A Law Is Not What You Think It Is

a smiling girl being arrested

a smiling girl being arrested

Think about the word LAW for a second. What it means to you. What it means in our society. How it is used.

My definition of a law is: something that can not be broken. It is in this understanding of a law that I propose the question:

If a law is only a law if it CAN NOT be broken, how many laws are humanity truly subject to?

Lots of talk these days about unjust laws being passed by out of integrity humans. Lots of groups are protesting more and more these unjust laws. It seems that each day I go on Facebook there is a new post about protesting a state senator here and a city councilman there. And at the center of all this are laws.

Lets take a look at what a law is an what it means when laws are passed that are opposed by the majority of the masses.

We live in a world where power corrupts and ultimate power corrupts ultimately. We all know this is a truth.

For a long time GOOD men have showed no interest in governing. This was mostly due to us being ruled by an iron fist with no say. We literally don’t know how. When you remove just men from the equation, you are left with unjust men. The affect for this is that the just masses now find themselves being ruled by unjust men. So we now see the cause and the affect of how humanity now finds itself in this position. Knowing this is crucial; by knowing the cause to any issue, it is easy to change it.

Just men

For now humanity needs a simple form of government; so we will need people to fill those positions. We need just people to be identified and put into these administrative positions. The key being administrative. We should have no regulations but administrative one. No laws, so no criminal laws, no punitive laws, no civil laws. All administrative regulations or statutes, something like that. Why?

What a law truly is

Humans have laws, but they are not truly laws, so why call them laws? Humanity in its current state of consciousness is incapable of creating laws on planet Earth. Why? Because a law is something that can not be broken. All human laws have been broken, violated or circumvented at one time or another. So calling them laws is an inaccurate statement to say the least.

The closest things are the laws of physics, things like the scientific law of gravity or the laws of physics that claim that nothing can exceed the speed of light, that speed being a constant. Well guess what? The speed of light is increasing! This means the speed of light is no longer a constant, which means it is not a law. In fact every law that man has claimed so far has been violated in some way. Am I saying there are no laws? No. There are known Laws Of Creation. What I speak of now is information that have been passed on through the ages by Ancient Mystery Systems in secret since the fall of consciousness.

4 laws of creation

Just like everything in science, man has discovered it. Before they knew it, they didnt know it. One can not know what one does not know, this is obvious. I mention this because their are actually 4 laws in all of creation. There may be more, but these have not been found yet. They are:

1. The law of existence.

You exist and you will always exist in some form. Your consciousness is energy and energy can not be created or destroyed. I believe human science teaches this in the 3rd grade. But humanity has not yet, as a whole, embraced that conscious is energy and that we are simply consciousness that is temporarily in a body. We existed before coming to the body and we will exist after it leaves. Some know this, others will come on board, as soon as their government tells them this. They are waiting to be told. But as addressed in the first paragraphs, we are currently governed by unjust men, so don’t hold your breath.

2. The law of one

The one is all and the all is one. At the very fabrics of creation all consciousnesses are joined as one. Not 2 0r 3 but 1. Not allegorically but literally. Yeshua(Jesus) taught that “…the father and I are 1…”, not 2 or 3 or 4, but 1. And so it is taught by all the great Prophets, and Avatars that have shared their message with humanity. No one took them literally and they could not expound on the idea because 2,000 years ago the consciousness of man was not developed enough to understand the complexity of the explanation that is now easily found in the 3rd law of creation. The law of cause & affect. It is said that the proof is in the pudding, well staying along this line, the proof of ultimate oneness is in the the law of cause & effect.

3. The 3rd law of creation

This law is the one humans are most familiar with. It is simply “what you put out is what you get back”. Also known as:

  • Karma
  • what you sow you reap
  • the chicken coming home to roost
  • Duality
  • Polarity
  • Paradoxes
  • Law of opposites
  • The law of attraction
  • Cause & Affect
  • and many other names to explain that what you put out, you get back. Which is why you turn the other cheek if you are wise.

But in order to focus on our oneness of consciousness we will go with Cause and Affect.

Cause & Affect

Means, nothing happens unless something causes it to happens. Or everything is preceded by something. For there to be an affect, there had to have been a cause. Now this is a law that has never been broken. Ultimately that cause is a thought, after all we are ultimately nothing but consciousness.

Think about it, you are not just reading this, there was a thought and a choice made to do so. Some people have already decided to stop :-), some like you, have continued. Prior to doing so you were doing something else which was preceded by a thought or action and a choice. Even without choice there are causes.

When one slips and falls, no thought or choice, but there was a cause, maybe a slippery floor. Pain in your toe from stubbing your foot on furniture; caused by your toe hitting the bed post. Ouch! a sound; caused by your vocal chords, caused by an involuntary contraction of throat muscles or something.

What about you? What caused you? Your parents of course, or maybe a scientist in a lab if you are a test tube baby. So people are caused by other people. What causes people? Animal life is ultimately caused by plants right. Plant protein. Lets move ahead or back a little faster. What caused plant life? My guess is the 5 elements:

  1. Earth
  2. Air
  3. Fire
  4. Water
  5. & Love

What caused them? Maybe all the elements in the periodic table. What caused them? The Earth and the stars. What caused the many many Suns. The big bang, what caused the big bang? The creator, the source, the prime Radiant, the first thing. Since its the first thing, it at one point had to be the only thing. So it was the only thing and it was conscious. We know it had to be consciousness because consciousness had to come from somewhere right? So here we have this one thing and its conscious. This is the one cause of all all consciousness including yours and mine. Now it is easier to understand the 2nd law of creation, how we are all one? You can read more about the Prime Radiant in depth.

4th law of creation

Change is a constant. Everything changes, except the first 3 laws which never change. We see proof of this in the impermanence of our reality. Things come and go. Even us. Even the planet Earth is constantly moving and is never in the same spot ever. Even in its daily cycle of spinning (24hrs) and its annual cycle of rotating(365.25 days) it is never in the same place. Because as the Earth travels around the Sun, the Sun is also traveling around another central Sun in the Pleiades constellation. 314519_296167227073582_1605172092_n

And that Sun is traveling around another sun. (see the cause and effect there?). The government does not ever mentions this…ever. That the Sun travels in a circle around another Sun. And the Universes do the same thing. Always in a spiral, always moving. This would imply a divine order to things.

The Divine Order of things

All these planets, Suns and Universes spinning in harmony and going someplace specific, as the spiral orbits would imply. There are many ways to make spirals, but there is only one way to make a Golden Phi Ratio Spiral, and that is using the ratio of 1.61803398875. 1.618 for short. All spirals created in nature are based on the Golden Ratio of 1.618.

Hidden in plain site is any Phi ratio spiral is the Fibonacci sequences, which is the simple intelligent act of adding the prior 2 numbers to create the 3rd number. 3 is caused by adding 1 and 2, 5 is caused by adding 2 and 3, 8 is caused by adding 3 and 5 etc. etc. Here is the First 12 numbers of the Fibonacci sequence:

1,1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144


Do you see how it is simple… but in order to find the next number, some intelligence is required. Guess what? All the planets and stars and universes are all traveling in Phi Ratio spirals. Guess what else? The government has never mentioned this to you ever. So do you really want to wait for the government of corrupt men, to tell you things?

Do you really want to continue to choose to follow their regulations and be regulated by them. I say regulations because I have taken the time to show you that there are only 4 laws in all of creation, not 4 or 5 or 6 or 7 but 4 laws.


In closing

So you have all these unjust laws, and even if they are not too unjust, they came from unjust men in an unjust system. You can apply the law of cause and affect and choose to throw them out, the men and their laws. You don’t have to follow them. There is nothing to fear also in doing so. Why? because where do they put violators of these regulations that were designed to regulate and limit us. They imprison them… where? in prisons. Last I check the government can’t even imprison the thousands of illegal immigrants that they try and regulate, how are they going to imprison millions, yet alone 7 billion people? Of course they can not. So do not be afraid of the threat of prison. The key is to act as one, and this should be simply as you are already one, and if you were paying attention this means you are actually also God. If you don’t see this, you can choose to re-read the 2nd and 3rd laws and The Prime Radiant. There is only one thing in creation.


Jury Nullification

Also, another way to easily nullify all unjust laws, as the people see fit, is by Jury nullification. In the recent trial of the killing of Trevon Martin, the jury could have thrown out the law and simply nullified it and let justice serve. In the future, humans will realize they ARE their government and they will nullify all unjust laws and choose for justice to prevail.

All these high profile murder cases, the Trevon Martin case, the O.J. Simpson case, are all here as teaching aids to help us see and to grow in consciousness. The creator respects our free will enough to not come out and say “hey change these unjust laws, you are your government”. It also loves us enough to not let us remain in this situation. What it will do is reflect them back to you in a very televised fashion so all can see, “hey something is wrong here, lets talk about changing this”. Creation is ensuring that we see what needs to change. Why does creation do this? All together now: because change is a constant. It is an eternal truth and a true law. Creation enforces it laws and everything will change. A central focus of Bhuddahs teaching is how everything is impermanent. Change is actually Godly.

Short History of change

  • Planet is flat. This has changed
  • The Romans were here, they changed in a big way didnt they. From owning the planet to being broke.
  • The planets has changed. all the landmasses used to be connected. (The government has never told you that)
  • Our stance on slavery has changed. (Still looking at you Romans)
  • Homosexuals. We have had tremendous changes in this, but not even half way there. Much new things to learn here as teens are being hung in the Arabias.
  • No black presidents. changed
  • Women can’t do anything. Changed.

will there be a woman president? Ofcourse. How do we know. The 4th law of creation demands this.

The Sun rising in the East. It used to rise in the West. (government is not telling you this). If the poles of the earth is reversed, the spin is reversed. Scientist are aware that the poles have reversed in the past. It is just not something that is spoken in public for some reason.

Extra Terrestrials. we never believed, now 80% of humans belive in the existence of ET’s. Changed

I can go on, but you get the picture. Feel free to leave your own additions to the list of changes in the comments.

So in summary. Good men have allowed unjust men to govern them. These men claim to be gods whose bidding are unbreakable laws. We now know this is a false. There are only 4 laws(that we know of) that can not be broken and none of them are mans. We also know that what IS a law is that we can change this any time(4th law of creation) we choose to(3rd law of creation) all we have to do is act as 1(2nd law of creation) and continue with our God given existence without fear of ceasing to exist(1st law of creation). I believe part of Master Yeshua’s (Jesus, Jesus’s name was Yeshua Ben Joseph and somehow the government has not told you this. Even in Christian Nations) teachings were about these 4 laws. He Said I and the father are 1 (2nd law), You will have eternal life (1st law), Turn the other cheek and leave it to God to take care of other people (3rd law).

So act as one and know that you do not have to follow any unjust law. Say “arrest all of us”. If one is arrested all will be arrested. I say how many protests I have watched on TV or in the papers where I see one of the protesters being arrested and everybody else just sit there and watch it. I want to yell at the TV…“um…you are a crowd of 5000 people, demand that you all be arrested. They can’t do it!” I repeat, it can not be done! I used to oversee prisons all over the U.S. I assure you it is not possible. This is why Occupy Wall Street is still around. It is not possible to arrest them all.

smiling woman being arrested

Do not uphold unjust laws when sitting on a jury.

No matter what the unjust judge says. Remember these laws were written by unjust men, and until we have put just men in administrating our new governments, we do not have to uphold them. There is even legal precedent for this. It is called jury nullification. Learn it, love it, use it. This works both ways, to release the innocent and to convict the truly guilty. (You know who you are.) The sleeper must awaken. This is the 4th law.


It is Likes that attract, not opposites


Why are we even having this discussion? Well as the Earth get further and further along the Ascension process, our veils are being lifted more and more. We are therefore remembering more and more about how creation works. And my present desire is to write about the false premise we have been living under; that: “opposites attract”.


Old way of thinking, opposites attract

We were all brought up under the idea of how opposites attract. Well, lets take a look at the validity of this shall we. Actually look at it, consciously.

If opposites did really attract, homosexuality would not exist. How could it? Males would only be attracted to females and females would only be attracted to males. But of course in this day and age we know that male attracting to male and vice versa is very common. So opposites attract does not seem to work there.

What about social sects? Do rich people seek out poor people? Are attractive people always with and end up marrying unattractive people? Of course not. People tend to be with other people of similar interests. You’ve heard the saying “you too make a good couple” or “you look good together” or “you are a perfect fit”. This is not said because of the differences between people, but the similarities. Experts in fact are saying that having more in common makes for healthier relationships.



Now why is it that we sometimes see two very unlike people together. For instance a sweet woman with a harsh, mean, and cruel man? In these cases it is their similar unresolved patterns/habits that are attracting. She has a pattern or habit of being around men who are like that and he has a pattern/habit of the idea of humiliating or being cruel to women. Both patterns were likely spawned by the same event of being exposed to this type of male figure, this behavior, when they were both young. These patterns may even have originated before this particular life time. They may have came in with these patterns. But as you see even with couples who may appear on the surface to be opposites, there is a  single underlying similarity that is shared. It is this common pattern that makes them both want what the other has to offer. The woman would constantly go back to him and the man will always be sorry for what he did because, as you see, they need each other in order to feel whole. They are drawn together like two magnets, and much like magnets, they are drawn together because they are both seeking the same thing. And that is how they complete each other. The law of attraction gives them both what they need out of unconditional love for the choice that each of them is choosing to make; in each now moment. Nothing is stopping them however from choosing otherwise, and many women do choose to stop the cycle. This is usually done by realizing (real eyes) the belief, that creates the thoughts that elicits the emotions. Change the belief and you control the emotion. They were after all only addicted to the drug, the feeling that came from the way the emotions made them feel.



In a study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences in July of 2003, researchers quizzed 978 heterosexual residents of Ithaca, N.Y., between the ages of 18 and 24. First, the participants rated the importance of 10 attributes of a long-term partner, and then rated themselves on the same scale. When the results were tallied, self-perception was more likely to match mate perception.

This conclusion was: “In Western society, humans use neither an ‘opposites-attract’ nor a ‘reproductive-potentials-attract’ rule in their choice of long-term partners, but rather a ‘likes-attract’ rule based on a preference for partners who are similar to themselves across a number of characteristics.”

The above was taken from an article entitled “do opposites attract?”. The internet is loaded with studies that are now showing that opposites, definitely do not attract.


New way of thinking. Like attracts like

In actuality opposites do not attract. what is really going on in reality is that like is always attracting like. As we indirectly learned above, You always tend to see 2 attractive people together, for the most part. People of the same height, size etc. together, for the most part. So in social sects, the norm is that like attracts like. And when we see apparent opposites together, look for the commonality or pattern that binds them together.



But what about magnets? Clearly we see in science that magnets with opposing polarity attract? Well if you apply the labels that humans have attributed to what is really going on, it does appear that way. But what is actually happening is similar to our above couple and their common patterns. To how it works in magnets and metals we must shift the perspective of our thinking slightly. Put simply, element A has something element B wants, and element B has something element A wants, and they both want to get what the other has. They have similar needs. So in essence it is what they both have in common that is attracting them together. They both want each other. If only A wanted B and B did not want A, the circuit would not complete and there would be no attraction, no magnetism. But since they both want the same thing, their similarity invokes the law of attraction. I can’t provide a more scientific explanation about atoms and electrons etc. because I don’t have that background. My beliefs on this are intuitive. But I’m certain when you get down to the electrons and atoms of it all, we are looking at the same thing. If anyone reads this who does have a scientific understand of the wants of each element, please share in the comments.


Being whole

At play here also is the idea of being whole. The couple who are together due to a common pattern becomes whole when they find each other. They believe this negative behavior is who they are, so they are trying to become whole.

2 couples making love. One is male gender and the other female gender. They both want to get back into that higher state of being where they both come from. In the higher realms there is no gender. The vibrational conscious of Angels encompasses both. The creator, the Angels are not male or female, they are both. The idea of gender comes from the polarization of this energy and splitting it into what we call male and female.

What is going on between male gender and female gender is less about what is going on in the physical body, and more about what is going on in the spiritual body. What is happening in the spiritual body is the desire of consciousness to go back home. To be who they think they truly are. They want to be whole again. The desire to unify comes from a common goal, not from an uncommon one.

There is a logical explanation for unifying due to a common goal, there is no logic for unification due to opposing goals.You can say “these things attract because they are opposites” all day long, but you can’t explain the logic of why. A sensible explanation comes only form their common unity.


Why do homosexuals attract?

The idea of attraction being based on common unity also sheds a logical explanation on homosexuality. Why would a male be attracted to a male and a female be so attracted to a female? Remember that what driving the unification is on the spiritual level. We are not just our bodies. We are mind, body and soul(spirit).  Sexual attraction is also based on spiritual aspects, as I mentioned above. Spirit is both masculine and feminine energy. The physical body of the human species is splint into male or female. Male body has masculine energy, and the female body houses feminine energy. But we are not just our bodies, we are mind, body and spirit, the true holy trinity. The spirit of man can be masculine or feminine in nature also. So even though someone incarnates into a male body, their spirit may be feminine energy. We hear all the time “I was born this way” and guess what? They were. When someone tells you who they are believe them.

So what is going on when we see a gay couple, irregardless of if its 2 men or 2 women, we are seeing feminine energy and masculine energy attempting to become whole.Humans have focused on the body because before they only believed in things they could see. But now everyone knows about spirit and our definitions are changing. Again, this is the only logical answer that explains why same genders would attract.

Our spirit incarnates as both male and female. We take turns. Sometimes we may prefer one to the other and live our life as that one. When we finally choose to have a life as the other, this can create some confusion because what you may have is a feminine energy spirit who is now in a male body. This is what is occurring naturally in creation so no need to be afraid of the situation.  Humans were of negative energy remember so they naturally react in fear to something they do not understand. But for the most part we are not afraid of this anymore.  In the future as we understand what is happening, hopefully by you sharing this article, the truth will spread. Gays are cool right?

Similarly magnets are of one vibration that was separated into 2 vibrations. Now these two vibrations long to become one again, hence the attraction. More on duality and polarity.


Attraction through thoughts

There is a definite connection between our thoughts and the reality we experience. Gang members think a certain way. These thoughts consist of things like “one day someone will kill me”, or “I’ll kill someone”. So they attract other gang members with the same thought. This is why gang members are always killing other gang members. The lady who has a child who is not a gang member and this child gets killed by a stray bullet through a window, is always having the thoughts similar to “one day these gangs are gonna kill my baby with all this shooting”. Thoughts are vibrational frequency that attracts the people places and things that we experience.

Remember thoughts are all that truly exist. In heaven, the higher realms where we exist, our thoughts provide instant manifestation of what we are thinking. this is how things are set up by a creator who wants everyone to have everything they desire.

Our reality operates on the same principals. Nothing has changed except there is a mathematical matrix, a formula at work that slows down the appearance of what we are thinking so that our thoughts do not instantly happen. Why? Well its a gift. Our vibrational level is too low. In other words, we were much too negative. Our thoughts would destroy us way too fast. Negative energy is destructive, separative, segrative, diversifies, breaks apart, doesn’t allow harmonious communication, is discordant, jagged, and in fear. If we did not have the manifestations slowed down, we would be constantly going through the death process and there would be no time to have full experiences in a life time. Think about it. If you wanted someone gone, they would be gone. If someone hurt you, you would simply hurt them back instantly. Imagine for a moment if everyone on Earth now had the ability to do anything they thought? Yes it would be quite interesting to say the least. Disagreements would escalate quickly into mass destruction. Because that is the nature of negative energy.

As our vibration increases and it has increased and it will continue to increase. And the overall energy of our group consciousness gets positive, and it will after December 21, 2012, we will see an decrease in the time it takes for our thoughts to manifest. And they will eventually manifest instantly. This will happen when we are fully in the 5th dimension. Some of us already are. Now it makes sense how Yeshua(Jesus) could turn water to wine, feed the masses with a few loafs of bread, heal the sick, and raise the dead. He was a human who rose his vibration to that of the 5th dimension. In his own words “all that I have done , you too will do , and more”. He did it by becoming more positive, more loving. This is what he meant by “I am the way”. He was saying, I am love.


Thoughts are electric

The fastest way to experience something you don’t want to happen is to worry about it. Worrying is repeating a thought in a loop over and over again. thoughts are electric, and when you wrap an electric current around something (the idea you are worrying about) it creates a stronger and stronger magnetic effect. It creates magnetism to this thing you think about. This is why it is said “you get more of what you focus on”. The good news is, wise people focus on things they want, and they get that faster.


Emotions are magnetic

Now worrying, or having constant looping negative thoughts, are often associated with an emotion. This is why emotions are said to be magnetic, because they are basically the electric thoughts that have looped over themselves thereby creating a magnetic field. We experience this field as an emotion. Constantly thinking about whether something bad may happen in the future can feel like the emotion of fear, or doubt, or anger etc. The next time you feel a string emotion in your body focus on it. See if you can feel how it is magnetic, how there is a pull there. And as you calm down and the pull fades, see if you can see how it was just a build up of a magnetic charge. Be aware of how your mind is looping this thought over and over, and over. You will notice that as the looping subsides, so will the magnetic charge. Consider for a moment how much negativity you were attracting into your reality with such a strong magnetic pull. Now you see the need for the slow down of the matrix that allows for instant manifestation. You would have instantly attracted people, and things to make you angry and upset because that is what you were magnetizing to your reality. It would have made you more angry and the situation would become dire quickly and someone would have gotten seriously hurt. But now, the matrix gives you a chance to calm down, and then later, in a few hours, a few days, spread out over a week, you will slowly experience a police officer who gives you a ticket, a flat tire, some bad health issue etc. and slowly you will experience all the negativity you put out. Because this is law. Everyone must experience what they put out.

Now Imagine when you keep thinking positive thoughts? The feelings build up, you feel the emotion of joy, it feels expansive, warm, you smile and beam light. Your heart feels this amazing energy and if you were having intercourse, the energy might even be explosive and ecstatically blissful. We all know how good that can feel. And it is electric is it not? You want to be closer and closer to the person do you not? You want to be one with this person. And over time if you remain positive, loving and open, you will experience little things here and there over time that will keep you in that vibration, if you let it. Over time you will experience all the positive energy you gave off. Because this is law, you must experience what you put out.

Constantly thinking about something positive over and over creates the emotion of happiness or joy. Now our body is clearly telling us by how each emotion feels, which emotions are in our best interest. This is why I work on eliminating negative emotions and focusing on positive ones. Because what we focus on is a choice. Habits of man may say otherwise, but we can all retrain ourselves to control our thoughts, thereby controlling our emotions. Beliefs create thoughts, thoughts create emotions, and it is those emotions that have a huge impact in the people places and things we experience.


Law of Attraction

The laws of creation, unlike man’s laws, can not be broken. There are 4 known laws of creation.They are unbreakable.

  1. You exist
  2. The one is all and the all is one
  3. What you put out you get back
  4. Everything changes except the first 3 laws.

The 3rd law of creation is the law of attraction, “what you put out you get back”. It relates to this article as the phrase “like attracts like”. But what the law of attraction basically states is that everything vibrates at a frequency. That frequency will attract like frequency. If you are putting out a mean, angry frequency you will attract people places and things that will keep you in that frequency. Wise conscious people do not do this. People do this unconsciously all the time.  If you however are putting out the frequency of Happiness, joy, and love, you will attract into your reality the people places and things to keep you in that frequency. This is the law that allows the free choice of man, as allotted by the creators, in this illusionary reality we live in. The Angelic realm has provided much on the topic of the law of attraction.



So what do we do with this?  First we should stop propagating the false myth that opposites attract. This is not true. The Universe is built on love and love allows choice.

The idea  that opposites attract is just an arbitrary concept created in the mind of man, similar to how we created the concept of time, which does not truly exist either, but was created as a tool.

Second, we need to rethink everything we have been applying this to in science and take a look at the different potentials that reveal themselves once we look at nature how it truly is.

We may now solve some serious issues that we were not able to see the solutions to prior. Some things may now become obvious when we look at them from this fresh perspective.