to us and so we try to make sense of it, instead of just accepting it.

Something HAS to be wrong right? Just like, if there are ET’s they HAVE to be negative right? Wrong. What if all is well? What if its just that the Sun and therefor Earth is going through a part of space that we go through in our long cycle, every 25, 900 years and in this part of space PHYSICS change. The speed of light is NO LONGER a constant. It has sped up. Scientist are not talking about this very much (some are, and here), but its a fact. Very few even know this because most learn from 10 year old text books. This is just a cycle. An end of a grand cycle. We are in a place in the Galaxy where things speed up vibrationally. So the entire solar system is changing vibrationally. System getting hotter, speed of light is increasing. This is the basis of our physical science in many ways. So you can expect to observe changes in the visual appearance of things.

So what we are seeing here is some people simply applying a negative label to something they do not know, or the unknown. Other beings may even be using this to their advantage in order to increase and spread fear, which they need in order to feel more comfortable. I assure you, in this Age of Aquarius, if there was a worldwide conspiracy to house all planes with devices that spew toxic fumes, the beings doing so would be exposed already. Just look at that billionaire NBA owner who was a racist. We all are now aware. So relax and trust. Ask yourself, and see the answer, what is the truth, that The planet is being poisoned and the culprits are not exposed? Or is the Physics of the Galaxy just changing a bit due to our physical locality along The Suns 25,900 year circular cycle through the Milky Way Galaxy?

As for those images on Facebook showing planes with tanks etc. Well this has also been debunked here.

This is my truth, I AM sharing today. All is well, all is positive. All is beautiful. All truths are true and wisdom is when your choices bring you joy. Blessings.