Visons Of The Future Earth: Jury Nullification

I am starting a new series of articles I will term Visions Of The Future Earth. They will reveal ways that are helpful to Humanity to transform itself.  After all 2013 is the year of Transformation. Transformation is necessary to herald in the New Earth. The Golden Age as predicted by many, including Yeshua(Jesus)

Humans awakening and removing their blindfoldsWhile meditating it came to me in a vision and I was able to see very clearly how easily and effortlessly Humans can and will take back their power. You see they have always held the power but they chose to sleep and slumber for a while and allow their government to take the power and lead them.

Well, ultimately power corrupts ultimately and Earth Governments have surely become and is highly corrupt, highly negative and separative. It is of service of self instead of service of others and the whole. The 1% is leading the 99%. They governments of the Earth is serving a very small minority who has actually been ruling controlling. But change is a constant so all things must change.

But do not fret for those that slept and do not feel ill for those that gorged as they sat on the throne, because both were not aware of what they were doing. Both were experiencing an illusion that served it purpose. Both had their intended experiences. And now in the Age of Aquarius the sleeper has awakened as they hear the clarion call from the trumpets that have sounded and are waking them. I present to you a blue print of how they will take back their power and how easily they will do it. And do so peacefully.

The Legal System and Jury Nullification

As corrupt as the legal system and the government are, it is not anarchy. It is still based on certain precedents and decisions that have to be made. Fortunately the system still allows for, in many ways, the ability for the people, who? the people, to have their day in court and to present their case for a decision in front of a jury of their peers. Anyone can actually sue for anything.

They will rise together as one and systematically nullify all unjust laws. I repeat, it matters not what laws these corrupt men passed in their own slumber, they can all be nullified by the people as unjust using Jury Nullification.

Jury nullification occurs in a trial when a jury acquits a defendant they believe to be guilty of the charges against them. This may occur when members of the jury disagree with the law the defendant has been charged with, or believe that the law should not be applied in that particular case.


A jury verdict contrary to the letter of the law pertains only to the particular case before it. If a pattern of acquittals develops, however, in response to repeated attempts to prosecute a statutory offense, this can have the de facto effect of invalidating the statute. A pattern of jury nullification may indicate public opposition to an unwanted legislative enactment.

As humanity wake up they will alleviate themselves en mass of this Jury Nullification and begin to systemically, easily and effortlessly refuse to honor all unjust laws. The people are the jury and in being so are also the judge, because the jury IS the judge, jury and executioner.

The power has never ever left the whole, the majority. All appearance of the people not having power are only illusionary. Look for Jury Nullification to play a substantial part in the awakening of Earth as humanity strikes down by refusing to honor or convict on any law that it believes does not serve the whole.

Unjust laws that are fit for overruling:

Rights of banks to take people homes claiming non payment of a debt, when they can’t prove that they incurred an debt in the first place.  Banks do not incur a debt; they use the rule of 9 set by the banking laws to create 9 times the money they have. You cant incur a debt for money you create out of thin air or by entering them into a computer. There was no debt to loan out. As soon as humanity awakens to this, it will be one of the first laws to be nullified by the people/jurists.

Consider what this means for a second. Banks will be sued and have to give back ALL the monies they have foreclosed for; not to mention that they will be sued for pain and suffering. It will not be long before….wait for it…..all banks are bankrupt.

And so as the banking system as it is now collapses, humanity will create new systems. I have already suggested one here. The fall of the banking system is inevitable and it will lead to the full nullification of the Federal Reserve, the private bank that is responsible to the unjust banking laws in question. The day is close at hand where America will put an end to a private bank managing their money.

Leave your ideas of other unjust laws that will soon fall and be nullified and I may add them to the article.

Stay tuned for other articles on the Future Visions of Earth as we herald in the Golden Age of Aquarius.


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