The Eternal Now of the 5th Dimension

The Creator, creation, is eternal. What is it like being eternal? Humans are finding that out as we are awakening to the fact that time was just a concept we bought into. This believe came from our lower consciousness past when we were not able to conceive of higher forms of thought. Before we became conscious of TIME we were unconscious of it. We only knew 3 dimensions. Length, width and height. In the same way that a dog is not aware of the 4th Dimension of TIME.

Eternal Now

But as Humans evolved TIME came into our awareness. When it did, Humanity entered into the 4th Dimension of length, width, height and TIME. And now we ascend higher once again into the 5th Dimension. Which is 3 dimensions of space, length width and Height, and 2 of TIME. The first dimension of time we already know. But what is this second Dimension of time like? Well one can only try to explain it because it has to be experienced, just like you can’t explain it to a Dog what the 4th Dimension is like. But I will try.

In the 4th Dimension time is linear. We see the frames of the movie of our reality one frame at a time and the frames HAVE to be sequential, 14, 15, 16 etc. Once can not go from 14 to say 16. We can not skip the frames in 4th Dimension. But in 5th dimension time is no longer linear. You can go from frame 14 to frame 333. and then back to frame 20 etc etc.

In other words, in the 4th dimensions you have to go through the motions and the steps to create your reality. But in the 5th Dimension you can skip right to whatever you want to experience. For instance, in the 4th Dimension, if you want an apple, you better have some in the house or you will have to go through the linear steps of logic to obtain it. You have to go and get it, and finally you get to the frame where the apple is in your hand. In the 5th Dimension you think of the apple and it appears in your hand instantly.

If this seems impossible, what of the Humans who have already achieved the 5th Dimension during their lifetimes. We call them Avatars, prophets and Magicians. In our lower consciousness we were afraid of them and burnt them, crucified them etc. And all the while they told us that one day we shall do greater feats that they did.

Conal Universe

If consciousness can grow from the 3rd Dimension to the 4th, Why can’t it go to the 5th? Especially when we know for a fact that people have done these miraculous things? Have turned water to wine. Have walked on water etc. etc. Add on top of that that everyone who has ever channeled an Angel all report the same exact thing; That the Human race is ascending into a Dimension of consciousness where they will understand that Reality is an illusion that responds to our thoughts. And that when we master our thoughts, we shall master our reality.

Have you not noticed how TIME is speeding up? How the days and weeks seem to be moving faster. Doesn’t TIME fly when you are having fun? But slow to a crawl if you are not? So it makes sense that as we are becoming a more positive world that TIME will seem to go faster.

Time will continue to speed up until it hits a zero point at which point it will cease to be linear.

You know you are consciously entering the 5th Dimension when you realize that there is no past or future, that there is just eternal NOW. Your watch may have different logical markings on them, but in actuality it is always NOW. When its 5 o’clock its 5 o’clock, but its also NOW. when its 5:01 it is not 5 o’clock but guess what? it is also NOW. What time is it? it doesn’t matter what your 4th dimensional mind thinks, guess what? It is NOW. The time is always NOW because the Eternal NOW never ends.

So just like a linear time exists, but a DOG was just not aware of it, Time is eternal and it is always NOW. We are just not so aware of it. But eternal NOW is there.

Welcome to the Ascension. Welcome to experiencing the 5th Dimension.

4 thoughts on “The Eternal Now of the 5th Dimension

  1. I’ve been studying these things off and on since 2008, and most actively since mid 2013… and my perspective is incredibly sensitive or fine-tuned because of how clear all of this is to me. And I resonate with every word of your post, and you’ve simplified it in a way that I absolutely love. I view your post as pure higher logic (Bashar term), or pure 5th-dimensional logic, which it clearly is! My Higher Mind guided my fingers to type “5th dimension time” into google images, and thus, here I am. It is very nice to come across this post and know that yet another grasps these universal fundamentals so clearly and purely, all of the other spiritual interpretations aside. This, to me, seems to be a universal principle – this perspective of Time and the 5th dimension, thus it is one of the few objective truths in existence (true on every planet existing within this range of dimensions). Since most everything else thought to be objective is purely subjective, as we know.

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