Announcing a NEW genre of music called Magentas

Magenta colored keyboards and speakers

We don’t do the “Blues” in the new Golden Age; we do Magentas. This Genre of music we call Magentas; its a take on the genre the “Blues,” only we focus on positive experiences, thoughts and words, that feel good and serve us to focus on. Words are magical, thats why they call it spelling. 🙂

We are not saying the Blues is lesser or this is better; we are just saying its different and a new choices for the masses.

Be careful which words you say, or sing, out loud repeatedly; you are literally praying for them. Creating them in your reality. Remember, all prayers are answered.

When you listen to Magentas, you are safe, empowered and creating a reality that will serve and uplift you and bring you closer to your Higher Self.

Bless Sings