Duality Polarity and Paradox

ying yang symbol


All things in our world/reality has an opposite. Man woman, hot cold, hard soft, in out, up ying yang symboldown, black white, male female, here there, rich poor, existence nonexistence,bad good, day night etc. And as a part of this law of duality, everything is defined by its opposite. What is cold without heat? They appear to be 2 sides of one coin.



We continue with the coin analogy on to the law of polarity. Having seen how everything in physical reality has an opposite, we can then apply further that everything in creation is two things; since nothing has meaning without the existence of it’s opposite. If this is true then we can also apply some philosophical judo and say the opposite; that these two things are one thing. Like a coin. It is one thing, but has two sides. Every 1 coin has 2 sides. Heads and tails. Ergo, in a world of polarity, there is no this OR that……there is only this AND that.


Understanding that everything is this AND that answers all questions. Settles all debates. For example; which is correct, evolution or creationism? We have been seeking the answer to this questions since time immemorial and we still have no consensus. That’s because we have been applying this OR that. When we apply this AND that we finally arrive at the ultimate truth. There is a creator AND there was evolution. And everyone can easily see how both is possible. So why have we not come to this obvious conclusion before? Ahhh, that is outside the scope of this piece, but I offer the simple answer of, someone did not want you to come to that conclusion, so they never offered it up for discussion. Same reason why they have only offered you a 2 party political system, Democrat or Republican. It’s a trap. Please stop falling for the this OR that traps as you now know that we exist in a contextual field of duality/polarity. That is simply the nature of the reality we exist in. Creation is complex, but not complicated.


Bird’s Razor

You can apply this theory, lets call it Birds razor, to cut to the truth to answer all….OK lets say most, unanswered questions. Which came first, the chicken or the egg? The answer lies not in the chicken OR the egg, but the chicken AND the egg. So Bird’s razor dictates that both came at the same time. We can easily extrapolate that there are creator Gods, and that these creator Gods created all life in physical reality. When they drew up the blueprints, they had to conceive all aspects of their creation, down to it reproductive cycle. So the truth is, both came into existence at the same time.


I have provided 2 examples that have gone unanswered seemingly since time immemorial. Go forth now with Bird’s razor and cut through to the truth, in the countless others out there.


So the law of polarity in this sense means that on Earth everything is at least 2 things. This is due to the law of paradox.



Hmmm now this one is like creation, it is a bit complex, but not complicated. I’ll provide more than one definition of a paradox because it may take a while to sink in, as it did for me when I was first introduced to the concept.


The last definition I heard for paradox is my favorite:


Something that is true one moment, does not have to be true in the next moment.


I love that definition because that is how paradoxes actually appear as you run across them in actual use.


The second definition I share is actually the first definition I was introduced to:


When something is both true and false at the same time, or when both something AND it’s opposite is true.


You may have noticed that I just used one above, quite unintentionally, as I described that my 2nd definition was actually my first. It’s the 2nd, AND the 1st, at the same time. This is a paradox.


Paradoxes are everywhere in our physical reality. And once you know of their existence you start to see them all over the place and where you least expect them, but you have to be paying attention. They are literally everywhere due to the aforementioned fact that our reality is based/built on duality/polarity, hence paradoxes are everywhere because there is no this OR that, there is ONLY this AND that.



A glass can be both half full and half empty. You can sometimes get something done faster by slowing down. Please post in the comments any good paradoxes you know of as I can never remember any when I need to.



You should be asking at this point, why? Why is creation/reality built on polarity/duality/paradoxes? Great question. Pat yourself on the back. The answer quite simply is, there is only one thing IN creation. The creator. The source of all things. Instead of me explaining that here, please read my article on The Prime Radiant.


Creation itself is the granddaddy of all paradoxes because it explains once and for all THE question of all questions: is there a creator? We always start with yes, there is a creator. But some would then say, “then who created the creator?” And we would be speechless, finding ourselves trapped once again in the quagmire of this OR that. But with Bird’s razor we can even cut through this most ominous question.



Creation IS based BOTH on CAUSALITY, where everything exists because of something else, AND non causality, where a thing can exist simply on its own. The Creator has simply always existed. A huge paradox indeed. And the reason that this is hard to see is, everything in our reality is based on causality. There is no such thing as non causality on our side of the coin, and we could not see the other side of the coin, paradoxically, because we did not even know there was another side of the coin. We did not know, what we didn’t know. But now that we are aware that in reality everything has an opposite, there has to be a non causality to the causality. The creator is that non causality. How profound & fun is that paradox? We just proved there is a Creator because there has to be a creator.


We now understand more of ultimate reality than we ever have before. We also can now see the true meaning behind the “Ying Yang” symbol. Maybe next we will explore, what the Creator wants and why we were created. The Prime Radiant.