There Is No Such Thing as Non-Existence

This post is dedicated to Babaji who inspired it when I was reading about him on Babaji is the Ascended Master who taught Yeshua(Jesus) when he went to India as part of his training.

Ascended Master Babaji

We start with paradoxes

A seed contains within it all necessary power to create a mighty forest tree. And so, by comparison, it can be said that it is much more powerful than the tree. But a tree can produce a multitude of seeds, so which is more powerful? This is the paradox of which came first, the chicken or the egg. Creation is made up of paradoxes and now we see why.

The power in all paradoxes is that each opposing idea was created at the same time by an unseen divine intelligence. The Creator.

Whenever a thing defies the law of cause and effect, which states that nothing happens unless something causes it to happen, you are faced with prima facie evidence of divine intelligence in creation.

Creation is the greatest paradox of them all since all things go back to this single source, the first thing, what created this one thing? The answer, Nothing. It always was, and it always will be. Therefore, The Creator, the cause of all things in creation, having no creator, is the biggest paradox of them all. Ergo Creation is paradoxical.


Existence is the thing

This is how things are. This is the natural way of existence. Existence simply is. It always was and always will be. The alpha and the omega. In other words existence is the thing. What this means is their is no such thing as non existence. There can only the “illusion” of non-existence. Non-existence is something that was created so that it could be experienced, just like many other things, that don’t really exist.


Warning the following paragraph may explode your head.

There is no room for cold in the idea of hot. Cold is outside of hot. Similarly, existence is existence. There is no room for non-existence in existence, as such, everything exists in existence, including non-existence. Since we exist, we are in existence, ergo we exist where there is no such thing as non-existence.


Death is an illusion.
This is why energy can not be created or destroyed. Now that you know this, never fear anything again. You are eternal. This is the 1st law of creation. You exist and you always will. Is this not how unconditional love should be? 🙂

After reading and becoming familiar with the explanation of the Prime Radiant, you learn about creation and the creator Gods. Along the way one creator God came up with..played with the idea of a Universe where beings could experience “non-existence”. This idea sounded absolutely amazing and they set about building the very Universe we find our selves in right now.

Some of the ideas they create along the way as they played, was “death”, Lack, hurt, pain, ignorance, unknowing, and the granddaddy that facilitated them all fear. Fear was created to be the absolute opposite of what reality was, which was unconditional love. It is said that hate is opposite of love, but hate is just incidental to fear, a bi-product. Fear is the true opposite of love. It is fear that is the basis of all hate, all negativity. You replace hate with love and you still have fear, doubt, jealousy, non-compassion and all the usual suspects. But you replace fear with love and all the usual suspects are transformed, as they all have their basis in fear. Archangel Michael has said “fear is the poison in the hearts of man”.

Fear comes from the belief in being separate from the Creator. To know the Creator is to know unconditional love, which transmute all fear. To remove fear from your experience, know your creator through your connection to your soul.


And now Babaji come in 🙂

It stars by simply saying a version of Om Nama Shivay, which means “Lord, Thy will be done in me”. You see, in this Earth experience we have the free will to experience separation from The Creator, but when we are ready to rejoin and remove the must set the intention that we are ready to come back to the fold, if you will. The great Ascended Master Babaji has come, and will come again, to help humans who are ready to remove this separation experience. As one who is on this journey back I say to all reading…what are you waiting for? It is most beautiful this thing, unconditional love. Read about Babaji here. He just came into my awareness a few days ago via my connection with Yeshua (Jesus), so don’t feel bad. :-). I was reading the book Anna Grandmother of Jesus, which reveals much to those who are ready for answers.



So our Universe is a physical reality that was created as a place where fear and separation and limitation could be experienced and played with. It started out as an idea where separation from “the whole” (Creator) could be experienced and everything else just came out of that. In order to return to reality, you simply ask by intending that The Creators will be your will. 

In closing I paraphrase somethings that Metatron has said: “Most of creation is non physical, etheric in nature. Your physical Universe is one of many many Universes. Universes that are physical are like a grain of sand in number”. Existence is vast.


4 thoughts on “There Is No Such Thing as Non-Existence

  1. I came to this realization tonight after contemplation of the space time continueum. I do not remember the exact train of thought, but it had something to do with the hole in our mathmatical system created by the number 0. Which eventually led to the conclusion that God does exist because we perceive God, as we would not have possibly been able to concieve God if God did not exist. Please excuse me if that sounds narcissistic, as it is not at all intended to be. I do not think God exists because of us, as I am sure you understand.

    • I’m glad you have come to the conclusion that God exist. Your number 0 thing is kinda along the line of how I see know there has to be a creator…. because of the law of cause and effect. in physical reality, nothing happens unless something causes it to happen. Even if its just a thoughts. Actually mostly because of thoughts. So in the end, or in the beginning, everything has to go back to the one thing that created everything. Everything is in it. Everything comes from it, so existence is the thing. Any conceived experience of anything but existence is an illusion. Check out my take on explaining this prime radiant, this creator of ours in my article The Prime radiant.


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