The Metaphysics of Inspiration

A colorful spiral

What do we all want?  Ideas right?

       We all want to be inspired. What do I do next? Or what cool and exciting thing can I do next? Whether you are an painter, a developer, a song writer or a housewife, we all love to have cool ideas pop into our awareness.

       But inspiration can be a hit or miss, or ebb and flow sometimes. Sometimes we feel like we just can’t think of what to do next; and then wham! from seemingly nowhere, comes this amazing thought that we really really like and are excited about, and we move to take action on it. That is basically what inspiration is. But is there more to it than wham bam thank you m’am? Why yes there is.

       Inspiration is more or less a contraction of the words “In spiralation.” Similar to how goodbye is a shortened way of saying the 14th century phrase “God be with ye.”

       So the etymology of the word inspiration comes from the belief that people had of where our ideas came from; that they spiraled down to our bodies from the higher realms of spirit. Meaning that we in the physical world get our ideas from the non-physical realms of creation. But today, very few people connect the word inspiration with the word spiritual.  To many inspiration is just meant to say “I got an idea.”

Where does inspiration come from? 

       Inspiration comes from the same place all ideas come from; The HIGHER SELF.

       In fact, we have never come up with any idea ever. We simply are not built to do this. We simply receive ideas from the higher realms of creation.  This is how Bashar puts it:

“The Higher Mind CONCEIVES,

The physical Brain RECEIVES,

And the mind PERCEIVES.”~ Bashar

       The physical brain is just a receiver. It is not built to “come up” with anything. It receives these ideas that just “pop up” out of nowhere into our heads. Ideas are created and conceived by the Higher Mind, or the Higher Self, that overshadows all our individual human existences. Once our brain receives these telempathic transmissions, then the ego mind takes over and processes the information. Our individual egoic mind then filters this information through our personal  beliefs and innerstandings that we hold to be true in that moment. Then we have a thought and decide what action to do based on that processing.

     This means that neither our brain, mind, nor ego can MAKE anything HAPPEN. They can only experience what has HAPPENED. In this way we see clearly that we exist in an experiential reality. All we do is experience things via our awareness, AFTER they occur. Awareness is just another word for consciousness. And as we grow in consciousness we also become more aware of what is happening in any given now moment.

       So when we have seemingly had a light go on in our head, magically, with an amazing idea, we have just had a direct encounter with our higher self. We must be vigilant, lest we forget, that our reality is an illusion; and our character self can make things happen about the same as a character in a video game can make things happen. 

How can we increase Inspiration?

       Ever notice how sometimes inspiration is few and far between? Writers call it writer’s block, some may call it boredom, and other times we are flowing in what some refer to as “the zone.” So yes, inspiration is sometimes decreased, but the good news is that which can be decreased can also be increased.

        The flow and rate of inspiration is directly related to our connection, at any given moment, to our Higher Self. For instance, when we are of a high vibration, or at our happiest, the size of our crown chakra opens up as wide as several feet. But conversely,  when we are vibrating at a low rate, the opening of our crown chakra closes to about the size of a dime. That is the size differentiation we are dealing with between when we are feeling amazingly happy, excited and in the vortex, and when we are in deep sadness and or anger.

       And so in order to be inspired, we must first be vibrating positively; then in order to maximize the in flow of ideas, we want to be happy, at ease and contented, along those lines. This is why we find the times when we are most inspired with ideas are:

  1. After we first awaken and are lying in bed.

  2. While in the shower.

  3. While driving for long distances.

  4. While listening to our favorite music.

  5. While washing the dishes.

       What do all of the above all have in common?  We are doing something routine and so our BRAIN and minds are relaxed.  We are also usually in a good mood and feeling “mellow.” They all lower the brain waves to a calm state. One may even say these are meditative states that are pretty close to the “channeling” state. And what is channeling but the transceiving of information from spirit. Here we find that our minds are relaxed and not trying to do a job that its not designed to do. Our ego, our mine, our brain is on automatic and in “neutral,” and so in spirals the information from the Higher Self. So we see that inspiration flows better when we are in a state that is not resisting the natural order of things. See?

       So this give us an idea, no pun intended, on how to set the stage or optimize our in flow of inspiration. But we have to also be careful that we allow this process to be be organic and not try and MAKE it happen because remember, we are not capable of making anything happen; we are not designed that way. So the idea of surrendering comes into play here. In any given moment we can just follow our excitement and choose to do something that raises our vibration and KEEPS us in a high vibrational vortex state of being, as much as possible.

       What do we do when nothing is flowing and we believe we are not able to do something we THINK we should be doing? Well, the idea to remember then is this, If we CAN’T take action on a thing, we are NOT SUPPOSED to be taking action on it. And anything we went to bed and were not able to do, simply only means that you were not supposed to do it that day. That is why the best time to take action on something is the moment we receive inspiration on it.

       When we know what inspiration is, where it comes from, and how to maximize its inflow by optimizing our state of being, we will then become more aware(conscious) of when we are receiving it. Once our higher self sees that we are mindful of its messages, our rate or inspiration will grow. And we will embody the eternal truth, that we do not go to heaven, we grow to heaven.