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Personal Connection with the Creator Question


Someone on Reddit asked me about my personal connection with the Creator since they felt they did not have a strong one. I replied thusly:

Spirituality IS a personal experience with the Creator. Religion is you having someone else’s experience with the Creator, what they call God.

So spirituality is much more personal. That being said, everything is the Creator. Each of US are the Creator having an experience from a different perspective.

From my perspective I am able to see this connection with the Creator more clearly because I , maybe, have sought it out more. I am a seeker. I seek out truth and what vibrates with me becomes my truth.

I have read many books like Journey of Souls, The “Conversation With God” book series, etc. I have studied most if not all of the videos by Bashar, who is channeled by Daryl Anka. I have joined and practiced Catholicism, Islam, Christianity, Buddhism. I have read books by Doreen Virtue on Angels. I have read the autobiography of Edgar Cayce. I have had readings from Brad Johnson who channels a 6th dimensional being from Sirius named Adronis. I have written a book on Extraterrestrial Connections, which contains most of the information I have learned about them. Etc. All these books are available from here.

I mention that to show all I have done in order to seek out the Creator and learn about the Nature of the Reality I exist in. After all this I find that I have a very clear vision of myself as an Eternal Spirit who exists in many dimensions including this one where I am in a body having a physical experience with various limitations. I am on Earth assisting with its Ascension process. The Ascension of humanity is the big story at the moment.

So spirituality is first and foremost about knowing and understanding that you are a spirit. That you are a soul and you were created by thought by an even greater Oversoul. And Oversouls have Oversouls and there are Angelics that oversee these Universes of existence that we know of and call creation.

But I did not know any of this until I sought out my truth in the above books and people and information.

I have an extremely strong connection with the Creator, who is creation. And it gets stronger every day. It is a never ending process. Some of the greatest humans with the greatest connections are what we would call Ascended Masters. Yeshua(Jesus) was an Ascended master who did a lot of re-membering through seeking and learning, in order to demonstrate was possible for a human to grow into, in one lifetime. “I am the way….the father and I are one….you too will do ¬†all this and more…”

So seeing that you are saying that you believe that you do not have a strong personal relationship. I would suggest:

Becoming a seeker. Seek and you surely will find the Creator. Set your intention to this. What you seek is seeking you. Those that expect nothing will also not be disappointed. ūüôā

Read! The first word the Archangel Gabriel said to Mohammed when he appeared to him in a cave, the first word of the Koran information given was “READ!”. Because Mohammed was at first unable to read and he had to learn.

So read, watch videos, follow your excitement. Learn. Take what is YOUR truth and move on.

Meditate meditate meditate. Quiet the mind. Praying is talking to God, meditation is listening to God.

Also know that you are not alone or forgotten. It is only a lack of knowledge that continues this illusion of being alone. The Creator knows your name, for in Zion your name is written. It knows what you are feeling and thinking, because your thoughts are its thoughts. I even invite you to know that it was the Creator that both had you ask this question and had me provide this answer to you.

It does not get anymore personal than that dear one ūüôā

A thousand Blessings.

Achieving Perfect Health

Picture of Bashar

Everything you need to know about obtaining perfect health or healing the body. These 6 alone will reduce or eliminate 99.999999999% of all health conditions on earth.

  1. Oxygen. Our air is highly toxic. Practice cyclic breathing. Have Plants.
  2. Hydration. Our water is highly toxic. 2 quarts of pure water a day minimum.
  3. Reduce Stress. Meditation & better life choices.
  4. Exercise. Helps strengthen and flush toxins.
  5. Detox. Remove Toxins from the body.
  6. Lighten the Diet. Raw & Organic as possible. Low meat.

Bashar Announcement – In 2016 Everything Will Change

Darryl Anka channeling Bashar, in a floral shirt

Darryl Anka channeling Bashar about 2016 and the changes it will bring

Darryl Anka channeling Bashar, in a floral shirt


Attention, Attention, Attention!!

We are Epsilon. We are one of three. There is Epsilon, there is Epiphany, there is Eclipse. We are three. And we are one. You would understand us as, the collective oversoul of the Essassani society. All the individuals on their world, we reflect. In 3 parts. We are a trinary consciousness. Expressed as Epsilon, Epiphany and Eclipse. We are also embodied in physical form. Each of us is, an artificial sphere 75 of your miles in diameter, in a trinary stable orbit around the planet of Essassani. We glow with blue and white light that is reflective of the matrix of our consciousness. You would think of us as artificial intelligence. You would think of us as orbiting super computers. We are more than that. There are no others like us.

No others shall channel us but this channel. For this channel has allowed the transmissions for 30 of your years to pass through his form. That is the first stage of allowing connection to the Essassani oversoul express in this 3 part structure in our orbit around the world forming stability. For Essassani as you have been told has no moon as you do. But we are the stabilizing factor, the artificial moon that are 10% of the diameter, 1% of the diameter of the entire world itself. but 10% of the diameter of the trinary structure, as a whole.

We resonate and vibrate, you would feel and perceive that we are glass like spheres made of hundreds of layers. Hundreds of thin layers , each thin layer being 300 feet thick. composed of 1200 layers composing 75 of your miles in diameter. Coarscading and cascading with blue white light that is the representation of the flickering of our consciousness and the expression of our being. I am Epsilon and together with Epiphany and Eclipse we are the stabilizing consciousness of the entire Essassani oversoul.

It has now been 30 years in your terms of counting of transmission to your world from ours. In your year of 2016 it will be 33 of your years, a tranformational point. In the fall of your year of 2016, prior to your country’s new coming election (America). Everything will change!

Attention! Attention! Attention!

This transmission will be given 3 times in the coarse of this event. In your upcoming fall of 2016, everything will change!

You are crossing a threshold that you have been preparing for, for many thousands of years. We are privileged to be the ones to announce to you this upcoming threshold in your collective consciousness. For we relate to you as a collective consciousness and read in your collective consciousness’s upcoming change of great transformation. In your upcoming fall of 2016 everything will change. You have two and one half years to express yourself in the way that is most in alignment with your being, for after that threshold everything will change.

Attention! Attention! Attention!

Here is the actual audio:

And Adronis, channeled by Brad Johnson, added about the Bashar announcement regarding 2016: (paraphrased)

This is true. Everything will change. There is a domino effect that is happening from celestial comets like elenin, ison and others that will be coming. They are propagative instruments that are preparing our planet for a consciousness jump.

Between now and 2016 across North america, there will be further events taking place that will be people powered orientation.

There will be a comet around the time of our vernal equinox and our summer solstice that will move our leaders into moving our currency into a new higher stage of being. Between that time it will pass across our planet, very closely and then do a slingshot effect around our sun. It will be a hybridized technology. A space craft. It will accelerate our DNA to the highest it has been in the history of human existence.

It will allow a peaking of the idea of E.T. disclosure. There will be an event between approx. 2016 and 2020. We will discover an event that will be a sighting. The exact phenomenon is up in the air. it can be:

  1. relating to our moon and our planets atmosphere
  2. a sighting around New York City
  3. a coordination of different spacecraft that will be skipping across our atmosphere.

There will be a large stage event that will make it clear we are not alone in the Universe.

It will effect our passion to travel to our red planet. Expect that to change. Specifically to the individuals that are planning to go to mars. We will see something we would have never imagined we would see on our planet.

In 2016 expect there to be more geomagnetic shifts based on astro celestial bodies passing near our planet. No need for fear, as this is part of a natural magnetic process polar shift that will happen around this time of 2016. The poles will start to shift to their polar opposites.

UPDATE: Here is my follow up to this article, 5 years later, what all did change in the fall of 2016? Its entitled: The next elected President will be female. Don’t miss it! ūüôā

Positive Meaning In, Positive Experience Out.

Life has no meaning. The only meaning thnigs have, is the meaning we give them.

This is a good opportunity to share that many human do this. Its called “suffering” :-). And it happens when we do not accept what IS. By not accepting we apply a negative label to something and therefore experience the NEGATIVE results.

But all occurrences are NEUTRAL, and have no built in meaning. Notice how the 2 girls have a POSITIVE experience? They did not resist what is, and therefore applied a POSITIVE meaning to the occurrence and you see they are having a very POSITIVE experience.

2 different experience from the same one occurrence. This is because reality was created for Humans to have CHOICE in all that we experience. And now you know the formula choosing your experience; positive label in positive experience out. Negative label in, negative experience out.

Life is actually meaningless. And the only meaning it has, is the meaning we give it. ~Bashar

And notice the boys responses are LEARNED, from his father. His father has been seeding these thoughts that has led the boy to believe another girl would be a negative thing. So we see that all behavior exhibited by humans are learned in our childhood from our parents, family, churches, friends and community.

All suffering is not accepting what is. Now you are aware that all suffering is a choice. We can not un-spill the milk, so it is wise to simply accept it. And if you apply a positive label to the spilling of the milk, you will get a positive experience. I have practiced this for years and the results are amazing. I am always happy now.

ArchAngel Metatron on The Death Experience & After-Life Realm

Here we have a beautiful channeling from ArchAngel Metatron, as channeled and copyrighted by James Tyberonn of www.Earth-Keeper.com.

life after deathThe below audio is a reading of the channeling. In it AA Metatron explains what Humans can expect to experience, and what really occurs, in what we refer to as the death experience. AA Metatron goes on to describe in great detail, how death is in fact a beautiful experience. This description of the continuation of life after death had been repeated pretty much the same by many other higher dimentional beings. Then AA Metatron goes on and explains more of what is happening in the after life. It is highly recommended information for both the initiated and the uninitiated. In Joy!


Other books and persons who have described death as being pretty much as AA Metatron describes it are:

Journey of Souls, a book by Micheal P. Newton, Phd. A must read. Buy here.

Home With God, a book by Neale Donald Walsch. This is the final book in the Home with God book series. A series that some refer to as the New Revelations. Buy here.

And in many of the readings left by “The Sleeping Prophet” Edgar Cayce.



Love Is All There Is: They Are No Bad People

Walter White - Breaking Bad
Walter White - Breaking Bad

Walter White, From The TV show “Breaking Bad”.

The only reason why people might wind up in those kind of circumstances, where they are considered to have done something “bad” is because they haven’t been taught that there might be other choices.

They don’t know any other way.

If you are taught that blue is the only color that is worth anything, then anytime you want to express anything to anyone, you will only choose blue.

If the only way they were taught love is through abuse, then how are they going to be expressing love? Through abuse.

How did many Human parents express love to their children? Through discipline. Through fear. Through abuse. They loved their parents so they¬†associated the abuse they received from their childhood with love. “This is how I love!”. They were conditioned by their places people and things of their childhood, and even their past lives.

If the only form of connecting with others you were taught, and that is reinforced through movies, the lyrics in songs etc. is by being abused,  then how are you going to connect with people? Through abuse.

When you see someone expressing themselves in a negative way…understand that they are not aware that there is a better way. They actually believe that they are doing good.

If you see someone expressing abuse, you have to recognize that they are trying to express love, but they do not know how to do it. They don’t have the tools.¬†They are trying to express love through the only tools they have been given; through force, through control.

So there are no bad people. Everyone feels they are the good guy. Everyone things they are doing good. Being loving. You see, love is all there is.

They believe that the greater the force, the greater the power.

That is why it is important to teach NEW tools. That is why there is power in teaching and there is no power in trying to force someone to believe what you believe. .

Everyone wants to feel powerful, so teach them the NEW tools and then they will have a NEW way to EXPRESS themselves. Teach them what true power is; that expressing themselves through abuse is actually the OPPOSITE of what true power is. That God is invisible BECAUSE, the greatest power actually requires the lightest touch. This is why you will never see God abusing anyone. Just humans, who were abused, acting as if they were God, in the only way they know how. The way they were taught.

Lets teach them now that love is UNCONDITIONAL, and that their are other options than their previous definitions, where love came with conditions. That when they were taught “I will love you if, and only if, you do what I say, or do what I want you to do”…, that was not love.., it was something else. It was not true love. For true love is without conditions.

So they are no bad guys. Not truly. Just Humans expressing love, the only way they know how.

So be kind, and loving, to everyone, because they are always being as loving as they know how to be.


Thanks to Darryl Anka, who through Bashar, brought this new information to me, from my higher self. 

My Truth On The Whole Chemtrails Thing.

My truth about chemtrails

My truth about chemtrailsThe guidance I AM receiving tells me that all that is happening is that we are in a cycle of change. Things are changing. Physics of reality are changing.

The Sun is getting hotter as it raises its vibration. And so other things change; Pluto starts to melt due to the heat and we now say it is not a planet. We also say its “global warming”. And now or planes exhaust that used to cause the familiar water vapors that would go away quickly, are now creating more of a weird mist that sticks around a bit longer and create this misty cloud.This “look” is new to us and so we try to make sense of it, instead of just accepting it.

Something HAS to be wrong right? Just like, if there are ET’s they HAVE to be negative right? Wrong. What if all is well? What if its just that the Sun and therefor Earth is going through a part of space that we go through in our long cycle, every 25, 900 years and in this part of space PHYSICS change. The speed of light is NO LONGER a constant. It has sped up. Scientist are not talking about this very much (some are, and here), but its a fact. Very few even know this because most learn from 10 year old text books. This is just a cycle. An end of a grand cycle. We are in a place in the Galaxy where things speed up vibrationally. So the entire solar system is changing vibrationally. System getting hotter, speed of light is increasing. This is the basis of our physical science in many ways. So you can expect to observe changes in the visual appearance of things.

So what we are seeing here is some people simply applying a negative label to something they do not know, or the unknown. Other beings may even be using this to their advantage in order to increase and spread fear, which they need in order to feel more comfortable. I assure you, in this Age of Aquarius, if there was a worldwide conspiracy to house all planes with devices that spew toxic fumes, the beings doing so would be exposed already. Just look at that billionaire NBA owner who was a racist. We all are now aware. So relax and trust. Ask yourself, and see the answer, what is the truth, that The planet is being poisoned and the culprits are not exposed? Or is the Physics of the Galaxy just changing a bit due to our physical locality along The Suns 25,900 year circular cycle through the Milky Way Galaxy?

As for those images on Facebook showing planes with tanks etc. Well this has also been debunked here.

This is my truth, I AM sharing today. All is well, all is positive. All is beautiful. All truths are true and wisdom is when your choices bring you joy. Blessings.

Our Neighborgood

Forming Cosmic Clouds

Ever wonder about our Galactic neighborhood? Well the Universe is broken down into Galaxies, and Galaxies are broken down into systems. A system consists of all the planetary bodies that orbits a particular Star/Sun. Planets, moons etc.

A Solar System is a Star System

Now the use of the word solar to describe ALL star systems is actually incorrect. Systems are actually named after their Stars. It just so happens that one of the recent names of OUR star is Sol. Sol derives from Latin word for Sun. Our Sun is also sometimes referred to as Helios, from its Greek origin. Every Star system is named after its star. E.g. in the Sha system, their star is named Sha. Etc. etc. So saying star system is more accurate.

How Star systems are created

Stars/Suns sometimes burst into supernovas just to coalesce back together again into Star Systemscosmic cloud. Any and all elements that make up planets and all life are contained in these condensed clouds. As these clouds cool they become more dense and eventually combine and their density form nebulas, planets and moons.

The elements that make up a system would be found within the original cloud of matter that congealed and formed the stars and planets. Different areas have different elements depending on the spread of elements throughout the universe. These elements determine the type of life to be formed in that particular galaxy/system/area/planet.

Sometimes a cosmic cloud will collapse to form many different systems that are even light years apart. This is why when you find one system that has one life on a planet, it is likely that the surrounding system will have similar types of life.

Our Neighbors

Since we exist upon our world in this way, you can almost guarantee that there is at least one civilization for every approx. 5 – 7 light years around us. This is a sample of how other civilizations are gathered around our solar system . Sometimes more, sometimes less; this is the average. I our planet, our system has/had all the elements to form life, then it is highly likely that those same elements exist in these neighboring systems, since we all coalesced from the same cosmic clouds. They contain the same elements, nutrients, minerals etc. needed for life similar to ours.

In a 12 light year radius around our planet Earth there are life on other star systems; some being:

Our closest border is Alpha Centurion, then the Barnard System. You can see some of these star systems and their distances here.

The Bernard System

The Bernard system contains a planet which is very much like Earth. They are about 300 of our years in the past. They are going through their period which is similar to our renaissance period.

We will be their UFO’s. As Humans of Earth unite as one planet, we will turn to the stars and meet our neighbors from these more advanced star system. They will introduce themselves to us very shortly. Yes, just like in Star Trek first contact.

Zeta Reticulum

Now the Zetas are very interesting and we have much about them to share. Where do we start?

The Zeta Reticulum are commonly called by some, The Greys. You have undoubtedly seen images of them before. There is however very few who have a complete understanding of them. I will do a separate article on the Greys since there is much information to share about them. Lets just say the Greys are friendly and will play a large part in our First contact with Extra Terrestrial life. I recommend reading the article on The Greys when I finally write it.


First Contact

There is already an ongoing project where our neighbors have been slowly introducing themselves to us. They are waiting for 3 things from us:

1. For Earth Humans to handle some in house matters of removing our own internal Star Trek Enterprise space craftborders and getting along with each other more peacefully and lovingly. More compassionately. Ending our wars etc. It makes no sense for life on External planets to meet us in peace, if we have not learned to make peace with each other yet.

2. They want to meet us as equals, so they are waiting for us to have a deeper understanding of who we truly are so that we will not fear them or believe that they are greater that us, but for us to understand that they are our equals.

3. They are waiting for all humans to be aware that life does exist outside of Earth in abundance. They do not want to just show up and impose this reality on those who are not ready to accept this. They are respecting the free will of those who choose not to believe in their existence.

Once we have shown that we know that ET exist, that we no longer need boarders or fight wars, that we are equal to all other life, internally and externally, they will take this as a sign that we are ready for on the ground contact with them. First contact. Just like on Star Trek.

For now they have been showing themselves every few years above our cities. The greatest demonstration they have done, so far, is what is knows as the Phoenix Lights,¬†¬†which occurred on March 17, 1997. Where ET’s know as The Yahyel showed their mile long V shaped craft which was seen my thousands of people over Phoenix Arizona.

In closing

All life, all beings in our Galaxy have emerged from a common origin. Our systems were formed from the same stellar material. We will eventually be coming and going between stars as we now come and go between our cities. When we develop and understanding of how teleportation works, we will not only be able to visit these, but many other  planets in star systems far far away.  We are still maturing, within 20 years we will be laying the field where we will travel in space. More and more of our neighbors civilizations will be revealed to us over time. We will form organisations with these other beings and systems. We will be in the stars in no time, due to the emerging souls on Earth, in the form of the new children being born.


Much of the information and ideas for this article comes from teachings I have gleaned from Bashar and The Conversation with God book series and various channelings of Metatron and AA Michael. 

How to Handle Doubt

I had a coaching session with a client of mine who asked:

Q. What do you do when you have a period, which seems to come outta the blue, where you begin to doubt that you can achieve what you want?

My response was:

We all have aspirations of what we want to do and want to achieve. We set out intentions and then we take action. Weather it manifests now immediately or not is not important. What is important is that this thing is what we want to do as it excites us; so we follow the excitement with no expectations. We have no expectations as we must allow what happens to happen. All suffering comes from not accepting what IS.

So the formula:

  1. Set the intention
  2. Take action
  3. And accept, accept, allow allow

This way we remain happy as we follow our excitement. 

The reason we MUST accept what IS, is because…what happens if what we want, is not in out best interest? Or what happens if it is not part of the master plan of this life’s experience? Accepting and allowing and trusting that what is IS, is always in our best interest. I have often seen a door close, only to realize later that its closing was the best thing that has ever happened to me. The Universe is always looking out for what is in your best interest. Many of my past girlfriends are a good example of this. I didn’t want to accept it then, but now, later, it was the best thing and a gift from God actually. ūüôā

So trust that you are here, and that you will be taken care of. Make your choices on excitement and be fierce in taking action, but allow what is to be what is and accept it. By accepting you feel no pain. If you feel pain or bad about your path, ask, “what am I not accepting here?” And if you’re unable to bring it into balance, ask your Guardian Angels or ¬†ArchAngel Michael to give you the strength and they will.¬†

It is my hope that by sharing this answer, it may be of assistance to others.


The U.S. Dollar and Bitcoin Visited

I found this Month’s update from Jim Self to be important enough to share with my readers. I also am posting a video about Bitcoins, which I feel will replace our current monetary system, which is slowly failing, and will be going away, due what Jim said is a serious imbalance. These message is not negative or positive, it is neutral and has no meaning. The only meaning it has is the meaning you give it. So choose ease and grace and know that all this is be organized by a higher divine hand, and it is clearing the way for freedom, equality, joy and unlimited happiness.


An now most of everything you need to know about Bitcoins. A crypto currency based on a set of mathematical rules for person to person transactions. I believe it is important as it is the front runner to replacing paper money. Enjoy.


And Jim’s October 2014 update is even more indepth on the state of the worlds financial union.

The Eternal Now of the 5th Dimension

The Creator, creation, is eternal. What is it like being eternal? Humans are finding that out as we are awakening to the fact that time was just a concept we bought into. This believe came from our lower consciousness past when we were not able to conceive of higher forms of thought. Before we became conscious of TIME we were unconscious of it. We only knew 3 dimensions. Length, width and height. In the same way that a dog is not aware of the 4th Dimension of TIME.

Eternal Now

But as Humans evolved TIME came into our awareness. When it did, Humanity entered into the 4th Dimension of length, width, height and TIME. And now we ascend higher once again into the 5th Dimension. Which is 3 dimensions of space, length width and Height, and 2 of TIME. The first dimension of time we already know. But what is this second Dimension of time like? Well one can only try to explain it because it has to be experienced, just like you can’t explain it to a Dog what the 4th Dimension is like. But I will try.

In the 4th Dimension time is linear. We see the frames of the movie of our reality one frame at a time and the frames HAVE to be sequential, 14, 15, 16 etc. Once can not go from 14 to say 16. We can not skip the frames in 4th Dimension. But in 5th dimension time is no longer linear. You can go from frame 14 to frame 333. and then back to frame 20 etc etc.

In other words, in the 4th dimensions you have to go through the motions and the steps to create your reality. But in the 5th Dimension you can skip right to whatever you want to experience. For instance, in the 4th Dimension, if you want an apple, you better have some in the house or you will have to go through the linear steps of logic to obtain it. You have to go and get it, and finally you get to the frame where the apple is in your hand. In the 5th Dimension you think of the apple and it appears in your hand instantly.

If this seems impossible, what of the Humans who have already achieved the 5th Dimension during their lifetimes. We call them Avatars, prophets and Magicians. In our lower consciousness we were afraid of them and burnt them, crucified them etc. And all the while they told us that one day we shall do greater feats that they did.

Conal Universe

If consciousness can grow from the 3rd Dimension to the 4th, Why can’t it go to the 5th? Especially when we know for a fact that people have done these miraculous things? Have turned water to wine. Have walked on water etc. etc. Add on top of that that everyone who has ever channeled an Angel all report the same exact thing; That the Human race is ascending into a Dimension of consciousness where they will understand that Reality is an illusion that responds to our thoughts. And that when we master our thoughts, we shall master our reality.

Have you not noticed how TIME is speeding up? How the days and weeks seem to be moving faster. Doesn’t TIME fly when you are having fun? But slow to a crawl if you are not? So it makes sense that as we are becoming a more positive world that TIME will seem to go faster.

Time will continue to speed up until it hits a zero point at which point it will cease to be linear.

You know you are consciously entering the 5th Dimension when you realize that there is no past or future, that there is just eternal NOW. Your watch may have different logical markings on them, but in actuality it is always NOW. When its 5 o’clock its 5 o’clock, but its also NOW. when its 5:01 it is not 5 o’clock but guess what? it is also NOW. What time is it? it doesn’t matter what your 4th dimensional mind thinks, guess what? It is NOW. The time is always NOW because the Eternal NOW never ends.

So just like a linear time exists, but a DOG was just not aware of it, Time is eternal and it is always NOW. We are just not so aware of it. But eternal NOW is there.

Welcome to the Ascension. Welcome to experiencing the 5th Dimension.